Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day!!!

February 14th - a day to either love, loathe, or just meh. I have never been a big valentines celebrator so for me it definitely is just another day. To be honest I think my ex, let's call him RP, ruined the holiday for me, and I became so bitter that I told myself it didn't matter. I know, I suck. LOL.

My hubby is definitely the romantic in our relationship. I don't really have a romantic bone in my body...again, I think RP ruined it for me as did he with most holidays or special occasions. We were together so long that I sort of got used to not expecting anything.

However, a lot is starting to change now that I live in Mexico. One of the things is holidays, and celebrations. We joke around with our friends that Mexicans are just looking for any excuse to party or celebrate! The truth of the matter is they are a passionate society. Mexicans are not afraid to show their feelings, and are very expressive. Just this morning I received a few texts from friends telling me how much they loved me, and thanked me for being such a great friend. Wow. My friends and I would never really do that back home, and we love one another.

Hubby was sweet....he went to work early, but came back home 20 minutes later with Starbucks for moi! Just a little thing, but he knows not to waste his money on flowers for me. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, but would prefer he bought them any other day of the year. Also I'm sure the cost is either double or triple today!!!

Speaking of cost look at this picture of my bedroom floor. The photo doesnt' even do it justice, but about 30 tiles ruptured and lifted in our bedroom on Saturday. So, that's where our money's headed!!

Happy Valentines Day to all of my readers/guests!! Even though I don't really celebrate it I do wish you the BEST!


Anonymous said...

I HATE when tiles do that! :(

Yeah I'm not big on V-Day either. Jorge is sweet to me every day, so I guess there's not much reason hahaha

KfromMichigan said...

I agree with you .. we don't celebrate V-Day either. Just another flower Hallmark day! All that matters is that you are with the one you love!

Jackie said...

What made your tiles lift?

On Mexican Time said...

Gringation - Tellll me about it!!! Worst is that I have no idea when they are going to come back to fix the tiles!!!

V-day, I think you either do it, or don't! We ended up going to a movie, but with a friend, hahaha:)

KfromMich - Yes, we are going to make enemies with these comments of ours!! LOL!! I'm just not into it!! It's all the other days that make a man realllly think outside the box!!

Jackie - The architect told us that it was never installed properly. The wrong type of sealant was used.He also said that the change in temperature causes the tiles to expand, and retract. Then he said that maybe water got into them, but that if they had been sealed properly it wouldn't have happened! Pretty much everyone I know that lives here has had this happen...Only when it's tile flooring, not marble!! It sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh nooooooooo not exploding tiles?? What a pain in the butt! I hope you had a great Valentine's day!