Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's first blog

After reading my favourite blog "Cancuncanuck" - I thought to myself, why don't I try this out.... Maybe someone will actually read it and find it interesting!!! Or not???

Well, it's official. My husband Gil (gilberto) and I have purchased some land in Cancun for build. They say it should take about 5 months from start to finish...My fingers are crossed!!! Gil leaves for Cancun on Friday ..... I will be stuck here in the COLD, COLD, COLD. He'll only be gone a week...

We have decided we are not moving back down until the house is almost finished. I have picked a date in my head...and hope to remain as close to that date as possible. (May 1) It seems as though it is soooo far away, but is it?? Gil is leaving before me.... estoy triste.....:(

I have taken the first major step, and by major I mean I told my mom we were leaving!!!! She actually took it better than I thought, but it could be she is still in denial!!!?? The other step(s) I have taken are on a professional level. I am a Supervisor for an insurance company here in Calgary... I let management know I would be leaving. I can't believe it... They knew the idea was always in the back of our minds, seeing as how we already lived there and have always talked about moving back!!! A few of the ladies that work for me were in tears... It was nice!(is that terrible??) I've always considered myself to be a very fair and fun "boss" - ohhh I hate that word!!! I will miss them completely, but what can you do?? I guess another reason I've picked May 1 is because we get our bonuses in April; like I am going to miss that!!!

Well..... I will have to keep posting so as to attract any audience, whatsoever!!!

We are preparing the sale of our house up here in Canada... So off to the lighting store to grab some new fixtures!!! Ohhhhh how the markets have fallen....

Cheers!!! Oh, I guess I should say --> Hasta luego!!!


CancunCanuck said...

Welcome to Bloglandia! Thanks for the kind words. Big decision, I wish you so much luck!

On Mexican Time said...

Thanks so much for the warm wishes!!! I really enjoy reading your blog - it's "refreshing"!!!

Michele in Playa said...

Welcome to the asylum!! There are a lot of nice people on the blog-o-sphere. Check out my blogroll and Kelly's "Otros Blogos" and you will find some really cool people!! Bienvenidos chica!

On Mexican Time said...

Hi Michele!!!

Thanks so much ... I have to admit, I am coming froma world that didn't even know blogs existed, but this is so exciting and fun! I love checking out the experiences of ppl who are doing, or have done the same thing!!!

Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

I'll be sure to check those out!!

Gracias :))))

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