Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend fun!

This past weekend hubby and I had the pleasure of going to the Cancun and Beach Palace Resorts here in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Yes, we went to both. Both resorts are absolutely amazing, and I would recommend them to anyone. Pools are amazing, beach was perfect, and food was pretty good.

I know I live here in Cancun, but I often forget how beautiful the beaches here really are. The Caribbean Sea is like no other I´ve ever seen. My friends 8 year old daughter in Canada told her mom it looks like Kool-Aid, and heck, she is right!! It is so beautiful that it´s hard to believe it´s real sometimes!!

                                                                    Hubby enjoying the view

I really want to make an effort to head to the beach more often, and enjoy one of the main reasons I agreed to live here. The beach!!!

                                                      Could you eat breakfast here everyday??

Again, I had to use my phone to take all my pictures as my camera died just as I finished taking the first picture. It always seems to work like that, doesn´t it??!! LOL!!

Okay, so since I plan on heading the beach more often, I better hit the gym.

                                                                One of the 2 rooftop pools

Nos Vemos!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mexican street art...

I was cleaning out my closet yesterday, and fell upon this little beauty. OMG. Honestly, I feel like hubby and I are either on a ´´Wanted´´ poster, or look as though we were abducted by aliens.

When we were in Veracruz a couple of months ago, hubby and I were having a drink in the Zocalo when we were approached by a local street portrait artist. I mentioned to hubby that I have always wanted to have this done, just for fun. The artist showed us some of her work, and then the bartering began. She originally wanted, get this $1200 mxn pesos. THANK GOD we got her down, but to an embarassing $600 mxn. That is roughly $60 dollars. Boy oh boy do we feel stupid, but heck, we sure do get a laugh out of it everytime we see it. In fairness, we had no clue we were going to end up with an animated portrait. None of her original work was in this style. LOL.

Well, you live and you learn!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another great spot!

One of the things I like most about living in Cancun is the food. I know that a lot of people really enjoy Mexican food, and I do to a point. However, for a person who chooses not to eat pork, and only eats red meat occasionally.... it can be tough at times.

Cancun has a WIDE variety of great restaurants to choose from, and I do not have to travel to the Hotel Zone if I don't want. Due to the large expat population residing in Cancun we have a lot of international places to choose from that are quite authentic in taste. YAY! Especially when it comes to your basic meat and potatoes!!

John Gray's restaurant here in Cancun is a real gem. It is located in el centro, and happens to be walking distance from my home. Can you say BONUS!!!

The menu at John Gray's has really changed since the first time I dined there. Apparently, they are trying to make it more "economical". However, you are not losing quality and taste for this change. This couldn't make me happier as with their new menu, and prices hubby and I vow to eat there a couple times a week. LOL.

They are open for breakfast at 7 am, and open late during the week and on Saturdays.

Breakfast menu ranges in price from 50 pesos to 75 mxn, and includes a coffee. I highly recommend their chiliquilles....to die for. Hubby loooves their huevos rancheros.

Lunch menu ranges from 65 pesos for their hand made chicken tenders and fries, to 95 for their hamburgers. Heck, healthier and cheaper than McDonalds. Say it again, BONUS!!!

Dinner ranges in price entirely as you can choose from the lunch menu, and the dinner menu. The most expensive item on the menu is their Filet Mignon at 285 pesos for the large cut, and 195 for the smaller. It is to die for delicious.

The kitchen

All in all, the restaurant is amazing. They recently built an outdoor patio to enjoy in the evenings for drinks with friends, and the place reminds me of "home". I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone  visiting Cancun, and or living here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Police? What Police?

I`ve taken the liberty to post the definition of the word police just so it`s clear for everyone. For those of us living in Mexico we seem to know that there is a completely different definition of the word. Hmm...how strange. HA.

