Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another lost in translation post!!

Well, many of you who read my blog or know me personally know that I am pregnant, and loving it. Being pregnant in Mexico is quite a different experience for me, than my friends north of the border. Heck, I was in Calgary two weeks ago and my Dr does things so differently than my Doctor here, can't even begin to explain.

One of the things that is needed when pregnant is a pap. Yes, this will be my second post about pap smears. Typically in Mexico your Obgyn would do your pap, however, when prego they like you to have a full meal deal. Get checked for everything. This is normal everywhere. I had to book an appointment at a clinic that specializes in all sorts of testing. I've been there before for blood work, and other things. So no biggie.

The nurse was very kind, and of course didn't speak a word of English. I am getting so used to doing all of these things in Spanish, and must admit I am proud of myself. It's one thing to order a happy meal, but quite another to order a pap!! I changed into my robe as I was told, I laid down on a VERY cold table and I waited. Waited. Waited even longer. Finally the Dr came in who would be doing the test(s). Again, what a nice man. He was telling me he has been to Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. He loves Canada, and Canadian people. Hahaha. I hear this often to be honest.... Funny, no one has ever been to Calgary!! Could it be it's reputation? Cold, cold and freezing!!

The Dr just explained to me what he would be doing, when he was starting, and that I was doing good. Kinda cute as you wouldn't really know the difference between this, and your regular pap. LOL. Oh well, he was just doing his job. He would say some words in English "Speculum", hahaha. It was so cute as he was really trying to make me comfortable. When he was all said and done he came out with something I was not expecting at all "You have a very clean vagina". Hahahaha. I honestly wasn't sure I had heard him right.... I know in Spanish it would have made more sense, but I couldn't stop laughing...Poor guy had no idea what he had said to me. Hahahahaha. He just got his words a bit mixed up....

All in all I felt pretty good. I have a clean vagina. Who wouldn't feel good about this? Hubby and I had a huge laugh about this. I think it will be one of our best "lost in translation" stories ever... We have a MUCH better one, but perhaps not one I'd be willing to post on the blog!! Sometimes things just don't come out that well in writing. Especially when I'm not the best writer out there. Ah well....

Yay for clean vaginas!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

If you think you've had a bad day....

I recently had the pleasure of meeting, and listening to Nando Parrado speak, and tell his story of survival. Nando was one of the 16 survivors of a plane that crashed on Friday October 13th, 1972 in the Ande Mountains. Not only was Nando a survivor, but he was also the leader of the group. With out Nando, none of the passengers ( team mates on the same rugby team) would be alive today. Nando, and the others spent 72 days in the freezing cold mountains, no food, no water, nothing. They were surrounded by arctic temperatures, avalanches, dead bodies of their friends, etc... Nando, and another friend Roberto climbed for 10 days. They climbed with out any equipment, their tennis shoes, no gloves, starving, and exhausted. They never gave up.

I do not want to go into too much detail, however some of you may remember a movie that was made "Alive: A Miracle in the Andes". It came out in 1993, and I will never forget it. I was young when I saw it, however, I still recalled pieces of it. A story like this, you will never forget. Nando lost his mother, sister and best friends in this crash, yet he was still pushing to live.

It was an absolute honour to meet such a person, and listen to such a story of survival. Luck, and smart decisions...This is what Nando said. He also told me that he believes they survived as they were all friends, team mates on the same rugby team. Wanting to live, wanting to help one another.  Someone had to take the plunge and go for help.

I'm not sure if anyone will read this blog post as it's nothing to do with living in Mexico, or Cancun. However, I couldn't not share my experience. Whenever you think you've had a bad day, or that some things just aren't fair.... Watch this video if you have time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby Immigration Update

In my last post I wrote about my not so great news with regards to obtaining Canadian Citizenship for my baby. I was told the process takes about a year, and that I would still have to apply for a passport. I was a little down, to say the least.

After I received my email from the Canadian Consular in Cancun, I emailed them back looking for information on obtaining a visa for my baby. I was happy again to receive a response in less than 48 hours. Que miraglo!! Basically I wanted to know how long it would take to get a visa for my baby, so that we could travel to Canada to visit my family. Here comes the good news??!!

I was told that we wouldn't be able to apply for the visa, as it's not applicable in our situation. That is if we have applied for Citizenship, which we will do immediately. No question about that. Our option is to plan a trip, and purchase the airfare. Go to the Consular, and with proof of travel and we may be granted a temporary passport for our baby to travel. We were told this usually takes about 16 days...  Of course I wrote back and wanted to know what are the chances of this happening? Is it typically granted, or does it depend on a situation, or day to day?  I am now awaiting their response, however it's the weekend so probably won't hear anything until next week.

Again, I have some faith that this could still work for us!!! I have until February to make a decision, as after that travel is not recommended, and I run the risk of my Dr not approving travel past a certain number of weeks.

I'm really hoping this option works for us. I can't imagine the chance of my hubby not being there for delivery.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Having a baby in a foreign country

The other day I wrote briefly about hubby and I having our baby in Mexico, or in Canada. For us, we weren't worried about obtaining Citizenship for our little bambino. However, we were worried about the lengthy process that it could take.

I wrote the Canadian Consular in Cancun the other day, and in less than 48 hours I received a "detailed" response. Firstly, I'd like to share what I wrote so that you have an idea of the response I was looking for.

"I am writing as my husband and I live in Cancun, Mexico. I am Canadian by birth, and my husband has his Canadian Citizenship as well, nationalized Canadian.

We are expecting a baby in April 2013 and are wondering the process of obtaining Canadian Citizenship for our child. (wrote a bit more, but nothing important). I am hoping you can assist, or provide a specific link? We have a lot of questions/concerns."

