Monday, February 22, 2010

Blow here....

For those in town, you know that Cancun is trying to step up it's efforts in combating driving under the influence... They are advertising check stops, and fines, etc... I have to admit years ago you'd never have seen a check-stop, and if you did all it took was $10 to get you out of it. Drunk or not.

Now, this is a touchy subject, and NO I do not tolerate, nor promote driving drunk. Everyone knows that it's wrong, but I do know most of us have driven after having a drink or two. I'm really not sure what the legal limit here is to be honest, but I had to share this experience.

On Saturday night hubby and I were driving home around 3am from a friends house, we both had been having a few drinks throughout the evening, and were stopped in a check stop on the way home. This was our experience. All vehicles are asked to pull over. The police officer then asks the driver to blow in his hand, and then he smells his own hand, and decides whether or not you are drunk?? YES, I said you blow your breath in his hand, and that's it, and we were on our way. LIKE really???

Now I'm all for keeping the drunks off the road, but how the hell do they expect that to work?? I mean, I guess you'll really know when you see the person or speak to them, but is that seriously all they have? It can't be....

Oh, and while we are on the subject. Cancun also has a new police force that is supposed to be "better", and supposedly are not taking any bribes, etc... Well just the other night my friend told me he was driving home, and had a few drinks, no drivers licence on him, and he was stopped at a check stop to. What did he have to do? Pay $100 pesos, and be on his way. Glad to know things are changing..... I mean I know he wasn't drunk, but he said he didn't want to give them shit because he didnt' have a licence and didnt' want to get in trouble later.

This is supposed to be the NEW and IMPROVED police force.... Is this happening in your area(s) of Mexico?? I'm curious....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best of the best

Yesterday I had my first visit with my new Ob/Gyn here in Cancun, and the overall experience was so amazing that I had to write about it.

I had been putting off this visit for...errr.... 2 years to be exact. I can't believe how stupid I was, but that is a whole other story. The truth is I tried to go when I was in Canada this past January, as it's free. Yes, I said free 100%. Well that's great and all, but the Dr was late that morning due to a snowstorm and he told me he didnt' have time to do a pap, unless I was experiencing troubles?

Well, I was with one of my closest friends a few weeks ago and I told her I really need to get a pap, and full physical. Truth be told, I was getting colposcopy's back in Canada, and they were always okay, but the last one was 2 years ago. So, for me it's all the more important to go. I know this is very common, so some of you know what I'm talking about.

I showed up at my Dr's office, and it was so nice. The waiting room was nothing like what I was used to back home. It didn't look like your trypical clinic. It was like a scene from a movie it was tranquil - dimmed lighting, soothing music in the background, and the most comfy sofas ever.

When it was my turn, I was buzzed through a door and there was my Doc. He had a friendly smile on his face, and greeted me with an open hand. I quickly said - I need to speak English, and he was okay with this as long as I didn't speak too fast. He asked all the important questions, some embarassing ... only as I realized how bad I had been neglecting my health.

When it was time for my physical - he took me to the space behind a wall, asked me to change into my robe, and meet him back there.

I don't want to give too many details, but he did a full breast exam. All good. He then did a pap, and was so gentle. I couldn't believe it was over when he said he was taking out the "thing". I really didn't feel a thing, and that's never happened before. I thought that was it. NOPE - he then did an internal ultrasound to check out my ovaries, etc....

Now, I'm not sure where you're all from, but back home this does not happen. The ultrasound. Unless you are pregnant, I've never heard of the Dr. providing this service at the time of your physical. Usually you have to complain of some issues, and then they send you to see a radiologist to get these done. I was so impressed.

I go back in a month for my results, and oh geeze I hope everything is okay. I do feel better having finally done this. Thank goodness :) Now maybe we can look at having a baby!

My Doctor for any of you living in Cancun was Dr. Luis J. Medellin, and his website is: . All his contact information is there, and I would recommend him to ANYONE. Altogether the total cost for my visit, and my tests was $850 pesos. Not bad if you ask me? Again, I came from a place where healthcare was absolutely free, and I now realize free doesn't always mean better.

For any of you ladies putting this off - don't be stupid, don't be me!! Book your appointment now!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I am a very, very positive, outgoing and talkative person. Not a lot leaves me absolutely speachless. Well, it happened. I literally did NOT know what to say. I thought it was some kind of joke, but nope. It wasn't.

On Saturday hubby had a business meeting at the Starbucks in Paseo Cancun (local mall - huge). He asked if I wanted to come along, and I of course said I'd love to have a coffee, and I could sit in a corner and read my book.

Now I love Starbucks. If you don't, I don't really care, because I do. I was sooo looking forward to it. I don't order any drink that I can't actually pronounce, in English or in Spanish. All I ask for is a grande coffee in a venti cup. That's it. No biggie...right? WRONG.

How is it possible? I order a coffee and the lady says to me "Sorry, no coffee". So I assume they mean it's not ready. So I ask how long? She says "No, no coffee. We only serve cold beverages". I honestly didn't know what to say?? It's February, the temps haven't been great...It's not the middle of summer in a heat wave? Is she kidding? She's not laughing or smiling. Then it hit me - she was 100% dead serious. With no other explanation. Just told me "We don't serve hot beverages at this location". Starbucks not serving coffee...speachless.

