Saturday, January 31, 2009

A friend moves to Mexico!!!!

Well, as some of you know I used to work in Cancun 5 years ago before moving to Canada and getting married. I was working for a little company out of the US called MTV. You know, just a little one!!! Well...I made a TON of friends during that time. Heck, I lived in 4 different locations #1Salvia ...better known as Saliva. #2 Maralago.... Unbelievable. #3, Costa Real Presidential Suite(10 of us roomed together), and #4 Avenida La Luna.

All in all. Fantastic. Moving around like that I had the pleasure and opportunity to have MANY roomates at any given time. Some were great, some were not.... LOL. I was always the only Canadian, and used to laugh when I'd hear " You dont' look Canadian, You don't dress Canadian" - How do we look and dress?? That I'll never seem to get... LOL. In all fairness, most of my roomates were from NYC - they lived and breathed NY. They admitted they just didn't think outside of NYC. I now get it. I was there visiting them in March and it is unbelievable!!!

Okay, so I'm getting off track..... Back to business. I received an email from one of my old roomies who was letting me know that she just got a job at the US Consulate in Merida, and will be moving down in May for 2 years!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited. I havent' seen her in ages!! The job sounds pretty decent to boot! They are supplying her with a home to live in, a decent salary, and a 2 year contract. Wow.

Old roomie is a very smart woman. She is a born and raised Texan - blonde and beautiful. She moved down to Cancun YEARS ago - worked at a few resorts in sales, and then back to Texas to complete law school. She studied spanish in Costa Rica for 3 months, and then moved back to Cancun. Where we met. I ended up leaving before she, but she did get transferred to Turks and Caicos for a year or two.... Now she's headed back to a place she LOVES to call home. Mexico!!!

I am so happy to have a friend who will be close by, and happy that she is just SO happy!!! (cliche???!!!)

Bienvenidos rooomie!!!!!
Oh and foor good old times - how about a picture blast from the past!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh Canada!

I was just doing my usual browsing the web on yet another Saturday morning and was pleased to find the following webpage :

For all my fellow Canadian expats living in the Cancun area, or heck, even Mexico please visit the website and sign up for their updates!!! OR for those wishing to live and are thinking about it - may be a good chance for you to meet some people!!!!

I'm hoping I can make it to the event in March!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another day of golf...

Well, well...I can't believe I haven't made a post about one of my favourite things to do .... GOLF!!!

Husbandito is a member of the Cancun Golf Association - sound exclusive? It's not!! I do believe it cost a whole 300 pesos, or less?? I honestly can't remember!!!! Anyways, I think you get a few deals, here and there... However, you do get to see your handicap online - now in both our cases, it's nothing to brag about.... Sooo... I think he's in it for the discount!!!

Being a "Cancunesa" you are "entitled" to a discount at some Golf Courses, Resorts, etc... From Cancun down thru the Mayan. Usually you just have to show a driver's license :)

Neways, one of my favourite courses to play is the Hilton Golf Course in the HZ. Now, I know it's definitely not the prettiest, nor the best, but I like it because of it's proximity to el centro, and the ease of the course!!! You just have to watch out for the crocodiles!! Estoy no bromeando!!!

This particular golf venture my dad and step mom came along .... My dad passed out from the heat and rrr.... beer?? I really don't know, but we only made it 9 holes, and went to the club house!!! Esposo and Suegro played the back 9.

One of the best things about golfing in Mexico are the choices in beverages you get on the course!!! I am able to order a "Chelada" which is one of my fave drinks...EVER!! In Canada, I'm lucky to get a warm beer - I swear!!!

Okay, so that's all I have to say about that, but for those of you who haven' tried the Hilton - check it out!!! Like I said, it's no PGA course, but it's beautiful, eas.....ier and right in the HZ!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say What!!? Infrastructure in Mexico...

Now who says Mexico can't build a solid road system??? Now, now, before anyone says anything.. I'm not saying that they do BUILD them, but I am saying they certainly can!!!

Take a look at a few of these pics from a recent road trip from Cancun, Q.Roo to Progresso, Yucatan.

I could barely believe my eyes when I saw a ... get this... 4 , yes I said 4 lane highway!!!! Now that is 4 lanes ONE direction!!!!!!

