Friday, February 6, 2009

Your husband doesn't look Mexican....???

Okay, well I'm sure Italicsoooooo many of us can relate to this topic....
I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Your husband does'nt look Mexican". I used to laugh politely and go into a schpeal..... Now, I am actually finding myself getting a little more irritated by the minute.... I now say "What does a Mexican look like?".... The reason it bothers me isn't because they are just making a comment...It's actually the tone of their voice. They are acting SO suprised. Like I'm lieing and have something to hide.

Oh you should hear the answers they give me when they tell me what a Mexican should or does look like. I can't wait until we have kids one day.....

Anyways, I always tell everyone the same thing.... Mi suegra has blond hair blue blue eyes. Mi suegro dark hair, dark eyes. Mi cunado brown hair, blue eyes. Mi cunada brown eyes blond hair. Mi sobrino blue eyes, brown hair.

Okay, so this being said.... Is anyone shocked, suprised?? Honestly - tell me/us!!!
Mexicans, Canadians, Italians, Portugese.... We all look different AND the same!!! We come in all shapes, sizes and colours..... That's what's so great about it!!!!

Just thought I could post some pics of a few of my MEXICAN family members!!!


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Well said!

On Mexican Time said...

Gracias amiga :))

Anonymous said...

In Cancun (the only other place my husband's been other than Yucatan), everyone knew exactly where my husband was from. Now that we're in the States, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans always try to speak English with him because they think he's Filipino. In fact, even Mexicans from Puebla think that!

It's been jarring for someone who first considers himself Maya, then Mexican, then Latino...and for so many to mistake him for Asian is so strange to him.

Beth said...

Goes along with "you look Canadian". What!?!?! I look like a person, I think.

I hear all people tear different races and cultures down all the time. Makes me sad and angry that we in a time when these things are still happening.

I'm me - and everyone else are people, just like me, regardless of their race.

I'm Irish - don't particularly look Irish, but I'm irish none the less!

TAB in PA said...

And what a gorgeous family you have!!! I guess it goes along with what you have said about you not looking are such a shame. Shoot, if I was anything like the stereotypes regarding Americans, especially those from the NE, I would be one hated individual. In the end, your husband is good-looking and I can't wait to meet him, and you...IN MARCH!!!!

Do I look American????

Anonymous said...

My daughter's husband's mother is Mexican. He is the whitest guy I know and has blue eyes. No one would ever guess he is 1/2 Mexican. I on the other hand who am Irish and German am usually thought of to be Mexican, Italian or some other darker race. I have very dark hair and am always tan. In fact when I travel to Mexico or Hawaii most people think that I am a local. My daughter and I took a day trip over to Coz from PDC one time and the car rental guy on the ferry spoke to all of the other tourist in English but when he got to me he spoke Spanish. It just goes to show you can not assume!

On Mexican Time said...

GY - just viewed your blog - totally cool!!! Yes, isn't it funny how that can happen??? I remember I had my mejor amiga living here in Cancun (filipino) - everyone thought either Mexican OR Hawaiian - !!!!
My husband is half Spanish half Mexican, but STILL..."they" just say the darndest things!!!!

Beth - Amiga - understand completely!! What's with that anyways?? You obviously look Cdn, not Irish!! Heheheh - yes, such a shame...2009. Who would have known?

TAB - We are on for March '09. Can't wait!!!!!!!! You've become a great friend of mine. Will be even better once we get together!! LOL.
Can't wait!!! Gracias Amiga!!! Oh and you totally look American, DUH!!!

Do I look Cdn?

Jackie - Can definitely relate!! My mother and father are SO dark, but with green eyes and brown hair. I on the other hand...blonde hair, dark brown eyes, olive skin - I can pass for anything I guess!!!

oh well... maybe it's BEST I keep them guessing!! LOL

Who woulda guessed an Irish/German to be Mexican??!!!

Michele in Playa said...

Those children are adorable!!!

On Mexican Time said...

Gracias Michele!!! Obviously I think so!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha Hola, this is so funny, I guess everybody thinks Mexicans are like those in the movies, dark skin, brown hair, "sharpies" eyebrows.... I think in some countries they even think Mexico is like and old country, dusty, with "Burro" and the Mexicans are lazy and sleeping near a cactus with the sombrero, ha ha ha ha
Some people don't even relate Cancun to Mexico.

Take this as an opportunity to have fun.. you can make out many histories about where your husband is from.

La Costenita said...