Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whre the heck is Canadian Chica??

First I want to thank many of you for the most kindest words you have written in the past few months... I can't believe I've been "gone" for so long...

I am still in Calgary, and hubby and I have been traveling back and forth for the past few months. SO much has happened, but where does one start? Hubby is still busy working in Cancun and is LOVING his not-so-new job. I am in Calgary and liking my job. I definitely like making some "real" money!!!

Hubby and I just bought a home here in Calgary. We figure that we should have a place in both countries as you never truly know where a path may take you. The housing market in Canada is VERY expensive. However, we figure it will pay off in the long run.... Will be VERY nice to have a place here and in Cancun. Our place here needs some work - was built in '97, but with the decor of '89. I'll have to post some "before and after" pics!

On another note, hubby arrives tomorrow evening and we are headed to the Rocky Mountains to enjoy some time together. Can not wait!!! We like to get out there as often as possible when in Canada :)

Okay, well I know I haven't updated you all too much, but wanted to let you all know that I am alive and well :))

Hasta pronto amigos :)