Friday, November 28, 2008

Is Mexico Dangerous??

Okay, so it seems like EVERYONE thinks Mexico is the most dangerous place on the planet... okay, i'm a bit dramatic, but I'm sure all my fellow expats can understand what I'm getting at...

I have to be honest, YES parts of Mexico are definitely dangerous, and you won't catch me in those areas!!! However, the parts I do intend to travel, are no more dangerous than my home town!! To be even more specific, truthfully, I feel safer walking down the streets of Cancun by myself, than I do downtown Calgary sometimes!!!

I used to get annoyed everytime someone would ask me - Isn't it dangerous? Are you afraid of being kidnapped? Etc... However, now I'm happy they ask me these questions , because it gives me a chance to educate them a little bit more... I'm not saying I know everything, but if I can make them understand that it's just like any other place - I"m a happy camper!! Do your best to stay out of trouble, and you should be okay... Now a few years ago our house was broken into, but that was sort of our fault (looong story). I basically shouted to the neighbourhood we were leaving for a few days, while packing up the suv...the crews working on the homes down the street seemed very interested!! Say it with me now- DUMB, yes I was... hehe:) I mean they only stole my wedding band, and everything we had! (that is serious, and not so funny)

Neways, to quickly answer the question about being kidnapped? No, I am not worried. Unfortunately, I do not have millions and millions for them to come after. They won't waste their time on me!! I assure you.

On a little bit of a different note, and I won't bore you with the topic altogether.... I am very happy to see Felipe Calderon is following through on his word. He is cleaning house, and results will come. Of course, not while he's in control - let's just hope his successor will follow suit.

I have faith. What do you have, if you don't have faith!?!

VIVE Mexico!!!

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omar said...


Hope you are doing well. It feels really good to know that someone from another country is having a good time in Mexico, specially someone from Canada, which is a country that brings me great memories.

I agree completely with you, these things could happen anywhere, actually I got mugged in Toronto pretty close to the CN tower during my 1st week in Canada. I was walking on King street then a guy approached me showing his gun and then you can imagine the end of the story..

I simpathize with you, sometimes is very anoying when people ask the same question over and over again: Is it so dangerous? is it unsafe? etc, etc. At the beginning I used to be very polite answering their questions but I'm getting kind of sick of it, I do not know what to answer anymore. I think I always hear the same question even before they ask my name.

Anyway, I am so glad you found a good guy and a new family in my country.

Bonne chance