Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Is there really that much more to say??

Feliz Navidad !!!!

I wish nothing but the best for everyone this holiday season. I truly mean that!!!!

It's always a little strange around Christmas time - my husband and his family celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December "Buena Noche". My family and I have ALWAYS celebrated Christmas on the 25th. This is something I won't budge on. He can have every other holiday, but NOT Christmas. I like our tradition...... I don't want it to change too much. We can always add on, but we will celebrate the 25th.... Indefinitely :)

What's on the menu?? Nothing but "good old faithful".

Turkey, Potatoes (roasted & mashed), Stuffing, Yams, Cauliflower, Carrots, Salad, Etc....

I just can't change it up.

At least we can agree on one thing - REAL TREE!!! I just looove the scent in the house, and there's something about the humidity. I don't ever remember a tree smelling so nice and for so long!!! How about you??

I'll have to post some pics of the neighbours houses - Seeing Santa in Cancun is just a totally different experience!! One that will be appreciated! LOL.

Well.... time to go and get ready for the fiesta!!!

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Carmisha said...

Hey amiga, I left the Christmas message on your car woes blog, I´m a rookie at this!!