Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Men can cook too!!

Since moving to Mexico I have to admit cooking has turned to be more difficult than I would like. I´ve always loved cooking, and to be fair I still do. However, it is as if I am learning to cook all over again. I can´t find the spices that I am used to cooking with, and almost everything here has MSG. Now, on the plus side the fruits and veggies are fresher than this little Canuck could dream. Little by little I have made due, and thank goodness for Costco as they do sell an Organic All Seasoning Spice!! My cooking is slowly starting to taste more and more like, well, my food!! YAY!

Last night hubby decided I needed a break from the kitchen. It was my ¨night off¨ so to speak. I sat back at our breakfast bar, poured myself a glass of red wine and waited. Hubby used to cook more frequently when we lived in Canada as I was also working full time, but since I am no longer employed...guess I can´t complain now...eeep.

Well, oh well was this gal spoiled, or was she spoiled??!!! He made me my fave - chile rellenos, and tomatillo chicken!!!! Who knows what it´s really called, but it was sooooooo delicious. I loved my ¨break¨, and I am ready to cook albondigas for him tonight.

Thanks hubbs!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Watching a game in style...

The screen that we watched the game on....

Well yesterday was the end to Mexicos World Cup dream. We played Argentina and were left defeated, and will have to wait another 4 years for another shot at advancing past the round of 16. Now I won't bore everyone with my "I hate FIFA rules" right now, but I do. Instead, I will look forward to the rest of the tournament, and pray that FIFA changes some of it's ways. Like adding "replays" on certain plays. One can only dream.

Hubby and our friend lined up the other day at our VIP cines to buy tickets to watch yesterdays match. I don't know about other cities in Mexico, but Cancun has one VIP theatre that is amazing. I am talking lazy boy reclining seats, waiters, menu of non and alcoholic beverages, and real food. Heck, you can order sushi if you want.

My paps and I taking it all in.......

Hubbs ended up getting 5 tickets for us, and our friend bought 2 for himself and his gringa girlfriend. The game was being played in 3-D so we had to wear those all-too-stylish glasses. It was a first for me, and how different it was. I'm still not sure if I liked it, but the experience was great. How often does one get that experience? I had a 40 ft screen, was served my bevvies, and I laid back in my seat. The only thing that would have made it better? A win.... hahaha. Truth be told, I was ready for the loss.

Hubbs and I doing our best Kanye look!!!

Anyways, for anyone who visits Cancun I really do suggest taking in a movie at the VIPS. The only difference is that during a movie they will not continue taking orders, so order all that you want at the beginning of the show!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We live to play another game... :)

This week has been full of fantastic soccer matches for us to watch. As a soccer fan we have had some major surprises, and upsets. Mexico, thankfully, has advanced to the next round...even after our...hmmmpph...loss to Uruguay the other day. Aguirre and his squad can now get ready to face Maradona and Messi. Oh, I was seriously hoping Messi would get a red card or something so that he wouldn't be able to play on Sunday, but he didn't. For all you Argentina fans, don't cuss me's not like I was wishing for an injury or anything...just a nice red card!!

Everyone wanted to see a couple photos of my new place, and since I still haven't found my camera...these 2 photos taken from our Blackberry will have to do.

The other morning our friends came over bright and early to make breakfast before the big match....nothing like tacos and beer at 8 in the morning!! LOL!! Gotta love World Cup.

So, here are two can see the lovely art my hubby has hung in our dining room.... Also, us cooking up a storm en mi cocina!!!

More pics to come I promise....oh where oh where art thou my camera???

***Total side note, what a game the USA played today!!!! Yeahhhhh USA!!!!***

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taking a break....

After moving into the new house last Thursday we have been going non-stop....***inbetween soccer matches***

Today I decided it was time for a break. The weather has been very, very hot, and the humidity is stifling. I swear with all the work in the house we need to take at least 2 showers a day. Anyways, what better way to cool off then to jump into the pool and have a delicious ojo rojo? I mean afterall I live in Cancun. Why not take advantage and do what I'm supposed to be doing...tan all day. Cuz that is all us expats do, right? LOL!!!
Today was the first day I took advantage of jumping in the pool, and decided I needed to work on this non-existent tan of mine. The dogs really enjoyed themselves too.

Anyways, I promised you guys/gals some pics of my home, but all I have uploaded is a pic of the front taken from my Blackberry. However, I am including some pics of my adorable puppies....who are no longer puppies btw. LOL.

