Sunday, November 23, 2008

What will I do??

This is just a picture of a street in Merida!! I just love that city sooooooo much. Who knows, maybe one day we will end up there...For now it's just a perfect place to visit sometimes !!!

Anyways, onto my blog:

Okay, so I've received a few emails asking the same question(s), more or less.... What am I going to do? Where am I going to work? Sooo...I figure that's worth writing about!!!

Okay, when I worked down there a few years ago I was working for an American company(USA) that handled promotions in the HZ...Yes, yes, I was one of them. I ended up doing some work with MTV and had the time of my life for my early 20's. Anyways, NO, I am not going to be doing that again... I don't think my liver could handle it!! LOL...Seriously. Also, it is not something a marriage could handle!! Working in party central was a once in a lifetime experience!! I still can't believe some of the biggest places are now gone - LaBoom/Tequila Boom and Fat Tuesdays!! Man oh man we had some fun!

Well, I am going ot tell you the same thing I tell all my friends -I don't know. I really, really don't know!!! However, I have never been so excited.... We own a company in Cancun con mis suegros! Sooo...we are hoping that we have now grown it enough that we can live off of it. However, I'll probably do what most ppl do - teach english. (sigh....) It's not that I don't want to, but what if I'm not a good teacher... I also hear the hours are terrible, and the pay - well not so good.... Neways, beggers can't be choosers!!!

The one thing I am most looking forward to doing is studying spanish. Even though everyone thinks I speak it... I don't feel like it's good enough - I am enrolling in a study program for a few weeks. Just to get my bearings, so to speak. It's fairly pricey so I have already started my savings!! If anyone can recommend some good programs - please send me a msg!!! I'm looking into Berlitz and Amerispan.....

Okay, well I am off to do some research....

Hasta prontisiiiimo!!!

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