Friday, February 25, 2011

How you can tell Spring Break is back in Cancun...

Well, it's that time of year again Spring Break is back in Cancun....

One of the ways this little blogger can tell is by looking at keywords search on my blog stats.

This weeks top search - Cancun blow ....

Yuppers, it's SB in Cancun.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucky streak continues

I wanted to write a quick post about some luck I've been having lately. It's not going to sound all that exciting to a lot of people, but some of you will appreciate it!!

This morning at 8:45 sharp the workers came back to work on our floor, and are still banging away. That part I wish I could do without, but needs to be done. Ever heard a hammer on concrete before? Imagine that for 8 hours straight. Actually, that being said I can't believe the guys have barely stopped. Masonry work is killer on backs, and now I can see why!

Again, I'm hoping that they will continue showing up until the job is done. I just want my bedroom floor back!

                    Can you see all the tiles torn out? Well that's just in my bedroom! Can you              
                        imagine hammering out all that concrete by hand? Eeeek...35 tiles in total :(

My other streak of luck came from a night spent at the Dubai Palace Casino. I've now been there all of two times, and can say I am definitely walking away a winner. Okay, so this is the part where my story sounds less cool. I won $600 pesos yesterday playing the slot machines. Sure, it's not a great deal of money, but I had a great time. I had 2 free beers, and a glass of red wine and 4 hours of entertainment. I am one happy camper :)

I'm not much of a gambler, and hubby doesn't like losing his hard earned money either. We know that it's easy to get carried away, but we think we'll go back again soon.

Hoping my luck sticks around for a little bit!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miracles do happen!

So, remember last week I mentioned our floors were going to be repaired and no one showed up? Well, this morning at 8:45 sharp the guy showed up. I'm still in shock. I hear the hammer banging away. I see the dust in the air. Nope I'm not dreaming - this is actually happening. Hallelujah!

Can  you imagine my floor(s) could be back to normal by the end of the week?

I'll keep you all posted as I'm hoping he returns tomorrow, and again the following day!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random talk

I don't really have that one thing that I want to write about today, but I do have a few little things to just blab about.

An update on our tile floors: the architect for our house told us he'd be here this morning at 8:30 sharp to start working on the floors in our bedroom first. Of course we were up and outta our room at 8 sharp. Our poor architect waited for his workers until 10 and finally gave up and left. This time it was hubby who said un-be-liev-able. Oh well, manana! (yes, i know it's with a different n, but my comp is not set up for that!!!)

                                                 My lil angel waiting for the workers to fix our floors!!

Our cleaning lady E is now 7 1/2 months preggers. I am so happy for her, but so sad for us. We love her so much, and are going to be sad to see her go. We know that she needs a lot of items for her baby and can't really afford to buy half of them.

The other day E asked me how much a tea kettle was as that is how she would warm up the baby's milk. I ended up giving her my coffee machine to help out. My aunt and uncle who were just here a few weeks ago sent a box full of items for her that she opened up this morning. Ohhh the look on her face was priceless. She was so shocked. Our friend who was staying with us a week ago also gave her some money to help out. Just so nice to see people who can help are doing just that!

                                                                    Look at those shoes!

What else? I recently applied for an on-line job that I think would have been perfect, but unfortunately it was only open to residents of Canada and/or the US. The fellow was so wonderful, and said to keep checking as they may be open to remote agents one day. The other great thing? He kept my resume on their system in case something comes up, or changes. Here's hoping!! I really need to find a job that allows me to work from home under my circumstances!!

Last but not least my cousin D is in town and we went to a movie on Valentines Day together.  In our opinion every tourist must see a movie in Cancun's VIP theater's. We saw the new Jennifer Aniston flick with Adam Sandler "Just Go With It". Oh it was hilarious. We honestly really enjoyed it. OH wow does Jennifer Aniston look absolutely amazing!! Definitely someone that keeps me motivated.

                                                                  Ahhh she is amazing!

What have you all been up to? Who's your inspiration for gym time? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!!!

February 14th - a day to either love, loathe, or just meh. I have never been a big valentines celebrator so for me it definitely is just another day. To be honest I think my ex, let's call him RP, ruined the holiday for me, and I became so bitter that I told myself it didn't matter. I know, I suck. LOL.

My hubby is definitely the romantic in our relationship. I don't really have a romantic bone in my body...again, I think RP ruined it for me as did he with most holidays or special occasions. We were together so long that I sort of got used to not expecting anything.