Definitions of 'police' Webster 1913 Dictionary

1. (noun) police
a judicial and executive system, for the government of a city, town, or district, for the preservation of rights, order, cleanliness, health, etc., and for the enforcement of the laws and prevention of crime; the administration of the laws and regulations of a city, incorporated town, or borough

Of course I couldn`t exactly find the Mexican definition of the word. I think everyone has their own idea of what they do, or don`t do. Usually, when the subject comes up among my Mexican friends we all get a great laugh about the term here. Most people are fully aware that you can not trust the police, and almost everyone will tell you a story that has happened to them, or someone they know. Well, now I have one.... Sure to be my first of many.

The other guy did get out of the car, but it was only to have a cigarette.

Last week my inlaws came to my house for comida(lunch). Regularly we all get together, but normally at their house as my suegra (mother-in-law) and her family looove to cook. We told them a story about our neighbours house being broken into the night before. We laughed over the fact that 4 police officers showed up, and only one bothered to get out of his car to ``investigate``. The end of that story.

The next day.... We go to my suegros house, and they tell us this story. The day before, just after we all left their house for ours 4 police officers let themselves into their yard. How do we know, you ask? Their maid was home. The maid went to the window and asked them what they wanted? Apparently the owner of the house called and they needed to come in to check things out. The maid was very suspicious, and asked for the owners name, when the call was made, etc... Of course the officers had none of  this information, but insisted she open the door and let them in. The maid advised them sorry I do not have the keys (we lock some doors from the inside here in Mexico) so I can`t. They said well let us in the side door, I see it`s open. She again advised no sorry, the owners only leave that door open for me to get to the laundry room, and I do not have the key to open the side gate. They asked a few more times, but FINALLY gave up. We think they were just startled that there was anyone at home. OR that their authority was being questioned.

What`s the big deal you ask?? That this is the second time it`s happened in about a month. These are 4 uniformed officers, in their cruisers coming to the doors, using their authority to rob from people. How f&*$d up is that??? You no longer only have to worry about the odd theif, but now the Policia. Of course there is no point in reporting them as who knows who else is in on it. Then they have all your information, and will make your life a living hell. EVERYONE says this. Heck, the last Mayor who was running for Governor was recently arrested on numerous counts of corruption. You can`t trust anybody.

I`ve said it before, and I`ll say it again.... Mexico will forever be a developing country until the day it has a law enforecement, and governement that can be trusted to do what they are supposed to do. Calderon, I do admire what you are doing, but this is just too big a mess to clean up.

****On a side note I do want to be clear. I do realize not every Mexican police officer is like this, but the problem is too many are. That is when you don`t know who you can trust. It`s really, really sad.****

Friday, July 16, 2010

El Shrimp Bucket

Well the World Cup final has come, and gone. WOW - it was great. Not necessarily the game, but the entire tournament, and atmosphere here in Mexico. However, I am not going to write another blog about soccer, I promise!! What I do want to write about is where we watched the final match - El Shrimp Bucket in the hotel zone.

I must be a terrible blogger as I didn't take any pictures of the actual restaurant itself, nor the food, but I do want to talk about how much fun we always seem to have there! I swear it is impossible to try and leave the place without having had a fantastic time. The staff is incredible, they greet you immediately, are attentive throughout your meal, and their prices are VERY reasonable. OH and the food!!!! The food is great. I highly recommend the Tuna Tostados, and what other than the Coconut Shrimp Bucket. DELICIOUS.

The Shrimp Bucket is located on the lagoon side, and has a beautiful view. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available. On a nice night we really enjoying sitting out on the patio, but on a warm day the A/C wins!!

Shrimp Bucket always serves a small cup of their shrimp soup and tostadas with dip(s) to start. It's very nice as you don't even need to order a starter if you don't want. If you do, I'd recommend their calamari, and/or guacamole. Realllly good.

Well, I'll let the few pictures I did take do the talking for me....  Next time your'e in Cancun I'd highly recommend stopping by the Shrimp Bucket for a bite to eat, and a nice drink on their patio!!! You won't regret it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

La Roja vs. Naranja!!

