Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow a lot can happen in a week. Where to begin....

Hubby is in Calgary and I was just informed moments ago that he did pass his Canadian Citizenship exam, and interview!!! YAY. Would you believe his ceremony is at 1:00 this afternoon?? That's in like 15 minutes Calgary time!!! Family and friends are invited so my parents are headed there and some of his best friends. It's all too cool for my family as they all had to go through this many, many years ago. I am first generation Canadian so have no clue!

What else?? I guess we've been so busy studying, and preparing for the exam we forgot that we passed an anniversary. I moved down to Cancun permanently a year ago last week!!! Most of my blogging friends, and even non-blogging friends who moved down here all remember, and celebrate their dates. Not I, we forgot!! Ooops!

In my year in Mexico (second go at it) I am still learning a lot about myself and Mexico. I do want to shout out a HUGE thank you to all of my followers who I truly, truly do consider friends for all of your patience, and advice!!! Without some of you I would go CRAZY!!!

I can't wait to see what this next year in Mexico is going to bring us, and can't wait to write about it.

Again, gracias amigas/amigos!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The greeting!

One thing that I've always pondered is the simple greeting in Mexico. You know, the walk into a room say hello to everyone greeting. Only no, it's not that easy. I swear when moving to Mexico, and/or marrying a Mexican there needs to be a school on greetings for us expats!

In my perfect world the school would have a curriculum that looked something like this:

Lesson 1: The Kiss : on the one cheek not both. Now for a girl like me who comes from a very Croatian family it's both cheeks. A kiss on each cheek, which can be tricky enough - what cheek do you go for? In Mexico I learnt real quick it's just the one, and okay that seems simple enough. I can do this!

Lesson 2: The When: alllll the time. Meaning, every time you go somewhere and it does not matter if there are 2 people or 20 you give them each a kiss. This was a little more tricky as I still catch myself thinking "really, everyone? That could take me a few minutes. What if I forget about someone? How do I get alllll the way around the table to get to them? Pressure. Pressure." Okay, so you must learn to adapt. It's to everyone that is in the house.

Lesson 3: Whom : Okay, we are getting tricky again. Basically what I do is I kiss who ever goes in for it. LOL. Good thing I'm still talking about pecks on the cheek! In reality this is mostly true, but hubby has tried to teach me a few things or two. Family = Always. Friends = Always. Acquaintances = Most of the time. The help = Almost never. To me that is weird.

The acquaintances that I barely know I have to kiss them? However, my cleaning lady who I see every day, never? Not even on her birthday?? I love my cleaning lady.I do realize it would be weird to do daily, but never? Not even special occasions? My yoga teacher is okay, why? I don't know.  Another example? We have a restaurant that we visit a couple times a week. We have made some pretty good friends with the owner, and his stafff. I always kiss the owner on his cheek, and the head waiter. The rest of the staff it depends if they go for the kiss or not. I follow suit. Hubby tells me I don't have to, and all I have to do is extend my hand. How though? How can you escape when they are already leaning in??

Now another important thing to take note of  is most men in Mexico don't kiss the cheeks of one another. It would really have to depend on whether they are family or not, or know mi brother. Women, we kiss the cheeks of both men and women.

Could you even imagine....
Okay, so Lesson 4 would have to be about avoiding the kiss, and extending the hand. This is where I'm really lost and have no clue. Someone else will have to fill in that part of the lesson for me!!!

Ohhh and we can't forget Lesson 5 - How long inbetween visits: How long after seeing that person does that first kiss last? An hour? The day? A few hours? To me it doesnt' last that long. In my world I'm safer just giving the extra beso rather than unintentionally insult someone. That would be my word of advice to you.

So yeah, there you have it. I think I much preferred my world of hand shaking with a hug here or there. Also, I am a firm believer that germs won't be passed off so much. I dont' want to get sick! I don't want any cold sores! Nor do I want to get any one else sick. Maybe I over think the whole thing, but to me I'm just not the biggest fan!!!

However, I do have to admit that I am getting much better at this kiss on the cheek meet and greet. I appreciate the fact that it is about being polite, and acknowleding someone. It is a bit nicer than not even saying hello like some people do back home.

