Thursday, December 4, 2008

El Carnaval de las Maravillas - Merida

Okay, so every year Merida hosts a WONDERFUL carnival for everyone to enjoy!! Seriously, it's for alllll ages. A few main streets get shut down for the parade to go through, most notably Paseo Montejo. Ahhh... for those of you who haven't been to Merida, look at my pictures in this post!!! For those of you who have been , you know what I'm talking about!!! Paseo Montejo is a street full of HUGE mansions.... Old colonial. Some are still used as a residence, and have been taken care of very well, others... they are used as offices, etc... It's unbelievable.

(Paseo Montejo)
The Carnival itself runs for a week. It's amazing. So lively. Very family oriented, but you see the teenagers out too. You can sit on a patio of a restaurant (you'll need a light sweater) and watch the parade go by... You will see the famous Corona float go by, then the Sol ladies and men dancing in their ...ummm... bathing suits?? !!! Then you'll see the older generations go by dancing, with a van that usually follows carrying the members that couldn't last.... Oh soooo cute!! You'll see the kids perform, wow can some of them DANCE!! At such a young age, in their costumes and they are soooo proud to let you take a picture of them - just for you.

(A shot from above some stands)
All the floats go by and they throw different gifts at you - ranging from T-shirts, to pens and mardi gras like beads!! All the while music is blaring, your waiter is serving you drinks, and you get to watch a BEAUTIFUL city enjoy life. After the parade shuts down - you can take a carriage ride around the town, listening to the music from the different performers in el centro..

Every night, and day they usually have different floats, however, they are very similar, but well worth it!!! It's free!!

During the day event you go to "Paseo Montejo" and buy allll sorts of different foods from the vendors. Fruits, beef, churros, etc... ALL available. You name it, they most likely got it!! Where else do you get to go and not have to pay an admission fee?? I can't think of one!!!

(mmm.... churrrrrrooossss)
Okay, well that is all I'm going to talk about for now as it's still a couple months away.... I'll have to re post once the date gets closer!! Maybe I'll entice you to attend!!


1st Mate said...

I'd love to come, Merida looks wonderful! You must be referring to THE Carnivale just before Lent, am I right?

I'm adding you to my bloglist, hope you'll consider doing the same. I live in San Carlos, Sonora.

On Mexican Time said...

Of course I will add you!!! I look forward to reading more...!!

Yes I am refering to THE Carnivale - it's amazing, and you feel SO safe and welcome!!! Merida is beautiful, I really hope to live there one day!!