Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, I don't know how, but we have our internet, phone and TV back!!! However, I realllllly don't know how it happened.

Monday morning hubby went to raise some hell at Telmex. Hubby really is a softy so I'm sure it went something like this "Excuse me Sr, but I need to speak with someone to get my lines fixed, NOW, please". Woooow...scarry hubbs!!! Mr. Jose the manager advised hubby that they will do what they

Hubby and I had to head to our suegros place to use their internet. Without this, hubby doesn't work. Without work, we have no money. Without money, well you get it!!!Hubby had specifically asked Jose the manager to call us if someone was coming to the house. We didn't recieve a call all day, and weren't expecting much. Well, to our surprise when we came home around 5:30 that afternoon we saw a note left on our gate from Telmex. The note didn't say anything, not at what time they came, not at what time or day they'd be back. Nada. Hubby was not impressed as he had specifically asked them to call, and they didn't. SHOCKER!

Okay, well I'm going to have to take some of this smack talk back in a few minutes.... Later that evening we were heading for dinner. We do have an ADT alarm for our house, and we wanted to check it. Some reason we ended up picking up our telephone line, and voila, there it was. We had a signal people. We quickly checked the internet. Voila. Internet, then TV!!!!

Somehow that day Mr. Jose was able to fix everything without stepping a foot into our house, and/or yard? I have noooo clue how, but I don't care. Telmex came through, and in a BIG way.

Nonetheless, we are having Cablemas come today. We are still keeping our services with Telmex (for hubbys work), but we are also going to pay a little bit extra to have Cablemas as our back-up. Afterall, when it comes to businesss (or other things), you don't want to put all your eggs into one basket.

Okay, well I'm off for a workout and some Spanish lessons!!!! Chat soon amigos/as!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's happening again!!

We do not have internet. Which means we do not have television. It just so happens to also mean we do not have a telephone line. It has been 3 days of hell.... LOL. Okay, I am over-reacting just a little, but what the heck? Thank goodness I've been busy!!!

Telmex has been horrible to deal with as usual. We have gone in a few times, we have called their customer service department a few times to report our issues. Every person we speak with tells us another story, and gives us another number to call. Also, each person promises to have someone at our house "today". Well it's been 3 days of waiting, and nada. I have nooooooo idea how long this is going to last for.

How can the richest man in the world be proud of a company that SUCKS so bad. Or maybe that is WHY he's the richest man in the world - monopoly.

It may be a few days before my next post. I'm at my Suegro's right now trying to catch up a bit!!! Soooo sorry to those that I do not email back, but I will get to them!!!!

Why am I paying for 3 services that are not working? This problem has been continuous, and so far Telmex just doesn't care. Grrr....... sooooo frustrating.

Until next time amigos!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Officially a Mexicana...jajaja

Acrilicas. Yes, uñas/nails. It seems to me that the majority of the woman here in Cancun have fake nails. Maybe they do back home and I never noticed, but I can sure as heck say none of my friends have them, and nor did I. Until now that is.... EEK!!!

Price list at : Dharma Spa

Truth be told, I have actually had these fake nails of mine for a couple of months now. My cuñada and I go for bi-weekly pedi's and she was getting acryllics put on, and I thought what the heck - let's try them. Actually, I had every intention of having them off by now, but I'm surprisingly really starting to like them. Jajajaja. I used to think they were so impractical, but they are the opposite. I can wash as many dishes as I want, I can swim as long as I want, and they never peel back. Love it. I keep mine VERY natural looking, and short. I still gag when I see some of the ladies in there with their wacko colours, and claw like lengths!!! Too each their own, I guess.

I will say it's kinda a pain in the u-know-what as far as refills go, but it's something my cuñada and I can do together, and it's half the cost it was in Canada. I pay $190 pesos for a refill here. On my last trip to Calgary I paid $57 Cdn!!! Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

Cuñada getting her feet and hands worked on :)

I'll let you all know how long these bad boys stay on for.....

Stairs lead up to the waxig rooms...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

el grito de independencia de mexico 2010

Well, it seems as though most of my blogging friends have done a great job writing about the 200th Anniversary of Mexico's Independence. I leave the writing to them as I am not very gifted in the subject matter. Also, since I am a tad technically challenged I also leave the videos for youtube. I wanted everyone who wasn't able to see the famous "El Grito" to have a chance to view it now. It is something spectacular, and nothing I can see Stephen Harper doing!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best sandwiches in Cancun...well in our opinion!

For most readers that saw the title to this blog post, and thought of Tycoz you'd most definitely have to be familiar with Cancun.

Tycoz started as a small restaurant in el centro. They serve all sorts of sandwiches, and they are very reasonalby priced for the quality. I don't know for sure, but the only other Tycoz at the time was also in the Zona Hotelera across from the Presidente Hotel. Therefore, tourists and locals were able to eat these tasty little sandwiches. I lived in Cancun about 8 years ago or so, and those were the only two Tycoz in town. Currently they are EVERYWHERE. They have grown by 200%, or more. There are Tycoz Express next to Oxxo's, Pemex's, everywhere. LOL.

My brother who is visiting Cancun for only his second time asked me "what about those crazy sandwiches, tycoz"? I couldn't believe he remembered as he hasn't been to Cancun in 8 years!!!

Well, it was Monday Night Football, and in our house that means all eyes glued to the TV. I already had it in my mind that there wasn't going to be any way I'd be cooking up a storm. Perfect, Tycoz it was!!!