I love my hubby, and I do love Mexico. I will not be the odd man out, and I will continue to do as they do. Kiss, kiss! Ooops...I mean kiss. Just one :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Security and Sleep

Hubby and I have an ADT alarm system in our home. We also have electrical wires surrounding our entire home's perimeter. Does this sound a bit much? It used to, but not anymore. In our neighbourhood every single home has this type of security. That and VERY noisy dogs which usually keep the neighbourhood awake.

Our electrical wiring

It is very common to have people honk their horns outside your neighbour's house at 6am, 7am, they don't care that you could be asleep. It's not that I think they are intentiionally unaware, but I believe they don't even think about it. It is just a way of life here, so that I have got to get used to. The barking dogs who are not told to shut it, the honking of horns all hours of the day, the loud music, the broken mufflers, etc....

Last night we were awoken by a neighbours alarm going off in their house. Hubby went to check if everything was alright - they weren't home. This was around 1 in the morning. The alarm didn't shut off until just past 6:30 today. Where was ADT? Where were the police? That is what we'd really, really like to know. It really was that loud.

We can get past all of the other noise, actually I've grown to appreciate it somewhat. Less by-laws. Where I come from we joke that there are by-laws for by-laws. It really can get out of hand.  Too many, or not enough. A perfect compromise would be great. Like Switzerland!

Ahhh.....One can only dream :)

Hope you all had a better sleep!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Saturday in Isla!

Wow, what a weekend we had. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating and we were unable to head on over to Isla Contoy again. Next time we make plans to go I will not blog about the possibility until after our trip. Maybe I'm jinxing us?

Hubby woke us up on Saturday morning bright and early. We debated Cozumel? Or Isla Mujeres? I've never been to Cozumel and really want to go, but again with the weather being crappy we thought a shorter boat trip would be best.
Que onda con su finger Sr??!!

With a few calls placed to our friends, we had a party. Quick shower and out the door we went. Stopped at an Oxxo grabbed beers, Clamato, limes and some tequila. We caught the noon ferry over to the island. Apparently one leaves the port every half an hour!

Our pimp'n ride!!!

Mi amiga Cele and I were the only brave ones who were willing to get wet :)

What did we do? What didn't we do!! Had lunch as soon as we got there at some seafood place on the beach, went and played soccer on North Beach, and then rented some golf carts until it was time for dinner at Rolandi's. It was our friend Ricardo's birthday so we were sure to grab a guitarist for the evening. However, I do think hubby sang louder than our paid entertainment!!!

Rolandi's for Ric's bday!!

After all was said and done we grabbed the ferry back home around midnight and felt it was one heck of a day. Definitely the most time any of us have spent in Isla for sure. What a blast!!!

Believe it or not, but a nice man came out of his house to take this for us - he was eating dinner!!

Can't wait to do it all over again, but maybe with a few less margaritas during the day, and less wine at night :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Before the weekend

I thought I'd write a quick post before the weekend. I just got back from a wonderful breakfast with my dad, step-mom, aunt and uncle, and the in-laws. I treated myself to a cafe americano for the first time in weeks today, and wow can I feel it.

My aunt and uncle are leaving this afternoon and decided we needed to rush home so that they could have one last dip in the pool. Crazy. The pool water is so cold we haven't been in it in months, literally. Last time I was in there was either October, or late September. They are far braver than we are!!!

I am sad to see them go, but it sure was nice having them around. There is nothing like family, is there?

On another note, hubby received his exam date for his Canadian Citizenship!!! He already has his Residence card, but this is the golden ticket we've been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, he is a very proud Mexican, but this is going to open much more opportunities for him, and for us!!

Hubby booked his plane tickets last night, and will be spending 6 days away with his best buddy in Calgary. I'm really sad that I won't be going with him, but it just wasn't worth spending all that money right now. The tickets were very expensive as they were booked last minute. We were only given notice the other day, unfortunately. However, I will be in Calgary in late March for my mom's big 5-0!!

I am so proud of hubby as he has been busy studying and really knows his stuff. A bonus? He speaks French as well so he can opt to write the exam in either French, or English. Aww.... I'm so proud :)

Oh Canada!

