Sunday, May 30, 2010

El centro here we come!!

Yes, we are moving, and I couldn't BE more happy... :) Yes, that is my inner Chandler speaking.

Currently, hubby and I have been renting a place in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), and had nothing but problems. Well, problems for me.... we all know that when wifey isn't happy, neither is hubby!!! Hehehe - yes I can be a bit bitchy sometimes. Sorry hubs!!

We have been really lucky - in the current place we did sign a 1 year lease with our landlords, and out of the kindness of their hearts we are off the hook!! Minus deposit, but that is a-okay for this chicita. Adios to scorpions, TERRIBLE plumbing, salty water, shitty boiler, neighbours annoying chihuahuas, 2 burners, and super high electrical costs!!! Heck, the list could go on and on....

In the new place we will be closer to the entire family, and all of our friends. My pilates centre is less than a 5 minute drive from the new place, Costco is around the corner, and a few of my favourite hang out spots!!!

Ohhhh what does the new place have??? A dishwasher, a freaking dishwasher!! Bestill my heart. I am so not used to seeing them that when we looked at the place I didn't notice, hubby did!! Like he does any dishes?? LOL!!!

We will no longer have one central A/C system - that should cut the electrical costs in half. Not to mention, electricity in el centro is MUCH cheaper than here in the ZH. Ohhh.... we'll also have a gas stove with 6 working burners, and oven. In this house we had 2 burners, and no oven - electrical to boot.

Only problem we are faced with now is that moving day is on the 10th of June. Do you know what that means for us? We have one day to make sure everything gets set up properly. World Cup 2010 kicks off on the 11th. Mexico is playing S.Africa in the opening match!!! Ohhhh please OH please let this work for us!!! We realllly don't want to fight the crowds trying to get a spot somewhere decent!!!     

Anyways, I'll have to post some pictures as soon as we move in. Hopefully our furniture will be in those pics. Looks like our container we shipped from Canada 6 months ago may actually be arriving.....I am not holding my breath....


Yay for me - scorpion free!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who you calling pasty?

Well...I've been back in Cancun for almost a week now, and let me tell you we've barely had any sun peaking through these clouds at all. What is going on Cancun? I think I may possibly be THE pastiest person living in Cancun!

I've looked into the forecast, and I think mother nature may be kind and give me one gift for my bday tomorrow - SUNSHINE!!! Oh please, oh please!!!

I must admit it's not all complaints as the A/C isn't being used as much as it was the weeks before. However, I keep seeing all my friends status updates on facebook back in Canada bragging about the wonderful weather? WTF!!! LOL! Who ever would have known....

Sooo come on sun. Stop playing tricks on us, and shine, shine, shine!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing things up Veracruz style!!!

This post is going to be short and sweet, but I just can't help myself. Last Sunday hubby and I decided to hit the road and drive to the city of Veracruz, Mexico from our home in Cancun. Literally on a whim. I believe it took us in total close to 13 hours actual driving time, but we did decide to spend a night in a city called Villahermosa which is in the State of Tabasco. Beautiful little city, and I'll have some pictures to post when I get home.
Veracruz has been a great treat, and a place where we've talked about visiting together for a while. My suegro is actually from the State of Veracruz, and has always told us stories about why we needed to visit. Not that we really needed them as an excuse. We have been staying in the historical part of Veracruz which has allowed us to walk around, and really enjoy the Zocalo. One of the things I wish Cancun had..... a "real" Zocalo.
As I mentioned above, short and sweet, but here are a couple of photos I've taken over the last few days.... A full trip report to come when I return to Cancun. In the time being I am going to enjoy my time here in Veracruz to the fullest.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Give me one reason to watch.....

In less than 38 days the GREATEST sporting event in the world will have it's opening ceremonies - World Cup 2010 in South Africa. I, like many soccer/futbol fans wait patiently for these games to take place every 4 years. This round is no different.... The last World Cup took place 4 years ago in Germany, and my family had the pleasure of going ... without me. Tear. This year with it taking place in S. Africa we weren't sure if it would be safe to travel or not. There is always 2014 in Brazil.
The host nation will take on Mexico for the opening match on June 11th, 2010. This is going to be a huge game for Mexico and South Africa as all of Mexico expects their team to win, and a lot of other people are rooting for the host nation.... Never had anyone imagined that S. Africa would be ready to host such an event. With the apartheid ending not even 20 years ago, and rugby and soccer dueling to be the nations BIG sport, all factors that should make the game a very entertaining one to watch. I, of course, will be chearing for Mexico.

This morning I was searching some of my favourite gossip sites, and I fell upon an article that I know many of my female readers, whether fans of soccer/futbol or not, will enjoy. Vanity Fair has put together a brief video, and pictorial for an upcoming issue. You can view this on-line now here :
Basically, some of my favourite players are wearing not much more than a pair of briefs with their home countries flag. Never has patriotism looked so good. At least for Portugal ...hello Christiano Ronaldo...
If you can't tell... I'm just a little bit of a futbol NUT!!!! To some people it is fair to say that futbol is their religion. To me, that wouldn't be stretching too far from the truth. Televisions will be tuned for 30 days to any match that will be played, people will ditch work, ditch school, just to get a glimpse of some of the best players in the world battling for that one cup. The World Cup. Bragging rights for the next 4 years.

I can't wait.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where did all my shoes go?

I, like most woman that I know have a "problem" when it comes to shopping. Do I have too much? Hard to say.... One of the first clues may be that I own a ton of shoes, but rarely wear any of them. I mean living here in Cancun you can't wear all those pretty high heels. Well at least this chicita can't. My feet swell up from the humidity, and I just can't imagine the pain I'd be in at the end of a night. I used to go by the phrase "beauty is pain", however, no more. Flip flops and sandals is about as fancy as I get - even the arch on my foot is starting to go.

Well....another sure sign you have too many shoes? You don't notice when they go missing. Yesterday morning our muchacha (cleaning lady) came to our house as per usual and started with some of her duties. I was sitting at the kitchen table sipping my coffee when I noticed the flip flops that she was wearing. I was PRETTY sure they were mine. Like 150% sure. Unless she was in Hawaii last year and bought them there...doubtful. I asked hubby to ask her, as my Spanish would just turn the conversation into a mess. Hubby asked "are those my wife's shoes"? She responded "No senor, your sister gave me these shoes" (we share the same cleaning lady). Sooo....we call my cunada who tells us she has never given her anything??? Okay, so now what? We asked her for her set of keys, and told her we just needed them to make an extra  copy, and on Monday she will go to my sister in laws for the talk. Maybe I left them at my sister in laws and she doesnt' remember giving them away? Unlikely, but maybe. I haven't been to my sister in laws place for well over a month, and I recall wearing them just a couple of weeks ago when my best friend was visiting.  Unfortunately, it looks as though we will probably have to let her go. It's only flip flops, but you just can't tolerate that. The only problem I face is if she really took them, would she really wear them to my  house? I would think not.... I don't want to get rid of her if she didn't do it, but at the same time I don't want to be stupid and keep her around. I really do like her, and I know she needs this job.
Well.... I guess a woman really can have too many shoes!!!! How long were they gone before I even would have noticed?