Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnaval Merida!!!!

Okay, so since everyone is blogging about the Carnavals in their cities.... I thought I could share a few pics of my experience at the world famous Carnaval Merida in 2008. Yes, I said 2008. Unfortunately, as much as I swore I`d be back this year -it just didn`t happen. This is sad for me for 2 reasons. 1) Merida is one of my favourite cities in the world; 2) It`s a Carnaval!!!!

Merida`s Carnaval is probably one of the biggest in Latin America!! Carnaval is full of fun, music, dancing, parades and of course bee56r!!!! It`s a time for families, jovenes, etc... to get together! It truly is a fantastic experience.

One night in particular we sat outside a restaurant on Calle 60 and watched the parade go by, a bottle of wine later, and they were just coming to an end.... It really was nice to watch all the people involved.... Especially the children - so cute and talented!!

These pics are just from the evening festivities, but I assure you there is plenty to do during the day!!!! I`ll have to post those later!!! Heck, this is just making me even more upset I didn`t get there this year!!! LOL - well, there will always be next year! For now, I hope you enjoy the photos!!!
Let us handle it; Yourè on vacation!

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