Friday, January 21, 2011

Before the weekend

I thought I'd write a quick post before the weekend. I just got back from a wonderful breakfast with my dad, step-mom, aunt and uncle, and the in-laws. I treated myself to a cafe americano for the first time in weeks today, and wow can I feel it.

My aunt and uncle are leaving this afternoon and decided we needed to rush home so that they could have one last dip in the pool. Crazy. The pool water is so cold we haven't been in it in months, literally. Last time I was in there was either October, or late September. They are far braver than we are!!!

I am sad to see them go, but it sure was nice having them around. There is nothing like family, is there?

On another note, hubby received his exam date for his Canadian Citizenship!!! He already has his Residence card, but this is the golden ticket we've been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, he is a very proud Mexican, but this is going to open much more opportunities for him, and for us!!

Hubby booked his plane tickets last night, and will be spending 6 days away with his best buddy in Calgary. I'm really sad that I won't be going with him, but it just wasn't worth spending all that money right now. The tickets were very expensive as they were booked last minute. We were only given notice the other day, unfortunately. However, I will be in Calgary in late March for my mom's big 5-0!!

I am so proud of hubby as he has been busy studying and really knows his stuff. A bonus? He speaks French as well so he can opt to write the exam in either French, or English. Aww.... I'm so proud :)

Oh Canada!

Do you know how much easier this will be for us when we travel?? A Canadian passport will make things much simpler for both of  us. Yay! Especially since we are planning a trip to France this summer for a friends wedding, and then a wine tour with my family for my big 3-0!!! Ahhh..... !!! It's not that I'm excited to turn 30, but heck, on a vineyard is the way to do it!!!

Okay, well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Stay warm wherever you are, and have some fun!! We are headed to Isla Contoy tomorrow, and plan on having a blast ourselves. Then football games on Sunday!! Since my Patriots played like crap last week, I now by default must cheer for the Steelers...
Most of the gang heading out tomorrow :)

What are your plans??


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Gil, that's really cool :)

Have fun at Isla Contoy!

On Mexican Time said...

Thanks amiga - we are pretty excited!!! It's been a loooong time coming!!!

I'll make sure to take pics! Which reminds me, I have to charge my camera!!!

Have a great weekend chica :)

Meet the Family said...

Hey enjoy your alone time while the Mr is gone, better yet have a wine party with the girls. I know thats what I would do! This weekend is all about staying home, cleaning, and getting birthday party details for my little one hammered out! Enjoy your !

aj said...

That's awesome your husband got citizenship - our passports are better and MUCh easier to travel with. My husband had a hissy fit after the Canadian government required Mexicans to have a visa to enter Canada and now refuses to get citizenship. I told him I will not travel over the border with him as he always holds us up....

Jackie said...

Francesca still has chickenpox, so we'll be staying home this weekend. Hopefully she'll get to go to school on Tuesday. She has been inside the house for 8 days now. She can't even go out to our garden. I can only imagine how excited she'll be when she gets to go out.

KfromMichigan said...

Congrats to hubby! It is so damn cold here going out is impossible. Hope you enjoy and take lots of pics of Isla Contoy .. I've never been!

On Mexican Time said...

Meet the Family - Thanks for the great idea!!! If I were back home in Canada it's most definitely what I would do, but I don't really have a lot of girl friends here unfortunately:( Oh well, maybe a little alone time is not bad either!!!
Hope your party planning went well, and the cleaning.... Needs to be done I guess! LOL!!!

AJ - Aww..Thank you, and you SO get it!!! We always have to wait in those super long line-ups in Customs, but not for much longer!!! With his Canadian passport we'll be good to go!! Ohhh hahaha maybe hubby will change his mind later? I mean, afterall it really is a great passport to carry, and no longer require visa(s) renewals for Canada and/or USA!!! I hear the Canadian visa is rather hard to get??

Jackie - awww...poor little thing. I really hope she'll get over it quickly!!! I remember they weren't fun!! I wish I had a good remedy for the itchiness, but I don't!! Sorry amiga!!! Hope you still have a good time though!

KfromMich - Gracias amiga!! We are so happy!!! Oh, and I seriously hope it warms up for you guys!!! Winters can be nasty, can't they?? OH, and do to rough waters we weren't able to go to Contoy...again!! Oh well, we will keep trying!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your hubby! Wow-what a lucky girl you are to spend your big 3-0 in FRance!

On Mexican Time said...

Thanks Ash!! Actually I plan on being in Italy for my 30th!!! France is for our friends wedding :) I've always wanted to tour a vineyard in Tuscany!!!