Do you know how much easier this will be for us when we travel?? A Canadian passport will make things much simpler for both of  us. Yay! Especially since we are planning a trip to France this summer for a friends wedding, and then a wine tour with my family for my big 3-0!!! Ahhh..... !!! It's not that I'm excited to turn 30, but heck, on a vineyard is the way to do it!!!

Okay, well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Stay warm wherever you are, and have some fun!! We are headed to Isla Contoy tomorrow, and plan on having a blast ourselves. Then football games on Sunday!! Since my Patriots played like crap last week, I now by default must cheer for the Steelers...
Most of the gang heading out tomorrow :)

What are your plans??

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A beautiful day

Well yesterday the weather was absolutely amazing here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. So fantastic that we were able to sit out in the sun all day, and frolic in the sea. We chose not to go to Isla Contoy as we all weren't sure what to expect with mother nature. We are now headed there on Saturday :)

So, with my aunt and uncle in town we just HAD to take them to Puerto Morelos for the day. Neither had ever been.

We went to our usual spot "La Suegra" on the beach, and planted ourselves in a table in the sun. We absolutely love this place, but unfortunately it is closing down the end of the month. Or at least that is what we hear....

The food at La Suegra is always amazing and the atmosphere is picturesque. Our little dog Kiara just loves it there, and she is more than welcome. Actually Puerto Morelos is quite dog friendly which is such a great treat for us.

If you happen to be in Puerto Morelos in the next couple of weeks make sure you stop by La Suegra!!

Or have you already been?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just talk!

My last post I wrote about the weather, and how it's just not cooperating with tourists, and their plans! Well, little has changed as it rained for most of the day yesterday, and today we are fighting those clouds. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. Right?

The cloudy weather has given me no excuse not to finally take down our Christmas tree. Yes, finally had it picked up today. I took the decorations off last week, but our tree just sat in our dining room naked. Hubby was out and happened to see the "tree collectors" and offered them some cash ($100 Mxn Pesos) to come and pick ours up today. So just like that the tree was finally gone. Hooray!!

Tomorrow hubby and myself are going to take a boat ride over to Isla Contoy with about 5 or 6 of our friends. I've never been, and believe it's about 30km north of Isla Mujeres. Apparently it is home to some amazing birds, and sea turtles. I'll be sure to charge my camera for the trip!!! I just really hope the weather will be on our side! If not, hubby just told me we will not be going :(

Isla Contoy (Photo courtesy of google image)

Okay, well I have some errands to run as you can't cook without food!!

Have a great day :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rain, rain go away

The past two days in Cancun have been very cloudy with rain. Not exactly "tourist" weather.

My aunt and uncle are staying with us from Canada, and they are not complaining. It is a balmy -27 in the small town they are from. Can you say ch-ch-ch-chillly.

I truly hope the skies clear up as we really want to take them on a few tours, and to the beach a couple of times. I always feel so bad for tourists (related or not) when the weather is not cooperating. Most people are using their vacation days from work, and who knows how much money to get down here. It's not so much the money, but the days. They'll never get those days back. Fortunately for my uncle and his wife they don't use any V days while here as they are both retired.

Sooo let's send those good vibes this way and hope for better weather for all those tourists spending their hard earned money, and much deserved v-days down here!!!

Sun, sun and more sun!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's the weekend!

I typically don't post on the weekend, but heck, I have a cold and am stuck in bed. However, even with that being said I plan on heading outside for the first time in over a week. The sun is shining, and the near perfect weather is calling my name.

I wish it were like this year round in Cancun. We don't require A/C to be running. I can take my dogs for a real walk. I can do my hair, and my make up when going out. I could go on forever.

It's currently 18 degrees celsius with a high of 25, and not a single cloud in the sky!

I hope you aren't too cold wherever you are reading this. However, a good excusse to book a trip down to Cancun and area as this is just perrrfect!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There are no rules in Mexico!

I have officially been back in Mexico for a solid week. In that week I have welcomed a new year, visited Puerto Morelos once, Playa del Carmen once, and yet barely accomplished a thing in Cancun. Oh, I did make it to Costco as our fridge was full of nada!

