Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway!!!

One of the greatest things about living in Cancun (INMO) is the fact that you are SO close to the Riviera Maya, and there certainly aren't any shortages of wonderful places to visit and stay. Just south of Cancun we have Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen, and just a bit further you have Tulum.
Ohhh how we loove the beach!!!
One of our (hubby and I) favourite things to do for a quick getaway is to spend a weekend at a resort. We usually end up bringing mis suegros, but sometimes go by ourselves as well. Being a local we can usually get a discounted rate as well, but not so much anymore. Tourism in the Riviera Maya is at an all time high! Who would have known - with the state of the world economy and all!!! This is however, great news for our transportation company!!!!

View from the front door to your room!!! Balcony looks at the ocean and beach!
We almost always spend our visits at the Bahia Principe - it is by far one of our favourites!!!! We usually prefer to stay at Club Tulum, but we'll stay at either of the resorts!!!! The food at the resort is awesome, especially for an all inclusive. They have a snack bar that serves some of the best tacitos!!! LOL. Yes, I know how sad that sounds, but they are delicious!!!!

The entertainment in the evening is amazing. Every night in the Tulum lobby they have a live band that plays, and if you ask - you can sip Don Julio while listening to the music! Afterwards, they move the show outdoors to the Hacienda Dona Isabel!!!! Again, you listen to the wonderful music and you can even walk around and shop!!!!

One of the lobby's!!!! Ohhh look how happy I am!

Hanging out with the family!!!!
Of course there is just SO much I am leaving out, and I promise to write a more indepth diary of a day at the Bahia Principe, but for now I will just post some pics!!!!! I hope you enjoy!

(hubby and I dancing to the music)


TAB in PA said...

So where are we gonna go on our "girls weekends"?

On Mexican Time said...

Well of course we will have to go to Playa for those!!!!!!! Oh I'm so excited!!!

Cancun Mexico said...

Very interesting your comment about your experience Riviera Maya I hope to visit soon the Riviera Maya.

On Mexican Time said...

Oh YES - I totally recommend it!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

My husband works at Dreams Tulum. It is a very nice place too. Smaller then many others but I liked that. When we moved here we stayed at Grand Princes in Playa del Carmen and Dreams Tulum and loved both.

On Mexican Time said...

Rosas Clan in Tulum - Yes, the Dreams Resorts have a great reputation!!! My parents are headed to Huatulco in April, and will be staying at Dreams. Looks incredible! What does hubby do there??!!!

Nice to hear from you amiga :)