Monday, December 1, 2008

Building una casa en Mexico

Okay, so I FINALLY have pictures of our land that we are building on here in Cancun.... Literally, it's just a piece of land. Actually, more like a jungle. I think some of my friends in Canada thought I was joking, or simply exaggerating about the jungle part... Well wonder no more. Pictures speak louder than words!! Hahaha.

One of my friends, who has only been to Mexico once (stayed at a resort in P.V) asked me if I was going to be okay living in the "ghetto". Hahahahahahahaha!!! He took one look at the pics of the "jungle" and the unfinished streets automatically assuming it's the ghetto. Hilarious to an expat!!! So of course I start explaining to him that since we are building, it is up to our neighbours and ourselves to get a street put in. It was up to ourselves to have the jungle torn down, security wall put up, etc... He was more shocked to hear it absolutely was NOT the "ghetto" - rather an up and coming neighbourhood. Hahahahaha.

(of course this is the ghetto calle my friend was referring to,hehe)

(of course I showed my friend this photo of a "finished" street around the corner)
Now, of course if you buy through a builder, or a developer - they take care of all of this for you!!

(school for the kids)
Anyways, I plan on keeping you all up to date, and posting photos as the construction will be ongoing for quite some time!!!

(our lot is somewhere around one of the trees, jajajaja)
Soon I'll finally be able to say "Mi casa es su casa"


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

On Mexican Time said...

Thank you!!!

Luis Fernando said...

Hi, first time reading your blog.
I just wanted to let you know that I liked it, and you can consider me a frequent visitor of your blog.

I am from Mérida BTW, and I like your possitivism y buena onda towards the future.

Wish you the best, Good Luck.

On Mexican Time said...

Gracias Luis Fernando!!!!

As you will see from MANY of my posts - I looove Merida. I hope to live there one day!!!!

Thanks for your support!!!