Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reasons for Mexico...

Well since I keep getting asked the same question, over and over - Why Mexico? I thought I should divulge just a few of the many reasons.....

1.) Obviously the climate. Cancun is known for having very nice weather year round, and believe it or not but it is nice that it still gets a bit cooler in the winter months...cooler than the pacific side, not cooler like Canada!!

2.) Work life balance. In Canada it is very hard to manage time between work, home, and fun! Actually, I find myself barely doing anything but work anymore. I'm too young for that!!! When I lived in Cancun 3 yrs ago, it was amazing. We'd have weekly bbq's with friends and neighbours. I WANT A LIFE!!!

3.) The music. I looooooove listening to the music. I love that I used to hear the street noise through my bathroom window when I lived on La Luna. Was it always pleasant? Not w/ a hangover, hahaha, but I love the life that I can hear.

4.) It's Cancun, not Tijuana where I'm living. I still have Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, etc...

5.) Health care in Cancun is really, really good! I've never had to wait to see a Dr. and it only cost me $200 pesos for a visit!!!

6.) Accessibility. My family and friends can always come and visit. There is an international airport, and tons of places for them to stay if they don't want to stay with us!

Okay, I could go on and on, but just wanted to answer a few of the questions that most of my friends have been asking me!!!

I'm sure I'll have a few posts of all the things I hate one day too!! I'll complain about the funky smells, the bugs...ohhh how I hate the bugs. For now, I'm remaining positive!!


My Way said...

Hey Welcome to Bloglandia!

You mentioned health care being good and only costing 200 pesos.....are you sure?

I've never paid that little and even if I've paid more....I've had some serious issues with the doctors down there...and I'm not alone.

We all joke about how we've become our own doctors and prescribe our own medicines. Not because we want to of course, but because we have found it necessary since we don't trust the doctors.

I know this is an exciting time for you but please be cautious. The medical system in Cancun is not that great and really, if it's not that great, whether it's cheap or not really isn't the issue. The issue is taking care of yourself properly.

On Mexican Time said...

Hahaha - no, no I paid my doctor $200 pesos for a visit!!! MY BAD!!! Sorry for the confusion!!

I guess I'm sorta biased.. My suegro is a Dr in Cancun!!!

I like the fact that I can diagnose myself too!!! I'm not sure how good that is for me though!!

I appreciate the feedback though!! I know, it's one of those "iffy" things, but in Cgy you can wait up to 1 year for a cat scan if you don't have money to pay! Also, my cousin had to have his appendix removed and he waited 13 hours in the emerg - with an iv in his arm.. they didn't have a room or a surgeon!

Oh well, I guess I'll see the good, bad and ugly!!!

Thanks again!! (ps. I used to live in Van !!) St. Pauls is fantastic!!

Jonna said...

Welcome to Bloglandia from me too!

Nice start and I love your enthusiasm and your style. I think you had a really good reason on the work/life balance. While it seems that people here work more hours than in the US, they also seem to really enjoy the time they have off, when they are off they are really off and not constantly worrying about the job. Or, at least that's how it looks from the other side here, the retirement side :)

Anyway, Bienvenidos!

On Mexican Time said...

Jonna - thank you so much!! I really enjoy reading your blog!! (obviously, it's on my blog list, hehe)

Yes, absolutely...Even though they can work more hours, they leave work at the office, or the beach!! It's so nice to see, and such a great change. I don't want to live to work, I'll work to live. Isn't that how the saying goes??!!!