However, a lot is starting to change now that I live in Mexico. One of the things is holidays, and celebrations. We joke around with our friends that Mexicans are just looking for any excuse to party or celebrate! The truth of the matter is they are a passionate society. Mexicans are not afraid to show their feelings, and are very expressive. Just this morning I received a few texts from friends telling me how much they loved me, and thanked me for being such a great friend. Wow. My friends and I would never really do that back home, and we love one another.

Hubby was sweet....he went to work early, but came back home 20 minutes later with Starbucks for moi! Just a little thing, but he knows not to waste his money on flowers for me. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, but would prefer he bought them any other day of the year. Also I'm sure the cost is either double or triple today!!!

Speaking of cost look at this picture of my bedroom floor. The photo doesnt' even do it justice, but about 30 tiles ruptured and lifted in our bedroom on Saturday. So, that's where our money's headed!!

Happy Valentines Day to all of my readers/guests!! Even though I don't really celebrate it I do wish you the BEST!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So confused

I've been keeping a big dark secret for quite some time. It's not that I don't trust anyone, but, yeah okay I don't trust anyone!! However, I am at a point where I just neeeeed to talk about it. Hear what everyone has to say. Afterall, we are all different and certainly share different perspectives on life.

Here it is....

For awhile now hubby and I have toyed with the idea of moving back to Calgary. It isn't one of those we hate Mexico and can't believe we live here situations. No, no. Our situation is quite unique compared to others. For starters, I am a caregiver to my stepmom Joy who I love to death. I am not her sole caregiver, we work as a team, but it is a unique situation. I am not "free" to do as other expats are. Heck, I don't even write about it in fear she reads my blog and feels as if she's a burden.

The reality is her health is deteriorating quicker than we had hoped or imagined. Joy is an amazing person who was hoping to challenge this disease long enough so that she would be able to live in Mexico which was always a goal for her. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed at the young age of 50 and the goal of "retiring" in paradise was expedited. Joy and my father decided to move here and enjoy whatever time Joy had/has left. Well, the time is coming where they need to return in the weeks to come as feeding tubes, etc... Are going to be a reality.

With that in mind, do I stay here in Cancun? Or do I go back to Canada and be there with them? This is not my only reason believe me. I am thinking long-term. I am not yet 30 years old, however, I am planning for my future. I am thinking savings, government pension, benefits, company pension, free health care. My list could go on and on. These are all huge for me. Canada offers me stability, and security. Most people I know here laugh at the thought of ever owning their own home, buying a new car, savings and I mean real savings. I'm not saying everyone I know is like this, but a lot are.

On the other hand, Mexico is my new home. I am growing to love it more and more as time passes. Sure there are still things I loathe, but -20 is not looking so great right now. We have fantastic friends here in Cancun. I am afforded the time to spend with them as I work from home for a family business. I don't make good money (at all), however, I have time. I am able to spend the day with my dogs, family, friends whenever I please. In Canada that is not a reality. Traffic, work, life events all get in the way.

I am truthfully just blabbering, I know. One day soon I will have to sit down and really write about this. Really get into my true feelings, and really dig deep. I don't want to mention this to my friends back home as the news will spread from "I'm thinking about moving back" to "OMG they are moving back". I just can't deal with my mom's dissapointment in case we don't!!! So fortunately for me this is my canvas to let it all out.

What are all your thoughts? For all you other expats what do you think?? For those of you who are thinking about, or have thought about moving abroad, what do you think??

Again, just a bunch of blabbering....My apologies if I did not make any sense. That is just me trying to make sense of this all.

***Also, here is an address for Joy's story, and some information on ALS ***

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suds and Wax

Living in Mexico sure is a different cultural experience. Unfortunately, sometimes in Cancun I don't get to see the "real" Mexico. It even differs from neighbourhood to neighbourhood here. Por ejemplo in my neighbourhood we don't have the guy on his bike selling elote, or the icecream guy, etc... However, in my Suegros' neighbourhood they have it all - the gas trucks driving around blaring their music, the jardinero's, the ladies who iron looking for work, etc....

You know what we do have? Our very own car washer who also happens to serve as our gardener. Now I know allll the neighbourhoods have someone like this, but that's really all we have! You see, about twice a week he comes by the neighbourhood on his bike with a very small trailer attached and comes knocking. It's more like singing - I actually have no idea what he is saying, and hubby doesn't either!! Ni modo.

For $50 pesos he will hand wash the entire car inside and out. For $200 he will do all that and wax it. Now that is a deal. Sometimes nothing beats washing by hand, now does it? This morning he asked me for something to drink so he got an ice cold cerveza. I let him know it was his propina!

There he is ....

How cool is that??