Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Having a baby in a foreign country

The other day I wrote briefly about hubby and I having our baby in Mexico, or in Canada. For us, we weren't worried about obtaining Citizenship for our little bambino. However, we were worried about the lengthy process that it could take.

I wrote the Canadian Consular in Cancun the other day, and in less than 48 hours I received a "detailed" response. Firstly, I'd like to share what I wrote so that you have an idea of the response I was looking for.

"I am writing as my husband and I live in Cancun, Mexico. I am Canadian by birth, and my husband has his Canadian Citizenship as well, nationalized Canadian.

We are expecting a baby in April 2013 and are wondering the process of obtaining Canadian Citizenship for our child. (wrote a bit more, but nothing important). I am hoping you can assist, or provide a specific link? We have a lot of questions/concerns."

Now for the not so great news....

I was provided with the webpage where I can apply for Citizenship, but I already had that. It isn't helpful, as it's just an application - doesn't answer any questions. It is more beneficial for those applying for Canadian Citizenship with a sponsor. Not because their parents are Canadian Citizens, and they were born in another country.

They advised I wait until my child is born. I figured as much... However, you never know.

I will need to provide official translation of my birth certificate, hubbys, and our childs. They did provide a list of professional translators in Cancun that we can hire. These translators must be registered with the Canadian Consular Agency.

Once the translation is complete, the translator will go to the Consular Agency to have the signature authenticated by the Consular Agent. Must call to ensure the Consular is available.

The parents should come at the same time as the translator with all the paperwork ready, including application form, pictures of your child, original birth certificates and original ID of Canadian parents.

The form for this type of citizenship is the CIT 0001, under section 3 proof of Citizenship.

The fee for this is quite inexpensive at $75 Canadian dollars, or $965 pesos. This fee is subject to change.

The time frame for the citizenship is around 12 months. Once you have your Citizenship Card you an apply for the passport.

Okay..... So 12 months?? I am not very happy about this. I heard from a Canadian friend of mine, who lives in Puerto Vallarta that her process was 6 days!!! Now this was 5 years ago, and prior to Mexicans requiring a visa to go to Canada. If this whole Visa process didn't go into effect, this would be a non-issue. I am just worried it will take just as long to get a Canadian Visa for my child.....

Now I really am unsure what we are going to do. I never in a million years thought it would take a year! I was thinking a few weeks. I'm Canadian, hubby is Canadian. My family will not be impressed if I tell them it will be a year before they get to meet their grand baby. Also, that means a year before I get to go home and visit. I'm not cool with that.

This was probably the worst news I could have received.... Now I really am unsure of what to do. I am one bummed out chica right now.... What to do, what to do?


Mexi-can Me. said...

That is awful :( I am so sorry to hear that. I want to talk with you more about this, and i'll PM you a little later. 12 months is way too long. I remember we had to get a document there there translated and certified by the consulate and they told us the same thing.. How frusterating.

Sorry you got this bad news amiga :(

ElleCancun said...

Hey Milena - Yeah, I'm totally bummed.... Don't get me wrong, I knew there would be a process, but a year? I understand when the person has no rights. However, a child born to a Canadian outside of Canada is entitled to Citizenship. Why does that take a year to process? Frustrating as both G and I are Canadians... Ugghh... :((

Bruce and Kyra said...

wow can you secure a mexican for the baby in less time?

Bruce and Kyra said...

oops mexican visa?

ElleCancun said...

Hi B and K - I did write the Consular back to see if they knew the timeline for this option!! Just waiting for them to get back to me now, if it would be quicker, then it's a non-issue for me again :) We would only require it for a year.... !!!