Sunday, August 28, 2011

We got chicken!!!

A couple of months ago my girlfriend Cele from Argentina came running over asking us if we "lost a chicken". Did I just hear that right?? I mean her accent is a tad different than that of my Mexican friends, but not that different!!

Needless to say Cele was not kidding, and I did hear exactly what I thought I'd heard. Someone lost their chicken, and when she got home from work it was in her house.... It got through her back patio door that she leaves open!!

Hubby to the rescue ran over there and helped them out. The poor thing el pollo was so scared and shaking.... He had a broken wing, and was so skinny. Hubby caught him and put el pollo in our friends laundry room with some grains while we went door to door asking if someone had lost their chicken.....

To this day we have no idea whos chicken it was, and I'm not quite sure what Cele did with el pollo after we left....

Only in Mexico..... :))

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another vacay in Cancun!

This past week hubby really, really spoiled me. By spoiled I do mean the whole nine yards - Butler service, infinity pools, no kiddies, great wine and fantastic food. Mother nature really helped us out a lot as well - nothing but sunshine for us!!

We stayed at a resort here in the Cancun Hotel Zone for a few days - Le Blanc Spa and Resort. Now if you haven't heard of it I really suggest you google it. This is a place for the rich and famous, neither of which are we.

The soaps and vanity kits they put in the rooms are amazing. Bvlgari - do you know how expensive that must be??? Every room has a jacuzzi in it that is larger than any I've been to. If you've been reading my blog you'd know that we really do visit a lot of resorts, and this jacuzzi suite is something else I tell ya!! Not only that but your butler will fill it up for you and sprinkle red roses all over when you are ready. So let's say you're having dinner and you want it filled so it's that perfect temperature when you get back - let your waiter know. He sends the message off. When you get back to your room you can see it's been cleaned/tidied a second time, and the aromatherapy they use (you pick your scents) are filling the air nicely. It's such a nice treat. I could go on and on.

The restaurants are to die for. The Italian, not so much. The Oriental and French?? WOW. That is all I can say. Wow.

The hotel staff are amazing. I can most definitely see why Le Blanc is rated #1 hotel in Cancun on Tripadvisor. It really is that nice.

Hubby and I spent most of our time on the 3rd floors roof top infinity pool. It has such an amazing view, and was so peaceful. I wish my camera was working so I could have taken better photos, but the ones from my blackberry will have to do!

Please, do me a favour and google Le Blanc. It was such an amazing few days and I really hope to go back one day soon.

What is your favourite resort in the Cancun area??

Monday, August 15, 2011

Here they are!

In my last post I had mentioned that hubby had a nice little surprise waiting for me.... Two photos from our wedding put on canvas, and framed!!!

They are so beautiful, and we still have to hang them... I kind of don't want the one of me put up in our family room as I feel it's a bit too much of ... me! However, hubby really wants both of them and that is one of the reasons he picked these specific photos.

What do you think?? Am I right? Will our friends come in and think "Well someones a little full of themselves", or will they think "aww...isn't that nice"??

Still gotta say I loooove that he did this for me!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well, I am back in Cancun and it's like nothing even changed at all!!!

Hubby had a few surprises waiting for me.... Gorgeous flowers at the airport, and our wedding photos framed on canvas!!! I'll have to take some pics so you can see what I mean.

Last night we went to an old favourite restaurant of ours here in Cancun to watch the U-20 Mexico Mens team play Columbia in the World Cup. Mexico won 3-0.... Venga!!!

I am headed to Puerto Morelos for the day with my sis in law, and suegros!!! I'll be sure to take plenty of pics as most of you know it's one of my favourite places in Mexico!!! I'd so love to live there one day. At least I think I would :)

Okay, well I'll be sure to blog as much as I can but this little chica is bussssy!

Heck, I arrived last night and we went straight to Church to take an hour long class on becoming a Godparent!!! Ummm...I'm pretty sure I'm already one, but apparently this is a new requirement here in Mexico. So I went and got my Catholic ON last night. Class done, and I can now be my adorable little nephews Godmother next week !!!!!!!!

Okay, love to all!!!