Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in the real world

Wow, so I am back in my hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Instead of beautiful clear skies, and fresh mountain air we are breathing in smoke from all the BC forest fires. It is terribly sad, and in all the years I lived in Calgary we never had a air quality warning that I can remember, until now of course.

The weather is not great, and is getting cooler. The forecast shows it warming up a bit sometime next week.... Oh please, oh please!!!

Weather aside, I am actually missing some things about Mexico. Not all, but some noticeable things. For example, in Mexico when someone enters an office, store, etc... you usually greet everyone  "buenas tardes", or "con permiso". Here in Canada not a word! I dont' know if people in Canada just don't have time, or we just learnt to be scared of everyone! LOL! In all honesty, I never would have walked into a room and greeted everyone before living in Mexico either.

However, I also realize how much I really do miss in Canada. My famiily is an obvious. FOOD. I miss all food. Kidney beans, baked beans, Salt n Vinegar chips, super great restaurants!!!! Wearing high heals, wearing make up, straightening my hair, shopping. My list could go on and on....

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm happy in Mexico, and I find myself always saying the same thing "Yes, the weather is great". I don't know what that means exactly? I know hubby never wants to live in Canada ever again....Oh well, for now I'm just gonna enjoy my family, and friends, and in a week I'll be back to my new life in Mexico.

Thank goodness I'll be back here for Christmas...aww...I miss my family already.


KfromMichigan said...

Enjoy your time with the family. And December is not far off! And so is the COLD weather!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good time!

As YES, I always freak out too in the States when I walk in a room. I'm always like "what do i do? Why is everyone ignoring me?" haha the worst is when you DO have to greet someone. In mexico you kiss their cheek. In the States, nothing! I always stress over what to do with my hands, often resulting in a lame handshake haha

Have fun!!

Amanda said...

When I visited my family in the states last October I think the store thing is what threw me off the most. And I know a few times I was stared at as I entered and smiled at everyone I could and said hello. People were looking at me like, "do we know this girl."
Have fun with your family and give lots of hugs while your there.

On Mexican Time said...

KfromMich - Your'e right, December is not too far!! OMG, I am actually freezing here. Calgary is cold this year!!!

Gringation - Thanks, I'm having a fantastic time!!! Ohh...the kiss/handshake can be awkward, eh??!!! Funny when my friends from Canada meet my friends in Mex! LOL!! They so don't see the kiss coming! Jsajaja

Amanda - Thank you, and yes, tons of hugs...especially for my mom and grandparents!!! Yes, walking into a room here sure is different!! LOL!!!

Refried Dreamer said...

Glad to hear you're having a blast! I totally get where you're coming from... not about great food, (Reno doesn't have a whole lot.) but stores, makeup, high heels, ASSORTMENT!!! Ahhh... I could go into target and spend HOURS going up and down every aisle... sometimes twice. Enjoy your friends, family and vacation before returning to warmer shores. :)

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I second- or third it seems everything! I just got back and for me the highlight was the food. Get back soon- the weather is great. I just got here 2 days ago and just adjusted to the heat!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yes, the food!! A definite plus about going home to Canada, aside from friends and families of course :) I find I now always greet people in stores as I enter and when I am leaving and on most occasions people greet me back..maybe I throw them off guard.LOL

On Mexican Time said...

Refried - You get it!! I'm not going to say the food is da bom, but I can say it's pretty good!!! No Montreal, but defintiely better than most places in Cancun!!!! Ohhh...TARGET!!!!!!

Mindy- I am needing some good weather as we have had some pretty awful days up here!!! Hope you had a good time visiting with your family!!!

Ashlie - I really miss Canada a lot, but Cancun is now my are already a PRO at this!!!!! I think leaving my mom on Wednesday is going to be sooo hard!!!! How do we all do this so often? Does it get any easier? I hope so!! LOL!!!