Monday, November 24, 2008 the rumours are true

Ugghhh..... I hate to do this, because I think everyone does this, but I have to about the weather. This being another HUGE reason why we have decided to move back to Cancun.

We are currently in and out of Calgary, Canada. Calgary is known for having "chinook winds" - we in Calgary call them "chinooks". You will either learn to LOVE them, or HATE them. I am in between, yes, I do realize I just made no sense. Hehe.

Kay, well first things first. What is a Chinook Wind? Definition: The winds are caused by moist weather patterns, originating off the Pacific coast, cooling as they climb the western slopes, and then rapidly warming as they drop down the eastern side of the mountains. The Chinook usually begins with a sudden change in wind direction towards the west or southwest, and a rapid increase in wind speed. other words the definition: HEADACHE, HEADACHE, HEADACHE.

Well that is what it used to mean to me. Yesterday I was in excruciating pain, my head was pounding, and I couldn't eat. I took some Advil and one of my hubby's favourite pills for his cabeza....It sorta worked. Today, I got up and ready and left for work. I made it until noon before I left early only to sit 2 hours in the Dr's office for her to tell me it was a MIGRAINE. She gave me 2 magic pills that disolved in my mouth, and sent me home to sleeep. I'm feeling a bit better now....

Anyways, this is just another reason why I can not wait to be in Cancun permanently. No more chinooks with migraines for me. Yes, I do realize we are luckier than some other cities in Canada as we get many plus 15 days throughout our 8 months of winter. However, this Cdn chica is not made for this climate and can't wait to get down to Cancun indefinitely!! exciting. The security wall is going up around our property in Cancun next week!!! YAY - that could make the migraine go away!!

Ohh...but then there is xmas shopping with this economy.... Hmm..that will be my next post "How to buy clothes for family in Cancun, in the middle of a cdn winter".

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