The football games were okay, but the sandwiches were fantastic! We always order the Baguette de Pechuge de Pollo. Don't think Subway, think gourmet sandwich. These are thick slices of roasted chicken breast, some kind of magic garlic butter sauce, tomatoes, and cheese, all toasted into deliciousness. Hahaha. We usually add the jalapenos, and chipotle, but it's not for everyone. I think it's about $50 pesos or so, and that is for an entire baguette.

Do you have a Tycoz or anything similar in your city??

Monday, September 13, 2010


Just before I left Cancun for Calgary I had an appointment with God. God being my hairstylist Damien, who just happens to love Ricky Martin more than I. Seriously, we argued about it, but I will have to give him this one as he has the upper hand if we were ever to meet the gorgeous hunk! Hahaha...yes, I really used the word hunk.

I was really getting sick of being a blonde. I've been a blonde for basically 29 years. Sure I've tried other colours, but they are always disastrous. Heck, when I was 17 my friend and I went from blonde to black. Literally. I remember my pillow turning purple for a week, and the bottom of my shower looked as though food colouring was being used for 2 weeks. Needless to say black did not suit this chica so back to blonde it was.

The change room

The trouble with blonde in Cancun is the hi-lites I have added turn white from the sun, and my roots look so dark next to them. So I really wanted something a bit more "natural". Who knows what that is anymore, but anything that is less maintenance sounds good to me.


I go to a salon here in Cancun called Adrian Pereyra Salon. Adrian is the owner, from Argentina and has been here for years. He is fantastic. I have many friends who see him. I actually see his nephew Damien who is the sweetest guy ever, and definitely a prankster. More importantly he is phenomenal, and truly loves his job. He does a great job colouring and styling. Not to keen about his cuts as he is a little too scissor happy for me, but I'll put up with it as hair grows back, and his colouring technique is top notch. However, the best part??? He throws in hair treatments for FREE if he likes you. So I usually get a $500 peso shine treatment, or a $800 peso humidity treatment...for FREE!!!! I feel kinda bad for some of my friends who don't get it, and like I said earlier he is not crushing on me so hubby has nada to worry about. Jajajaaja.

My cunada and the salon

Anyways, for a cut, colour, hi-lites and style my tab is usually running around the $1200 peso mark. Th s less than $120 usd, and he doesn't accept tips!!! I try, but he won't take it. He loves his job. Did I mention the free treatments he throws in??!!! Yay for me!! Yay for free!!

So I took a few photos as I thought it would be funny. Everyone be kind...I know I am not the only one who looks like a roll of saran wrap at the salon!!!

Yours truly...that is the heat lamp ON my head!!!

For those interested Adrian Pereyra salon is located on Avenida Labna, and Calle Antilope 998-892-4840.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Body shock!

Well I have officially been back in Cancun for 2 days now, and I am slowly getting used to things again... Hahaha, my body is in utter shock with the high humidity and heat it´s now enduring. I am running the A/C all day, and drinking as much water as I can. I can´t believe in 3 short weeks I lost my ability to acclimatize to the clima here in Cancun. I am hoping I´ll be back to normal next week.

This morning I thought of the perfect thing to help beat the heat : Jugo de Piña. My husband´s family really enjoy making fresh juices almost daily, and I´ve learnt a little bit from them. Back home if it didn´t come from the market, I didn´t drink it. Here I have learnt just how simple it can be, and what a health benefit fresh juices can be.

The recipe I used today is from a food blogger named Laylita, and boy oh boy is it delicious!!

1 Pineapple peeled, cored, and cut into medium sized chunks
6 cups of water
Juice from 1 fresh lime
Sugar to taste (optional)

Working in batches place the pineapple chunks with the water, sugar and lime juice in the blender, and blend well. Strain the juice and serve with ice.

Okay, well I´m off to enjoy the sun as I lost any colour I did have while in Canada the past few weeks!!!

Enjoy !!!

***Recipe courtesy of fellow blogger : Laylita at and photo courtesy of google image ***

Monday, September 6, 2010

Final days

My visit back home is coming to an end, and I think I'm satisfied with all that I was able to do. Of course I was not able to see everyone I wanted, and I'm sure some feelings are hurt, but what can one do?? I have been running around non-stop and still have a ton to do before I leave Wednesday morning!!!

I guess I could have much larger things to complain about then having too many friends, and family that want to see me!!! I think with this trip home I truly realized what I meant to so many people. I dont' mean that in the "oh I'm so popular" kind of way. I mean it in the WOW thank you for caring enough to take time to want to see me kinda way.

Main Street, Canmore, AB

This weekend my mom., step-dad, brother and his friend decided to head up to Canmore, Alberta. Spend some time in the beautiful Canadian Rockies!!! My parents have a place out there, and it would have been a shame if we didn't take advantage and head out. It's roughly 45 minutes drive from their front door!!

My favourite sitting place

We have had a great time together walking around the town, shopping, cooking, and drinking some great bottles of wine. Its hard to believe that in less than 72 hours I will be back home in Cancun, and not a mountain in sight. I think Canmore is one of the places I miss the most to be honest. We always have such a wonderful time when we come, and it's so relaxing. 

Main Street, Canmore, AB

As I post this I am sitting on their couch next to their stone fireplace, staring out the huge bay windows with a view of the snow capped Rocky Mountains..... What better way to end my trip!