Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Saturday in Isla!

Wow, what a weekend we had. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating and we were unable to head on over to Isla Contoy again. Next time we make plans to go I will not blog about the possibility until after our trip. Maybe I'm jinxing us?

Hubby woke us up on Saturday morning bright and early. We debated Cozumel? Or Isla Mujeres? I've never been to Cozumel and really want to go, but again with the weather being crappy we thought a shorter boat trip would be best.
Que onda con su finger Sr??!!

With a few calls placed to our friends, we had a party. Quick shower and out the door we went. Stopped at an Oxxo grabbed beers, Clamato, limes and some tequila. We caught the noon ferry over to the island. Apparently one leaves the port every half an hour!

Our pimp'n ride!!!

Mi amiga Cele and I were the only brave ones who were willing to get wet :)

What did we do? What didn't we do!! Had lunch as soon as we got there at some seafood place on the beach, went and played soccer on North Beach, and then rented some golf carts until it was time for dinner at Rolandi's. It was our friend Ricardo's birthday so we were sure to grab a guitarist for the evening. However, I do think hubby sang louder than our paid entertainment!!!

Rolandi's for Ric's bday!!

After all was said and done we grabbed the ferry back home around midnight and felt it was one heck of a day. Definitely the most time any of us have spent in Isla for sure. What a blast!!!

Believe it or not, but a nice man came out of his house to take this for us - he was eating dinner!!

Can't wait to do it all over again, but maybe with a few less margaritas during the day, and less wine at night :)


Anonymous said...

I love Isla! Playa Norte is the best :)

KfromMichigan said...

Fun day .. the weather could have been better for you! I love renting a golf cart and just tour Isla.

aj said...

Sounds like a good time!

Jackie said...

How fun! Love all the photos!

On Mexican Time said...

Gringation - You know it!!!

KfromMich - Ohhh the weather sure could have been better, but thank goodness for those margaritas - kept the blood warm :) hahaha

Aj- it was awesome!!!!

Jackie - my camera died too early, but yeah it was a great day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! We enjoy visiting Isla Mujeres too

On Mexican Time said...

Ash - it was a great time, and definitely the most time we've ever spent in Isla!! Hubby says he will take me there for a night one of these times... Can't wait :)