Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in the real world

Wow, so I am back in my hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Instead of beautiful clear skies, and fresh mountain air we are breathing in smoke from all the BC forest fires. It is terribly sad, and in all the years I lived in Calgary we never had a air quality warning that I can remember, until now of course.

The weather is not great, and is getting cooler. The forecast shows it warming up a bit sometime next week.... Oh please, oh please!!!

Weather aside, I am actually missing some things about Mexico. Not all, but some noticeable things. For example, in Mexico when someone enters an office, store, etc... you usually greet everyone  "buenas tardes", or "con permiso". Here in Canada not a word! I dont' know if people in Canada just don't have time, or we just learnt to be scared of everyone! LOL! In all honesty, I never would have walked into a room and greeted everyone before living in Mexico either.

However, I also realize how much I really do miss in Canada. My famiily is an obvious. FOOD. I miss all food. Kidney beans, baked beans, Salt n Vinegar chips, super great restaurants!!!! Wearing high heals, wearing make up, straightening my hair, shopping. My list could go on and on....

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm happy in Mexico, and I find myself always saying the same thing "Yes, the weather is great". I don't know what that means exactly? I know hubby never wants to live in Canada ever again....Oh well, for now I'm just gonna enjoy my family, and friends, and in a week I'll be back to my new life in Mexico.

Thank goodness I'll be back here for Christmas...aww...I miss my family already.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I know, I know. I am officially one of the worst bloggers out there. I don´t post often enough, and when I do I forget to take pictures, etc... I promise I´ll really try working harder at it.

I´ve been keeping myself quite busy. So busy that one of our favourite bloggers out there Gringation and I have had to reschedule a drink 3 times!!! I´m actually headed back to Calgary this week for 3 weeks. Escaping the heat for the cold. Seriously, I keep hearing how cold Calgary is. My point is maybe with all my time up there I can write some posts I´ve been wanting to : day in Puerto Morelos, etc...

You´ll all be happy to know that I am still going strong on my new lifestyle change. Have I lost a pound? Not even one. Can I see a difference? Not at all. However, what can one expect in a month. I know the first to go will be my chest, and the last my ass. Isn´t that the way it always works??!!!

Aside from this huge change in my lifestyle I´ve also started studying Spanish daily. I study for an hour every morning, and really try using what I´ve learned while out, with my maid, with hubby, definitely with my in-laws. It´s been great. I told myself that I definitely don´t want to be on of those people who have been living here in Cancun for 5 years and still are unable to communicate. Sooo....intense studying is what it will take.

For those interested I am using a program by Visual Link. It is fantastic, and I can honestly say you will learn a lot from using these discs. My dad was referred to them by a friend of ours who is mormon. Apparently these lessons are used for those that are preparing to go on their mission to a foreign country.

I can honestly say I´ve already seen a huge improvement in my grammar, and that is huge. The key for anyone trying to learn any other language (this will be my 3rd) is that you MUST practice. I studied French in school for 11 years, and ask me what I know now? Un petit. LOL.

Again, I know I ask for it a lot, but wish a gal some luck!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choices made easy....

Since moving to Mexico I just haven`t been the same. I haven`t felt the same, and certainly haven`t looked the same. One would have thought that with all my extra time I would have started working out and taking better care of myself, right? Well, I didn`t and boy oh boy did my body feel it.

I started seeing my Dra here a few months ago as hubby and I really want to have a baby. She sent me for some blood work, and we were shocked with the results. Apparently I am low in zinc, Vitamin B, and a few other essential nutrients. I mean I was relieved as it explained a lot. Why am I exhausted? Why am I getting headaches, etc... At first I just put it all on a new life. Change in climate, etc....

Well, my Dra had a entirely different answer. Stress. I don`t share a lot of my own personal information on my blog. That is my choice. Sure I show pics of my dogs, where I go on a weekend getaway, but really not much else... I am, and always have been pretty private, but I do have stuff going on in my life just like everyone else. Anyways, I digress.

Well, rather than sit on my butt doing nothing about it I have made some life changes recently. For starters, I am now taking a number of vitamin supplements that my Doc wanted me on, I have given up caffeine entirely, absolutely zero artificial sweeteners in my diet, and I am even trying to have only a glass of wine or two a night. LOL. That has got to be the toughest one for me. I love wine. Red wine specifically. However, the major difference in my life?? Back to the gym!!! I started in a Pilates class a few months ago, but had to stop as I just wasnt`able to make it to my class anymore.

Ever since I have started working out again (been 2 weeks, daily) I have been feeling great. I`m not just saying that. I feel awesome. I really have no excuse as we have a room in our house with all of our equipment in it. I do cardio, and weights every day. I planned on only doing 5 days a week, but I`m really liking it. I go easier on some days, than others, but now I remember WHY I used to work out all the time.

Look at my exhausted work-out partner :)

Anyways, I wanted to write about it, and plan on sharing stories of my success, and failures. I`m not necessarily doing it to lose weight, but heck if I happen to, great. I actually researched my BMI and I`m smack in the middle of the pack. In theory I could actually lose 10 pounds and still be average for my height and weight.

On my bike :)

Anyways, hopefully I stick with it, and in a few months time hubby and I can start trying!!!! Until then, wish me luck!!