Now for the not so great news....

I was provided with the webpage where I can apply for Citizenship, but I already had that. It isn't helpful, as it's just an application - doesn't answer any questions. It is more beneficial for those applying for Canadian Citizenship with a sponsor. Not because their parents are Canadian Citizens, and they were born in another country.

They advised I wait until my child is born. I figured as much... However, you never know.

I will need to provide official translation of my birth certificate, hubbys, and our childs. They did provide a list of professional translators in Cancun that we can hire. These translators must be registered with the Canadian Consular Agency.

Once the translation is complete, the translator will go to the Consular Agency to have the signature authenticated by the Consular Agent. Must call to ensure the Consular is available.

The parents should come at the same time as the translator with all the paperwork ready, including application form, pictures of your child, original birth certificates and original ID of Canadian parents.

The form for this type of citizenship is the CIT 0001, under section 3 proof of Citizenship.

The fee for this is quite inexpensive at $75 Canadian dollars, or $965 pesos. This fee is subject to change.

The time frame for the citizenship is around 12 months. Once you have your Citizenship Card you an apply for the passport.

Okay..... So 12 months?? I am not very happy about this. I heard from a Canadian friend of mine, who lives in Puerto Vallarta that her process was 6 days!!! Now this was 5 years ago, and prior to Mexicans requiring a visa to go to Canada. If this whole Visa process didn't go into effect, this would be a non-issue. I am just worried it will take just as long to get a Canadian Visa for my child.....

Now I really am unsure what we are going to do. I never in a million years thought it would take a year! I was thinking a few weeks. I'm Canadian, hubby is Canadian. My family will not be impressed if I tell them it will be a year before they get to meet their grand baby. Also, that means a year before I get to go home and visit. I'm not cool with that.

This was probably the worst news I could have received.... Now I really am unsure of what to do. I am one bummed out chica right now.... What to do, what to do?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Having a baby in Mexico

I'd like to start off this post by thanking each and everyone one of you who have sent me messages congratulating me on our pregnancy. Truly, your blessings and prayers mean the world to us.

I am now carrying a baby the size of a lemon, 3 inches long...Haha so funny all these pregnancy apps compare your baby to fruit. I love it. In a few days baby graduates to a naval orange, at 4 inches long.

When I first found out I was pregnant I really wasn't sure. The process here in Mexico is so different than in Canada. Heck, we tried to find some early predictor tests and they were nowhere to be found. We went to Walmart, Costco, and a few other pharmacies - nada. All they had were these ancient type tests. No fun, so we had to wait a little longer than I wanted. Turns out the pharmacy in Galenia has them, but the pharmacy was being renovated, and was closed when we needed one!!

Once the HPT confirmed I was indeed expecting, off for the blood test we went. A couple of hours later, and some $700 pesos I received an email with my pregnancy results. Positivo!! Called my obgyn, and he wanted to see me for an u/s? I couldn't believe so early...Typically in Canada you'd go back for betas, and they won't do an u/s until you're in your 13th week or so. Not in Mexico, I had an u/s every week from that day forward. So cool to see the changes in size from week to week. Also, when speaking to my girlfriends in Canada they were slightly envious. They all wished they could have had their ultrasounds earlier. I did have to remind them that in Canada they are free, and here you pay!! It adds up quickly let me tell you!!

Hubby and I are currently exploring our birthing options. We still have a ways to go, but you need to plan these things. If we deliver in Cancun, it will go through our insurance. We will have a deductible, but there are many packages for us to choose from. I will have to post them here one day.... You can book a presidential suite, down to a regular room. Crazy. Also, your obgyn will most likely be your delivery Doctor. Not like in Calgary as it depends if they are working that night, however again it's free. Not here. Hahaha. There is a pattern....

I do have an obgyn in Canada as well that I am seeing, and she has agreed to work with me regardless of where I end up delivering. Seeing as that I am constantly travelling back and forth, I needed this option. We are 95% sure we will deliver in Mexico, but I am looking into any complications for my babies Canadian citizenship. I know they are legally entitled, but what will be the cost? A long delay? That won't work.... As soon as I am cleared baby and I are going to Canada to visit the familia!!

Okay, well I am really making this a long post. I don't want to bore you all with the small details, but in case others out there are curious....I wanted to make sure I posted about my experience.

Ciao for now!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Coming 2013.....

Yay, I can finally let the cat out of the bag....Finally!!

This chica and her hubby are expecting a bundle of joy in 2013!!!! We couldn't be more excited, and are so happy to share the news finally. Hardest secret EVER to keep.

Other than being utterly exhausted all day long. I feel great. I am so lucky, sooooo lucky. Most of my girlfriends have/had the worst morning sickness....

Okay, well anyways...This is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging again. I am so tired. After a day of work sitting at my computer, and replying to emails form friends...The last thing I feel like doing is writing on here. I'm so lazy. Haha.

I am writing this post as I have to share with you a photo of our nursery!!!!!!!

Entrance to the nursery!!

Crib and change table!!!
We aren't going to find out the sex, and we thought this was perfect for unisex!!!!!

I plan on writing as much as I can about the process of having a baby in Cancun. Currently I am looking at all of my package options through Galenia Hospital. Our insurance is through them. Hubby and I have private insurance coverage through his work, we pay roughly $6000 pesos a year each for this, and his company covers the rest. Of course there are deductibles. What a change this all is for a girl from Canada where healthcare is FREE!!! Again, I'll be sure to write all about this process the next few months....

Okay, well thanks for letting me share my news!!!!!