I did however learn one thing, one very important thing. There are no rules in Mexico. Your'e probably wondering what exactly I mean? Aren't you??? Well...lemme start...
We arrived in Cancun with plenty of luggage, our vans were too busy to pick us up (this is a good thing), and our car too small for a single trip. We had our friend pick us up in his truck but had one quick stop to make at my inlaws. For what? Our car. I guess they borrowed our car while we were gone. No biggie. We pick up our car.
Sooo I ask my suegro how his Christmas was, and what they did to celebrate he tells me "Ohhh we were at your house". I thought I hadn't heard correctly as surely my husband would tell me, right? It's not like I really care as they are family after all, but it's just nice to be in the "know". They had a lot of family visiting from out of town, and our house is big enough for everyone. Okay. Then one of the uncles tells me they were at our house playing dominos a few times. Again all I could say was "oh really".
We arrived back to a more than spotless house which was great, but with an empty car tank of gas! I told myself nothing that a little sleep can't solve. Just go to sleep.
The next morning I went straight for our suitcases as laundry was calling my name. Throw a load in the washing machine, and ask the cleaning lady to switch it for me while I'm out. I return a few hours later to be told we have no more gas! Our lines are dry. No laundry, no hot showers, no cooking. Nothing. It was New Years Eve and I knew we couldn't do anything about it. Oh well, 2 days later and the gas company came. Okay, so I'm a little annoyed now as they also did all their laundry at our house cleaning our gas tank dry!! I don't care again if they had just asked!! I couldv'e told them to schedule the gas guy for us when we got back!!
Well, this brings me to yesterday. Our iron is missing, and I ask our cleaning lady where it is and she advises me my sister in law took it. Okay, we'll call and get that back. After dinner I go to put the food away and we have NO tupperware. I mean none. How did we go from 2 boxes purchased at Costco to none? No clue...
So of course I ask hubby to call his family and ask if they have our tupperware as I know they do, he gets all pissed at me as he thinks it's not a big deal, and really it's not in the scheme of things. I just want to be asked or even told - hey we are using your house for Christmas dinner while your away, okay? We are using your car while we are away. Can we have people over at your house to play Dominos'? Can I borrow your iron? We took ALL your tupperware, but we'll bring it back. Oh , and hope ou don't mind but while you were away we had to use your dryer.....
Am I nuts? Am I being a bitch? I know these are all SUPER small things, but really?? I truthfully don't care about any of the "things", but I do want to know what's going on. They are a GREAT family, and would lend me anything they could, but I would ALWAYS ask first. ALWAYS. Also, I never would have said no to anything not in a million years. It's just a common courtesy - let me know!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wow - 2011

Can you believe it, 2011? Is it just me or did this past year fly by?? I'm not complaining as overall it was a good one. A few pitfalls, but nothing I can't handle.

We moved to Mexico. Can you believe a year ago we moved back here? Has it been that long? Funny as it still feels brand new to me at times. I'll have to do something about that.

I'm still working on my New Year's resolution(s). A tad tardy, but whos' paying attention anyways? Normally I am not really the resolution kinda gal, but since spending the last year in Mexico I feel somewhat inclined. My attitude towards living in Mexico is not the best right now, and I know the only way out of this funk is by changing my attitude stat. So for sure that will have to be a top contender.... Oh, and the gym. I haven't been in almost 3 full weeks, and guaranteed put on 5 solid pounds while in Canada. No lie. Que pena!!

Just to add a bit more randomness to this post, here's a quick flash of our New Years Eve.

We rang in the New Year in style. We ended up going to a restaurant with about 40 of our family and friends.It was lovely as we had the entire garden area reserved for us. We paid 400 pesos for all you can eat, and drink for 3 hours. Now that is a deal. We stayed there until about 1 in the morning, and then moved the party to our friends place partying until 7am. Can you believe it? This little Canuck can still party like she used to. Who knew. The next morning, okay afternoon was not so fun, but I was a trooper and made it to the inlaws for a huge lunch!

                                                              Wow, do I look tanned?

Champagne anyone?

Cheers boys!

I truly hope that all of you had a wonderful New Years, and that 2011 brings you nothing but happiness, health and love.