Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow a lot can happen in a week. Where to begin....

Hubby is in Calgary and I was just informed moments ago that he did pass his Canadian Citizenship exam, and interview!!! YAY. Would you believe his ceremony is at 1:00 this afternoon?? That's in like 15 minutes Calgary time!!! Family and friends are invited so my parents are headed there and some of his best friends. It's all too cool for my family as they all had to go through this many, many years ago. I am first generation Canadian so have no clue!

What else?? I guess we've been so busy studying, and preparing for the exam we forgot that we passed an anniversary. I moved down to Cancun permanently a year ago last week!!! Most of my blogging friends, and even non-blogging friends who moved down here all remember, and celebrate their dates. Not I, we forgot!! Ooops!

In my year in Mexico (second go at it) I am still learning a lot about myself and Mexico. I do want to shout out a HUGE thank you to all of my followers who I truly, truly do consider friends for all of your patience, and advice!!! Without some of you I would go CRAZY!!!

I can't wait to see what this next year in Mexico is going to bring us, and can't wait to write about it.

Again, gracias amigas/amigos!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your husband! What an awesome week :)

(I can't remember when I moved here either. Sometime in August of 2005, I think... or July?)

Jackie said...

Congratulations to your husband and to you! Both have achieved major accomplishments.

aj said...

Congrats!!!! Your husband came here for some great weather - not :)

KfromMichigan said...

Congrats to Hubby and to your Mexican anniversary! Reading your blog is my pleasure. I actually feel that I'm in Cancun with you! (if only I were) :) We are supposed to get 12 to 15 inch of snow tomorrow .. UGH .. DAMN I pray it misses us.

shannon said...

Congrats to both of you! How fab. is that!
I love stalking your blog as always as it gives me hope one day my husband and I will end up Mexico too!

Kristan said...

Lauren: I am so glad about your hubby but not surprised! What great news! And here's to a great year in Mexico! I hope we get to meet soon! You are a sweetheart!!! K : )

Josie said...

Yayy congrats to your hubby! We're just getting started on my husbands U.S. papers, and I'm not looking forward to the process, but I'm sooo looking forward to the day he becomes a citizen and it's all over!

On Mexican Time said...

Gringation - Thank you, and thank you!! We are soooo happy :)

Jackie - Thank you soooo much!!! Hubby is out celebrating with my family!!!

Aj - Thank you so much! OMG - can you believe his bad luck?? I heard it was like 13 last week, and now -27!!!! CRAZY! Stay warm :)

KfromMich - Thank you Thank you!!!! Oh, and thank you again...awww.... so sweet!! Too bad you didn't live here, but maybe one of these days!! OH and DAMN is right - stay warm amiga :)

Shannon - Thank you so much!!! Ohh and thank you for stalking/stopping in!!! Hahaha - makes my day :) It can happen just follow your dreams :)

Kristan - Amiga!!! Thank you so much!! Yes, a great year with the hopes you'll be here too!! (for me, lol!!!) I love you!!!

Josie - Thank you so much amiga!! Good luck with your hubby's papers!!! Just make sure you do everything the way they want, and things should fall accordingly!!!! Suerte :) It's all worth it in the end :)

Barb said...

Congrats to your hubby and happy anniversary on your move.

I'm also "enjoying" the -27 temps today. Your poor hubby. His Mexican butt must be just about frozen.

Alice said...

yeah, i'm sure that's a huge relief for both of you!

and just a year? i feel like i've known you for longer!

Jonna said...

Congratulations! That's an impressive achievement for hubby, those things are never easy and always stressful. I hope he and your family enjoy a wonderful celebration, he deserves it. Good work!

Anonymous said...

A huge congratulations shout out for Gil!I used to celebrate the day I officially moved down here in 1995 now all I can remember is that it was in 1995 in the winter. :)

On Mexican Time said...

Barb - Thank you so much!! Eeeek... That is cooold :( Hubby is trying to stay warm and I suggest you do the same!!!

Alice - It is such a huge relief for us both, and I couldn't be more happy!!!

It does feel longer, does'nt it??!! Hopefully in a good way! LOL!!

Jonna - Thank you, thank you!!! Yes, it took over 5 years, but have to say it was very straightforward. Hand in paper work and wait. He's been partying up there w/out me, but I'm sure we'll do a little celebration for him down here!!!

Ash - Thanks so much amiga!!! I think if I were here as long as you I'd have forgotten the date too!! You are definitely a little Mexicana!! Hahaha - yet, you can't take out the Canuck entirely!!!

Amanda said...

So excited for you guys for the Canadian stuff and for surviving your first year here and still loving it. :) Cant wait to read about your second.