Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well I am really getting sick of talking about, thinking about, and worrying about scorpions so I thought I should change it up a little!! LOL!!! Also, those pictures still gross me out every time I see them so I can only imagine how bad they are for all of you!!! (We did find another blonde in our laundry basket!!!).
I am one of those ppl that keeps bitchin' about being out of shape, and how my clothes don't fit, but I was really not doing anything about it. I mean I have a really healthy diet, but that can only take you so far. It was time for me to get my ass away from the pool and into a gym!!

Two weeks ago my friend signed me up for her cardio pilates class (free trial), and even though every muscle in my body hurt I went back the next day and I have been hooked every since. The cost was 1200 pesos for a month of unlimited classes, and boy oh boy has it been worth every penny thus far!!!

I was pretty intimidated at first as the entire class is in Spanish, and 99% of the people that attend the classes are Spanish speakers (which they should be!!). The good thing is my Spanish is a heck of a lot better than I give myself credit for, the bad thing? I'm a heck of a lot more out of shape than I thought I was. Jajaja. Entonces,I go Monday thru Friday at the same time every morning. It's a 1 hour long class and I feel GREAT. The instructor is amazing, class size is small (6 max) and the equipment that is used is so different than your typical pilates class. I am enjoying it much more as I really feel the cardio aspect. My legs of course are not as straight as all the other students, but nonetheless I point that toe!!!!

I`m going to take some pics next week and post them up for all to see. I wish I could do it this week, but I am off to Jamaica for a friends wedding so will be giving these legs of mine a break!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update: Attack of the scorpions!

I thought I should do an update as these suckers just won't go away. Put an F where the S is and that's really how I feel!!!
Minutes after writing my blog post the other day we found another, and another, and another scorpion. Making the total more than 7 in less than a week. We did have the fumigators come that day and spray the inside and outside of our home along with the 2 neighbours on either side. He warned us that once he sprayed the perameter around the houses the little suckers may make it inside within 2-3 days.

Poor us - we ended up taking a vacay down to the Secrets Maroma Beach Hotel for a few days. What a treat that was. I dont' know if I'd ever stay anywhere else ever again. I'll have to post some pics soon as the beach is rated as one of the top 3 in the world!!! By whom, I don't know. LOL. Who am I to disagree?!

The weather hasnt' been great. Needless to say, due to the poor weather conditions (putting things mildly) our fumigator wasn't able to fumigate the exterior properly. He also warned us that the weather could also cause the scorpions to seek refuge in our homes!!! F*&( me!!!!!

WELL....this morning my step-mom was going to use the washroom on our lower level and found a scorpion under the garbage can!!!!! They are already in our house, and this one was alive and breathing. I've been told the "blondies" are the worst kind here in Mexico, and guess what it was? A blondie. I'll have to look into this more. We are seriously looking at getting out of our place, but since we signed a year may not be possible, but I CAN"T LIVE with scorpions. Call me a princess, call me whatever you like - I can't do it, and I don't want to. I especially don't want to be scared to leave my dogs at home alone, or get up to use the washroom at night (bathroom for my American readers!!!). It`s not like we live in a jungle, we have a great backyard, and we have a gardener who takes care of things like fumigating the complex. What am I going to do? I am seriously stressing out over here.
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Really there isn't too much to say as pictures truly are worth a thousand words.
This fella was found outside our back patio, along with another little friend. To give you an idea he was larger than my hand spread out. The other was about the size of my pinky. Needless to say, we have the fumigators coming again on Wednesday and have informed our neighbours to do the same. Our cleaning lady found a dead one inside our house last week, and we found one in our BBQ cover (alive). This makes 4 in less than a week.... I'm not so much worried about me, but my two dogs...whole different story!!!


A mere minutes after writing this post hubby found ANOTHER in our BBQ cover bringing the count to 5 in less than a week. We took another pic, and I apologize for the quality as it was taken with hubbys Blackberry.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well I have just been having some of "those" days lately where I am missing a lot of things from back home. I have been spoiled with visitors, but I know the time is going to come where there won't be any for long periods and I'll just have to get used to that.

The home we are living in is just that "the home". It is not "my home". It usually does not take me long to adapt to new homes, my parents moved around a LOT when I was growing up. This is different - we are still waiting for our furniture to arrive as it's over 3 months late. It's been a real challenge for me trying to live in a place without any of my things, and we don't want to buy too much as we know its' coming...we hope anyways. Also, with having visitors coming and going we feel awful that we dont' have the basics set up for them as of yet.

I don't want to complain too much as I know I have it better than a lot of people. but I am just hitting that point where I miss my freedom. I miss being able to be self-sufficient. I have never had to rely on anyone for anything for as long as I've been an adult. I was very independent and did not mind doing things by myself. Heck, I enjoyed running errands on my own. Now, I am so dependent on my husband as we live in a fairly large city, and I don't feel comfortable enough to drive around by myself yet. I mean I will drive myself to Costco, or to my inlaws, but no more than that.

I'm also missing the ease of things from back home. I kid you not when I say our plumbing goes every other day, and it's always a new issue on top of an old one. The sink leaks, the toilet leaks, the hydro pump breaks, etc... We fix it and a week later they start going again.... WHY? Why can't plumbing just work? Why do I have to take a 2 minute shower everyday in fear that the hydro will go? Oh and our neighbour was stealing our water so I had little to no hot water. I know, shower in the cold - I'm in Cancun, right?

I'm hoping I get over this mood of mine fairly quickly, and I don't blame anyone if you dont' want to read about me getting these things off my chest, but I just need to say some things... Probably a lot more than I have. I don't want to talk to my husband about this too much as I think he is getting sick of me complaining about our furniture, and the house. Not even getting sick of it, but he takes it to heart and I don't want to stress him out. in Mexico... I love it, but why can't things be just a little bit easier? Oh time.

On a plus note - the weather has been amazing, and my best friend is still here for another day.