Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Owning a car in Mexico....

To own a car in Mexico…..

Okay, until now most of my posts have been REALLY positive. I now must vent…

In 1961 the government reissued a tax on owning a car in order to "afford" the construction of new facilities for the Olympics; this was called the Tenencia (from the verb tener; "to have" in Spanish). However, the tax remained to finance the 1970 FIFA World Cup, held also in Mexico. Ironically, the tax remains today.

This tax is variable depending of the car's value, number of cylinders, etc. Since many Mexican drivers default on paying this tax, government started taking countermeasures but due to this being perceived as uncontrollable, candidates to the presidency started making proposals to quit this tax before the July 2, 2006 elections including Felipe Calderón, current president of Mexico who took the charge on December 1. Tenencia remains to date though it's still due to be abolished by 2012.

Well with that all being said I was screwed! We purchased a van from a DEALERSHIP which gave us all papers indicating the taxes had been paid in full up until now. Well, well we just went to register it and found out that papers were incorrect, and the dealership was only paying as if it were a smaller vehicle. We now owe $2500. GREAT.

How does a dealership get away with this?? I just am mad. My husband and I aren’t stupid people… How did this get past us? Also, he’s mexican – he knows what to be looking for. Oh well, we have a lawyer who is looking into this for us – I’ll let you know how that goes. For now we just want the van to be working, and that it is….. J

Well, it is time for me to head out and get some last minute Xmas shopping done… Hopefully, it won’t be another 2 weeks before I post!!! I was in Toronto for business, and was able to visit some old friends from Cancun…. Ohhh how nice it was to see them!!! I’ll have to post some pics, and share a few stories of our trip!!!

Until then….. Feliz Navidad!!!


Carmisha said...

Hola Chica, Our menu here in México was pressed turkey stuffed with fruit and nuts, pasta in tomato sauce, green salad with niblets, hot fruit punch, white wine, and a creamy fruit dessert eaten at 11pm after a tour of downtown and the cathedrals. Later we sat around the fireplace and talked, told jokes and laughed our heads off. I could eat one of the fabulous Canadian turkey dinners later today, I´ll be thinking of you, enjoy!!
Una amiga en SLP

On Mexican Time said...

Ohhhh.... GREAT to hear from you!!!

Mmmm...pasta in tomato sauce!!! I hope to hear more about it?? And see some pics!!???

Dinner was amazing!!!

I am hoping all is well, and nothing but the BEST for you...and your new adventure(s)!!!