Monday, January 17, 2011

Just talk!

My last post I wrote about the weather, and how it's just not cooperating with tourists, and their plans! Well, little has changed as it rained for most of the day yesterday, and today we are fighting those clouds. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. Right?

The cloudy weather has given me no excuse not to finally take down our Christmas tree. Yes, finally had it picked up today. I took the decorations off last week, but our tree just sat in our dining room naked. Hubby was out and happened to see the "tree collectors" and offered them some cash ($100 Mxn Pesos) to come and pick ours up today. So just like that the tree was finally gone. Hooray!!

Tomorrow hubby and myself are going to take a boat ride over to Isla Contoy with about 5 or 6 of our friends. I've never been, and believe it's about 30km north of Isla Mujeres. Apparently it is home to some amazing birds, and sea turtles. I'll be sure to charge my camera for the trip!!! I just really hope the weather will be on our side! If not, hubby just told me we will not be going :(

Isla Contoy (Photo courtesy of google image)

Okay, well I have some errands to run as you can't cook without food!!

Have a great day :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you made it to Isla Contoy. The weather sure has been all over the place lately.

Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS! I've been dying to go there forever. I'll have to hit you up later and ask you about prices and whatnot. Hope you got to go! (Today was great except for 5 minutes of heavy rain)

On Mexican Time said...

Ash - The weather is perfect this am, but our friends and I decided yesterday not to risk it!! So we'll go next week or so!

Gringation - Well, don't be jealous yet! Hahaha, save that for next week or so!! Instead we are headed to Puerto Morelos for the day in about an hour!! Thank goodness for what appears to be blue skies!

ada noemi said...

hi there!!!
this is Ada posting! my boyfriend (canadian) and me (mexican) just moved to cancun, we've have 2 crazy but amazing weeks here... I'm super glad to read blogs from people in the same situation that us... I care about my stewe, you know i got a job, I've lived here before and for him everything is kind of new (he came several hollidays before) he is living now here and I know he would like to meet some other canadians to share expiriences besides my friends hehehe. He is also looking for a job, so I'm looking for sales or something like that, do u have any suggest???? Hope you enjoy Contoy next week jejeje...

looking for news!!!


Amanda said...

We havent seen rain in months. Im starting to miss it but I know when it comes its nothing but rain so I can wait.

On Mexican Time said...

Ada - welcome to my blog, thanks for posting!! Where were you guys living before?? Welcome back to Cancun! I understand how your hubby feels. I would love to make more Canadian friends here as well... There are a lot here, but I don't really know any of them!! If you guys have a facebook account make sure you add me! My link is on my main page. I'd love to meet up with you guys one day!! Good luck and hope to chat soon!

Amanda - welcome back amiga!! Also, congrats on your new bundle of joy!! I completely understand, it's just here in Cancun the rain is not exactly great for the tourists, and all the people who make money selling tours!!! sounds like you've been having a good winter then??!!!