Okay, well soccer match is on, and I have to go get some groceries after.

Hashka's trying to decide...should I, or shouldn't I?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Soooo...this little Cancunchica has been VERY, VERY busy the last few days, but I thought I´d take a break and fill you all in.

This past Thursday we received the keys to our new place!!! Signed, sealed and delivered.

I was dropped off early Thursday morning to begin the madness of cleaning and organizing, and have been going ever since. Well... in-between World Cup matches of course, and NO, I do not only mean Mexico´s match... I mean any match. We like to watch as many games as possible. Yes, we have our priorities straight. LOL.

We are still waiting for the cable to be hooked up. Who knows when that is going to happen? However, hubby was able to find a Telmex dude to hook us up for about 200 pesos (appr. $20usd). Can´t put a price on internet, now can we bloggers?? LOL!!!

Okay, soooo I have a LOT of work to do before the next match...... entonces, that is all for now. However, I´ll be sure to post soon WITH some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Best proposal EVER!!!

Okay, so this has absolutely NOTHING to do with living in Mexico, however, this is the coolest video EVERRRR!!! Honestly, try and show me a proposal I like better. WOW, it's not like I'm a romantic, cuz I'm really not, but how coooool is this? I mean it's just the thought that went into Thank goodness she says YES!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Bday!

So a few weeks ago I celebrated my eeek..."insert # here" birthday!! It was not a milestone so wasn't a huge ass party or anything.

I've celebrated many birthdays here in Cancun, heck, Mexico. However, this one was just a tiny bit different. I was SICK!!! I woke up on the morning of my bday in a great mood. Hubby went to Starbucks for me (that never happens!!), and I was ready for a great day....then it crept up on me. I was getting sick. Hubby called my Dr. who was busy, and ended up finding another that could get me in. Went to the Docs' and was sent for some tests, and we were on our way home.

Anyways, I told hubby I really didn't want to go anywhere as I wasn't feeling great, but he insisted that we had to be somewhere at 6 that evening. Fiiiiiiine, I said. Anyways, to my pleasant surprise he made us a dinner reservation to a restaurant I've been dying to try "Limoncellos'. It's an Italian restaurant on the lagoon, and is actually owned by the same people who own "Lorenzillo's", which argueably happens to be the best seafood restaurant in Cancun. He had a table reserved on the water, and the most beautiful bouquet waiting for me!!

We ordered calamari to start....omg, mouth watering in a pomodoro sauce...mmm... and shared the "Catch of the Day". Grouper. It was okay, but the pasta and risotto it came with - to die for!!! I loooove Italian food, and really can't wait to go back. Hope hubbs reads this. LOL.

What a night...great food, great company, and excellent wine!! LOL!!!

Thanks for a great night hubbs!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Miguel Bose - Cardio Tour in Cancun!

The past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind of activity for this little Canuck. Hubby and I have been busy planning a move, dealing with customs. custom brokers, and moving companies. We really haven't had a lot of "free" time to play...until now!!

The weather has been very hot and humid, and I finally had the time to sit out by the pool with a good friend the other day. We hung out and chatted all afternoon as we hadn't seen each other in almost 2 months!! Something we plan to change once we move into the new place. Later that evening we went to our friends Sergio's house for some sushi, and video games...well the guys played Fifa 2010, us ladies chatted over some vino, and caught up. I almost didn't want to leave. but we had tickets to see Miguel Bose!!! Our friends house is within walking distance to the stadium so we left the car and hubby and I walked on over.

My sister in law and her husband had seats waiting for us with about 20 of their friends. They had been there for a few hours already.... that meant we had a lot of catching up to do. $30 mxn pesos would get you whatever they were serving, vodka, rum, beer, etc....

Miguel Bose came out at 10:00 sharp - what a surprise. No opening act, but he started on time!!?? I've honestly never been to a concert that started on time in my life. Not complaining. Overall, his show was pretty good. I have to admit I only really heard a few of his songs before, and was really hoping Shakira was going to show up at any moment to chime in to "Si tu no vuelves"... Yes I know, dream on!!!

The show lasted 2 hours, and the crowd was having a fantastic time. I really wish I would have brought my camera, but my blackberry was all I had on me.... sorry folks, no pics for you!

Ohhh...another thing all I kept picturing was Miguel Bose and Ricky Martin getting it on. Apparently they were quite the item?? Who knew?? can only dream!!