Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The failing dollar... amongst other things!

Well, the cdn dollar hit a measly 82cents US yesterday. Normally I wouldn’t have been excited; however, it jumped 3 cents over night to get to the 82 centavo mark!! Anyways, we have been watching the dollar daily as we still send money down for our home that is being built. We obviously want to get the best rate we can. When talking big money, 2-3 cents is huge, and is worth paying close attention.

It’s just sooo hard to believe that a year ago today the CDN dollar was higher than the USD. I almost framed my visa bill when I got back from a shopping spree in Seattle, and saw that I spent LESS money than I thought! Now, I’m just steadily watching the markets decline… Well, at least I have a job, my health and am moving to Mexico!! Unfortunately, I still have this migraine, and the dollar may be making it worse!! Hehehe – okay, now I just sound negative!!

On to some more exciting news – Kiara (pronounced à Key-yed –a) who is my 1 yr old Shit-zu can fly onboard with me on our way to Cancun!!! This may be a known fact for other travelers/expats, but I’ve been searching and almost NO one allows pets onboard int’l flights anymore. I am sooooo happy. This has taken a HUGE amount of stress off me. No cargo for my little one!!!

In other interesting news mi maestra Leah who currently resides in Rio Verde, which is near San Luis Potosi has been sending me emails on her life and adventures in that area of Mexico. I think I may have convinced her to start blogging! Ohhh, I hope so – she is a phenomenal writer and even better story teller. The things that go on in her neck of the woods, sound fiction, but I know are fact. With her permission, I may share some of her stories if she doesn’t join the asylum; as Michele in Playa puts it!!! LOL!!

Well folks – that’s all for now!!!

Ohhh, and how couldn't I post a pic of my little angel Kiara!!!

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