Is it just me? Is it like this all over Mexico? I know it's not like this in other warm climates. When I was in Hawaii last September they served the same cup of coffee as they did back in Canada. I just don't get how "they" got to Starbucks to. By "they" I mean Mexico. I really don't think this happens anywhere else in the world!

Needless to say I still was able to read my book, but sans beverage in hand. I still love Starbucks, and I still love Mexico, but some things I will never, EVER understand.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Telcel, WHY??

I have often heard many people complain about their telephone, cable, and anything else company in Mexico. Well.... I now have to chime in on my nightmare with Telcel. So let's read about a little game called "How long will it take to get Lauren her phone"? Any guesses???

Okay, so 2 full weeks ago I walked into Telcel with my Suegro and Esposo to get me a nice little Blackberry. We wait in a line at Gran Plaza Cancun for 1 1/2 hours, and we finally get some help. Nice guy tells me "Oh we have the perfect promotion for you, $400MXN/month and you get a great plan and free Blackberry". GREAT - sign me up! This process takes almost 30 minutes more. Why? I don't know, but heck this is Mexico and I know everything takes a little longer... DONE. Guy tells me to come back tomorrow as they don't have the phone, and it will take a day to set up. Okay that I can live with....

Next day... we go into Telcel and wait in line again. Only about 30 minutes this time, and we are told NO, it's not ready yet. Come back tomorrow. On a Sunday we ask? Ohhh yes as we will have the phone by the end of today, so tomorrow you just need to come and get it.

Okay, 3rd day. We are told it's not ready again, and that since tomorrow is a holiday it will be ready on Tuesday.

Tuesday we get a suprising phone call from a nice lady from TelHELL. Lady tells husband that there was a mistake and that I can't get my phone. Husband asks why? Lady explains - it's a student plan, and clearly your wife is not a student. Husband asks why guy sold us this plan then? Lady responds...."We can't expect all of our staff to know all of our products". WHAT!!! Ohh, no, you are right because what would be the good in that? They are only SELLING it and all....So we tell lady we don't want it then. The End. Right? Wrong.

A week later, yesterday, we get a call from Telcel. Oh it was our mistake and since your phone is ready we will honor the plan. Are you kidding me? Am I back in Canada!!??!! So we thank her, thank her, thank her. Lady gives us a confirmation #, and tells us to go and pick up the phone. We go to Telcel last night around 6:30, wait in a line...again. Lady at counter asks why we're there, we explain to pick up a NEW phone. Lady takes 5 minutes with our information then comes back to tell us "sorry, no new phone pickups after 6". Are you kidding me? You didn't know this 5 minutes ago when we told you that's exactly why we are here?

Okay, so that brings us to today. My suegro goes to pick up my phone on his way home from the office. He comes home - NO phone. We ask why? SORRY because you are not a student we can not give you that plan. WHAT THE FUCK!!!??!!!

Okay, sorry guys I usually keep the swearing to myself, but SERIOUSLY????? So, 2 weeks and no phone, and no plan.

Thanks a lot Telhell.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love it, or Hate it!?

Okay, so as I've mentioned in a couple previous posts we have been busy renovating a house. Did I mention a house that isn't even ours, oh and we are paying for it? Okay, okay, that`s just me bitching just a little bit. Is that right? I don't know, but I do know that there are some things that NEED to be fixed/changed. Those are the things that we will try to get subracted from a months rent. For example: water pipe busted in main floor washroom and leaking all over the place, A/C (central) broken. HELLLOOO - we are not stupid and would never rent a place with out A/C in Cancun!!! Come on now!! Thank goodness it's only February.
One of our "fun" projects has been adding some colour to our very white house. **cheers, cheers**

So, most people will either love it or hate it. What colour do you ask? We went from Casa Blanca to Casa Alive. It's a work in progress. We ended up running out of paint as we had our muchacho who we like to call Superman keep on going. Maybe we are getting a little carried away, but for now we love it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Renos are taking over my life!!

Sooo..... now that I am "sorta back" I can fill you in on a task that is taking up almost all of my time - home renovations!!!

My husband and I are currently "renting"... something I swore I would never do.

It's been quite a different experience from owning your own place, and renting/living in someone elses. Our biggest dillmena? What do we fix? What will our land lord cover? Is it worth fixing if it's not ours? Etc ....

It's soo much different than back "home". Here we rented a place with A/C - does it work? No. We tell our landlord and they swear it worked 5 months ago.... Well I'm telling you it doesnt', and we hired and paid someone to tell us it didn't. Now what? How long will we have to wait to have it replaced?
Better yet, we have termites. We tell the landlord and he tells us " oh yeah, we know". Okay??? Well, not my problem....

They tell us they had someone clean the place? I DON'T THINK SO!!! Unless you hired someone with absolutely no standards...then I call bullshit. The place was filthy, and disgusting. The stove should have been replaced as it was sooo rusty, but we had our muchacha cleaning it for 2 days with a special product that eats rust.

Okay, well I won't complain too much. I didn't take any before and after photos, but I will take some tomorrow as we plan to paint and add some much needed colour. Hubby wants yellow, and I want a nice dark orange. Tacky? Only if it's flourescent!! LOL!!!

Well...hubby and I are off to Home Depot to get the paint and osme plants for our "superman". We like to call our carpenter "superman" as there isn't anything he can't do. He's our electrician, security man, carpenter, painter, etc... What can't the guy do??

Off we go, and nos vemos pronto!!! With photos, I promise!!!