Well, well...it is a sad post for me.... This coming Sunday the final match of the World Cup 2010 will be played. I will have to wait another 4 patient years for the greatest sporting event in the world to take place in Brazil. AHHHH!!!! Withdrawl.

I, along with an estimated 1 BILLION other futbol fans will watch the Netherlands take on Spain for the title of the 2010 World Cup Champions. Interestingly enough, neither have ever won the title, but both teams have always been highly respected.

I personally am rooting for La Roja!!! My hubby is actually half Spanish so it comes by default, but in all fairness I am most impressed with the style of soccer the Spaniards are putting forth. At the end of the day if the Netherlands end up with the win I admit I won`t be disappointed. I was really hoping we would have a new World Cup Champ and with these two teams playing one another we are guaranteed one. All in all, I think this is going to be one hell of a match!!!

So, in preparation for the next 4 years of withdrawl, hubby and I have made a firm decision that we are going to attend the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Thank you hubbs - you really are the BEST!!!

Viva FIFA!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing but rain

Well, the last few days have been nothing but rain here in Cancun. Well, actually, yesterday we did have a brief break in the clouds, but not long enough for me to get excited!!!

A quick picture taken from out of my front door - this is what I have been looking at non-stop. Oh well, on a plus side it hasn't been nearly as hot. Nice break :)

If I knew where my camera was I would take some pictures of some of the streets here in Cancun. It's awful how one street is driveable, and literally you turn a corner and you could easily mistake it for a river. No lie. Seems to be like this allll over Mexico - my poor girl Gringa-n-Mexico knows what I'm talking about first hand!!!

Oh well, mine as well enjoy the cooler temps!!! Looks like there is a heat wave across parts of the US and Canada. Not here folks!!

Til' next time- when the sun comes out :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breakfast of champions

No, I am not about to write a blog about pancakes, bacon and all that good stuff. Truth be told I actually don´t eat any of those things. I am talking about what $20 mxn pesos can buy you - roughly $2usd. Yes, I said $2usd.

Hubby and I have recently started going to the local fruteria (fresh fruit market). I couldn´t believe how little the cost was for such FRESH fruit and veggies. Honest to goodness, I will do a separate blog on this one day and show you.

One of my goals for myself has been to really work on building my immune system, and getting my alkaline levels to that of a ´´health...ier person´´. There are a number of different ways to do this, and I am starting to do things little by little. Having a plant-based diet is a great way to start. Now, now, don´t get  your panties in a knot. I am not saying that one must subject themselves to nothing but seaweed, and plant. I am saying that if you can include things such as fruits and veggies in your every day diet....you´re half way there!!

So, my breakfast of champions??
Homemade juice. I usually take a portion of a papaya, a whole mango, a banana, and some fresh orange juice from the market. I put all these wonderful ingredients in my blender with a little bit of H2O, and VOILA!! Breakfast of champions. The best way to do this is drinking it on an empty stomach. You can always eat a little someth´n someth´n later on.

So, for less than $2usd I can make a fresh and healthy breakfast juice for hubby, myself and enough for tomorrow.

Awww...just another reason for me to love Mexico ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

This just in folks......

Cancun has just stepped up it´s social  appeal yet again by hosting an event for Sony Entertainment this weekend.

Sony Entertainment is currently hosting their ¨Summer of Sony¨ publicity event. You can read about it all here : http://travel-guide.dtraveller.com/index.php/the-stars-are-out-in-cancun-for-summer-of-sony/

All these stars snuck into the country underneath my little E!savvy nose!! Thanks to a few blogs, a few friends who work in the HZ, and some Facebook posts, I am now in the know. 

For me I am hoping to catch a glimpse of Angelina with her little ones.... Will it happen? No, but one can only dream....LOL.

On a more serious note, I am happy for the positive attention that this will bring to Cancun. Mexico as a whole really gets tortured by the media and their sensationalist journalism. If it´s safe enough for all these stars then maybe others will think twice before believing everything they read, and hear.

Okay. Well I may have to convince hubby to get us dinner reservations at the Ritz tonight....Now if only I could find my damn camera!!!