Friday, February 13, 2009

Casa en renta en Villas del Arte / House for rent in Villas del Arte Cancun!!!!

One of the biggest questions an expat receives is " How much does it cost to live in Mexico", and people are often curious as to just what you can get here for a certain dollar.

Well, that brings me to this post. Mi cunada recently purchased a property here in Cancun, and is renting it. Sooooo - I think some ppl are going to be shocked at what you can get for 7000 MXP /month!!!! (obviously if youre' interested let me know and I can get you in touch, and it's not a vacation rental!!)
This post will be half english, and half spanish!!

Villas del Arte is a new development here in Cancun. It's at the end of Avenida La Luna, and across from Santa Fe Plus.

So for 7000 MXP per month you can get a brand new, never lived in house with : 2 full bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 parking stalls, kitchen w/ gas, laundry area, a/c outlets, garden, and outside wall surrounding the house. I've included some pics for your viewing pleasure!!!

La casa es nueva, nunca ha sido habitada y nos la entregaron hace apenas 2 meses. Les adjunto fotos para que la vean...

ubicación aprox. La casa se encuentra dentro del Fraccionamiento Villas del Arte, en la avenida principal. El fraccionamiento está ubicado al final de Av la Luna atrás de Residencial Santa Fe.

m2 de construcción tiene 126 m2 de terreno y 98 m2 de construcción

no. de baños Tiene 2 baños completos uno en la planta baja y uno arriba

no. de recamaras Tiene 2 recamaras

no. de estacionamiento Tiene 2 lugares de estacionamiento

que servicios tiene tinaco y calentador, instalación de gas preparado para centro de lavado, preparaciones para aire acondicionado, mosquiteros deslizables en ventanas y puertas, protecciones en la ventana principal, además de dimmer en las luces principales de la casa, jardín y barda posterior

tiene aires? no

tiene cocina integral? Si tiene cocina con parrilla de gas

Okay, well that is it folks!!!! I hope that this gives some people a better perspective of just what you can get for about 7000 MXP / month. Of course I'm not getting into the nitty gritty, groceries, gas, water, electricity, car, etc.... I just thought it would be neat for some of you to get an idea!!


American Mommy in Mexico said...

We have similar rentals on the Pacific Coast as well. They are not on the beach but most have pool access. The rent is about the same. We know several Mexican families that live in these.

Coby said...

Hi! I found your blog through Cancun Canuck and I'm enjoying it so far.

Anyway, I am looking for a place in Cancun and this place looks likely to be in my budget. Could you explain the location a bit? I'm not terribly familiar with Cancun yet but I've been looking over street maps and trying to understand the layout of the SuperManzanas.


On Mexican Time said...

AMIM - Isnt' it great to see some families are able to afford homes w/ little salary?? This particular residence doesn't have a communal pool - unusual for Cancun, but for a little less than $425 usd/month, what can we expect??!!! Also, only minutes from the beach (by car)!!!

Coby - that's great you found me!!! Are you planning on moving to Cancun soon??!!!

Yes, understanding the SMZ's is confusing!! I still don't get it!!! The best explanation I could give you to googlemap search would be : Av.135 and Av. Paseo Frida Kahlo, SM 325.

Best way to get there is to take La Luna to Las Torres all the way to Av. 135. Are you familiar with La Luna?? The soccer/futbol stadium is off La Luna to give you an idea......

Hope this helps!!!!?

Coby said...

Thanks for the information! If you don't mind, could you email me? (I couldn't find your email here.)

cobyutter at gmail punta com

Thanks :)

On Mexican Time said...

Coby - I"ll send you an email manana!!!! FYI - laurencancun at live dot ca !!!!

Pablo Alejandro Macías Torres said...

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