Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where have I gone?

Sooo it's been over a month since my last post. Okay, almost two months if I'm going to be picky!!

I have had so much go on that I don't even know where to start to be honest. I'm back in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a few more months and loving every minute of it. I moved back up here about a month and a half ago to be with my step-mom Joy and my Dad. If you recall Joy was diagnosed with ALS two years ago. Joy and my Dad were living with hubby and I for just over a year in Cancun until her health really started to take a tumble.... Lots of visits to the Galenia Hospital in Cancun for respiratory problems, and finally the decision was made to go home while she still could. At first I hadn't planned on going, but now I am so happy I did. Joy passed away four weeks ago Friday. It was the hardest time of my life saying goodbye, watching her suffer, and truly realizing that she was gone...

One of the things I will forever remember about Joy was her love of life. She never once complained or felt sorry for herself. Anyone that knows her can attest to this. I have found myself complaining, less, and less myself about all the little not so important things in life. What a breath of fresh air!!! I have to admit that I also don't have as much patience for people who do complain about everything, or feel sorry for themselves. Like get over it. Sorry, that is just my two cents. I am so grateful to be alive and healthy and Joy taught me this amazing lesson in life "remember to dance in the rain"!!

It was not an easy decision when I decided to leave Cancun in mid-June, but now I know I made the right choice. Thank goodness I was here for Joys final weeks. I was there to move her from Palliative Care into her Hospice, and two short weeks later she passed away....

I had a lot going on at the time - I was approached by Mexico Today along with some fellow bloggers and friends to go to Oaxaca Mexico for a paid position with their campaign. Originally I had agreed and was so excited to go! After I received a call from my Dad explaining Joys situation...I knew I had to go home, and miss out on this amazing opportunity.

On top of this, hubby is still in Cancun and I am missing him terribly. Good news he actually flew up here in mid-June with me and helped me settle, and move Joy around. Little did we know that two weeks later he'd be flying home for her funeral. I'm going to be in Cancun again in two weeks, but just for a visit and my nephews baptism. We are the Godparents!!!!

Well, again, my blog is all over the place but I thought I needed to write a brief post explaining where this Chica was at!!!

Joy, I will forever have you in my heart, and you were the most amazing person I had the pleasure to love and know. Non-judgemental, and always living up to your name. Joy you are my angel, and I am so happy you have now found peace. Until we meet again..... I love you.