For those of you living/vacationing in Cancun - Progresso is well worth the trip!!! It's a 3 1/2 hours drive along a toll hwy, and it's very safe. However, they do have checkstops with the Mexican Army along the way.... They are good - they're not looking for YOU... At every stop they have washrooms (bathrooms for non cdns and brits) - and get this, FREE toilet paper!!!! The washrooms are very clean and the toilets actually have toilet seats!!!

Now, I'm not a person who enjoys driving in places I don't know very well, and I managed to drive the ENTIRE way home!!!!! Ahhh... so proud!

I only wish you could have seen the look on my dad's face while I was driving, oh man can we say BACKSEAT driver!!!! (love you pops) However, could have done w/out the comments "Respete la velocidad" repeatadly!!!!! I do have to admit I am fairly lucky I didn't get a ticket (ahhh....knock on wood 3 times)!! The highway has a decent speed of 110km/hour. Now I don't endorse speed driving, however, it's a fairly quiet highway and it's allllllllllll straight for the most part!!! 12o wouldn't be bad!!

Neways, I will most definitely be planning a trip out there again... Sooner, rather than later!!! My next post will have some pics from our time in Progresso!!

Oh and one more thing....

Did I mention you pass such places as Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Merida along the way? Ohhh...sure there are many more towns, but truthfully I just can't spell them!! LOL!!!

Viva Mexico :)) y...respete la velocidad!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ohh what a night!!

Okay, so unfortunately I spent this NYE in Calgary, Canada, so I am going to post about last NYE in Cancun! Now, now, to my fellow Cdn's I still looove the place, but there's just something about -30 Celsius weather that just doesn't do it for me :)

Last year, we really didn't' know what to do. Since many of our friends are still single they all wanted to go "clubbing". Sooo....the old married couple that we are (hehe) decided to spend the evening with my suegros (in-laws). The year before - we rang in the new year at their house, so this time we decided to go to a hotel - which one to pick?? There's sooo many!!!

At the end of the day we decided we'd have dinner at the Omni - to my surprise I was shocked to see that there were MORE locals, than tourists there!! I couldn't believe it! They had the entire ball room decorated in balloons and streamers - it was really pretty. They served a buffet dinner with LOTS to choose from. They had fish, chicken, beef, etc.... The other nice thing, unlike Canada - we didn't' have to get up to go to the bar, they served us!! Now to anyone living in Mexico this isn't' a surprise anymore, but I still sometimes forget how nice these things are, just like full serve gas pumps... Okay , back on track - NYE.

Unfortunately, my husband got REALLY sick that evening. Without going into too much detail he spent the majority of the night in the washroom! We barely made it to midnight before we had to go home!!! LOL. ( I hope he doesn't read this, mxn men are very private - well mine is!!)

One of the traditions that Mexicans do is they have 12 grapes in a champagne flute, and when the 12 bells go off at midnight you eat each one making a wish! Then you down it with champagne of course!!!!

REALLY shortly after - we left... However, another tradition for Mexicans (when you're at home) is you grab a suitcase and run to the street from your front door with it. This indicates a year of travel. You can also run to the street and throw a few pesos indicating - I think good fortune!! There are sooo many little traditions, it's hard for me to keep up!!!

Anyways, just thought I'd share what a NYE in Cancun can be like for all of you wishing to spend it here. Either for a vacation, or as an Expat!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions....

Well, when I really think about the word resolution it is exciting, then I think why do we limit it to New Years?? Why don't I make it any time of year?? Sooo...that is what I'm going to try and do this year. My NY resolution - just do what I want to do, or say i'm going to do ALL year! (Yes, I realize this is not genius, and most ppl have thought about this already , hehe)

So here is my 2009 to do list (subject to change without notice):

-become fluent in Spanish
-start. stoop and continue ... exercising
-finish building the house in Cancun
-learn to cook more dishes
-go to the beach a few times a month
-adopt a dog
-spend less money on material things I don't need
-stop putting so much emphasis on material things I don't need
-have a savings account...with SAVINGS!! LOL
-spend more time with my hubby!!!!!
-travel, travel and more travel!!!!
-keep on blogging

Okay, at the moment this is what I've come up with, but gimme some credit as it was a late night with the neighbours/friends!!!! When I get some energy I'll have to post some pics!!!

Happy New Years to ALL!!!