Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby is here!!

I'm finally finding time on this cold, grey Saturday in Calgary to write about baby!!

I am VERY happy to announce the arrival of our baby GIRL. I went into labour 5 weeks early, and was 4 cms by the time we got to the hospital. I actually thought I was having Braxton Hicks, I had no idea I was in labour. LOL. To my surprise when we got to the Triage I was 4 cms, and having contractions 1 minute apart. Also, babies placenta was starting to come out.... I had Complete Placenta Previa, I won't go into detail about that but it is why I've been on bed rest since 17 weeks. Well within 20 minutes I was in the OR having an emergency c-section. VERY happy to announce hubby had arrived the night before. Can you believe it?

Our baby girl was taken to the NICU with hubby, while I was whisked away to recovery all by my lonesome. LOL. Actually, somehow my Mom managed to convince someone to let her in - what a surprise as it was close to midnight, and visiting hours were over.  Baby spent 4 days in the NICU as she weighed 4 lbs 8 ounces at birth. When I took her home she was down to 4 lbs 1 ounce, tiny but healthy.

Hubby is now back in Cancun, and baby and I are figuring one another out. She is already almost 4 weeks old. I will be applying for her passport in two weeks, and we will be off for Cancun the first week of June. We ended up selling our house in Canada, the offer came in while I was in the hospital. The market in Calgary is HOT HOT. We basically got what we asked for, and now I'm selling furniture on Kijiji. Hubby will be back in 6 weeks to help with the rest of our things that we will store at my brothers house.

Okay, well better get off the computer now. Baby is sleeping, and I should take advantage and nap myself.

Thank you to everyone who has written me privately asking how things are - I have never been happier in my life :)