Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnaval Merida!!!!

Okay, so since everyone is blogging about the Carnavals in their cities.... I thought I could share a few pics of my experience at the world famous Carnaval Merida in 2008. Yes, I said 2008. Unfortunately, as much as I swore I`d be back this year -it just didn`t happen. This is sad for me for 2 reasons. 1) Merida is one of my favourite cities in the world; 2) It`s a Carnaval!!!!

Merida`s Carnaval is probably one of the biggest in Latin America!! Carnaval is full of fun, music, dancing, parades and of course bee56r!!!! It`s a time for families, jovenes, etc... to get together! It truly is a fantastic experience.

One night in particular we sat outside a restaurant on Calle 60 and watched the parade go by, a bottle of wine later, and they were just coming to an end.... It really was nice to watch all the people involved.... Especially the children - so cute and talented!!

These pics are just from the evening festivities, but I assure you there is plenty to do during the day!!!! I`ll have to post those later!!! Heck, this is just making me even more upset I didn`t get there this year!!! LOL - well, there will always be next year! For now, I hope you enjoy the photos!!!
Let us handle it; Yourè on vacation!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway!!!

One of the greatest things about living in Cancun (INMO) is the fact that you are SO close to the Riviera Maya, and there certainly aren't any shortages of wonderful places to visit and stay. Just south of Cancun we have Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen, and just a bit further you have Tulum.
Ohhh how we loove the beach!!!
One of our (hubby and I) favourite things to do for a quick getaway is to spend a weekend at a resort. We usually end up bringing mis suegros, but sometimes go by ourselves as well. Being a local we can usually get a discounted rate as well, but not so much anymore. Tourism in the Riviera Maya is at an all time high! Who would have known - with the state of the world economy and all!!! This is however, great news for our transportation company!!!!

View from the front door to your room!!! Balcony looks at the ocean and beach!
We almost always spend our visits at the Bahia Principe - it is by far one of our favourites!!!! We usually prefer to stay at Club Tulum, but we'll stay at either of the resorts!!!! The food at the resort is awesome, especially for an all inclusive. They have a snack bar that serves some of the best tacitos!!! LOL. Yes, I know how sad that sounds, but they are delicious!!!!

The entertainment in the evening is amazing. Every night in the Tulum lobby they have a live band that plays, and if you ask - you can sip Don Julio while listening to the music! Afterwards, they move the show outdoors to the Hacienda Dona Isabel!!!! Again, you listen to the wonderful music and you can even walk around and shop!!!!

One of the lobby's!!!! Ohhh look how happy I am!

Hanging out with the family!!!!
Of course there is just SO much I am leaving out, and I promise to write a more indepth diary of a day at the Bahia Principe, but for now I will just post some pics!!!!! I hope you enjoy!

(hubby and I dancing to the music)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Casa en renta en Villas del Arte / House for rent in Villas del Arte Cancun!!!!

One of the biggest questions an expat receives is " How much does it cost to live in Mexico", and people are often curious as to just what you can get here for a certain dollar.

Well, that brings me to this post. Mi cunada recently purchased a property here in Cancun, and is renting it. Sooooo - I think some ppl are going to be shocked at what you can get for 7000 MXP /month!!!! (obviously if youre' interested let me know and I can get you in touch, and it's not a vacation rental!!)
This post will be half english, and half spanish!!

Villas del Arte is a new development here in Cancun. It's at the end of Avenida La Luna, and across from Santa Fe Plus.

So for 7000 MXP per month you can get a brand new, never lived in house with : 2 full bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 parking stalls, kitchen w/ gas, laundry area, a/c outlets, garden, and outside wall surrounding the house. I've included some pics for your viewing pleasure!!!

La casa es nueva, nunca ha sido habitada y nos la entregaron hace apenas 2 meses. Les adjunto fotos para que la vean...

ubicación aprox. La casa se encuentra dentro del Fraccionamiento Villas del Arte, en la avenida principal. El fraccionamiento está ubicado al final de Av la Luna atrás de Residencial Santa Fe.

m2 de construcción tiene 126 m2 de terreno y 98 m2 de construcción

no. de baños Tiene 2 baños completos uno en la planta baja y uno arriba

no. de recamaras Tiene 2 recamaras

no. de estacionamiento Tiene 2 lugares de estacionamiento

que servicios tiene tinaco y calentador, instalación de gas preparado para centro de lavado, preparaciones para aire acondicionado, mosquiteros deslizables en ventanas y puertas, protecciones en la ventana principal, además de dimmer en las luces principales de la casa, jardín y barda posterior

tiene aires? no

tiene cocina integral? Si tiene cocina con parrilla de gas

Okay, well that is it folks!!!! I hope that this gives some people a better perspective of just what you can get for about 7000 MXP / month. Of course I'm not getting into the nitty gritty, groceries, gas, water, electricity, car, etc.... I just thought it would be neat for some of you to get an idea!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some of my favourite music!!!

Ahhh....soooo many times we would have friends and family over in Canada and they would ask us to burn them a CD.

One of my favourite things in LIFE is the sound of music (cliche???). In all honestly, music just brings a sudden JOY and EXCITEMENT to my life. When I hear music I honestly feel that I come alive. It's a shame that I can NOT sing. I tell everyone - If I even had a "decent" shower voice I'd walk around singing my words.... Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for the ppl around I keep silent) I have a horrendous voice!!! So I mostly keep it to the PROS, and mi esposo - he seems to have a natural gift for the arts... music, song, instruments, art, and dance!!! Ohhh I hope our children take after him!!!!

Neways, I thought I'd start posting a few of my favourite songs weekly. This way - ppl can tell me what they think!!!!

So far I am not electronically inclined to post them like some of my blogger amigas/amigos!!!

Some of the artists I am going to display over the next few weeks... I truly feel you will be suprised!!! Please let me know what you think!!!!

One of my ALL time favourites Luis Miguel... Who I was SO fortunate to see LIVE in Las Vegas on Mexican Independance Day of 2007 - WOW.... is below. I really hope you will all enjoy, Llike I said before, more is yet to come!
(Luis Miguel sings a better version, but this is the video and I can't find his version....)
Linda Ronstadt (hay unos ojos)
Vicente Fernandez y Ana Gabriel
Shakira y Miguel Bose

Okay, so these are just a FEW of my favourite artists and songs!!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I assure you they mean even more when you understand the true translation from Spanish to English... Maybe in a later post I'll direct translate a song for all to hear!!!! Perhaps even my wedding song by Luis Miguel!!!!

Neways, I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I do!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Your husband doesn't look Mexican....???

Okay, well I'm sure Italicsoooooo many of us can relate to this topic....
I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Your husband does'nt look Mexican". I used to laugh politely and go into a schpeal..... Now, I am actually finding myself getting a little more irritated by the minute.... I now say "What does a Mexican look like?".... The reason it bothers me isn't because they are just making a comment...It's actually the tone of their voice. They are acting SO suprised. Like I'm lieing and have something to hide.

Oh you should hear the answers they give me when they tell me what a Mexican should or does look like. I can't wait until we have kids one day.....

Anyways, I always tell everyone the same thing.... Mi suegra has blond hair blue blue eyes. Mi suegro dark hair, dark eyes. Mi cunado brown hair, blue eyes. Mi cunada brown eyes blond hair. Mi sobrino blue eyes, brown hair.

Okay, so this being said.... Is anyone shocked, suprised?? Honestly - tell me/us!!!
Mexicans, Canadians, Italians, Portugese.... We all look different AND the same!!! We come in all shapes, sizes and colours..... That's what's so great about it!!!!

Just thought I could post some pics of a few of my MEXICAN family members!!!