Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas at our house

Hubby and I are getting ready to head to Calgary for the holidays, and I for one couldn't be more pumped. Hubby, myself and our Shitzu Kiara are all headed North for two weeks.

Even though we are leaving we still decided we had to have a Christmas tree, and put out our decorations. It just really wouldn't have felt like Christmas had we not.

We ended up buying our tree from the Costco tree lot ,which actually sold out in 2 weeks time. The tree is from Oregon, and is huge. We paid $1000 pesos for it, roughly $90usd. It was the biggest one they had.

All of our decorations on the tree were purchased at the local Home Depot - not cheap, but better quality than anywhere else we looked. The decor around our house is ours from Canada.

I can't wait to get to my Mom's place and take some pics there for all of you to see. For now, enjoy these pics of our place here in Cancun.

Happy Holidays !!!

Christmas in Mexico (Christmas Around the World from World Book)


Leslie Limon said...

I love this post! I always wonder what the inside of people's houses looks like. I might have to do the same one of these days. :)

I am SO jealous of your tree.

On Mexican Time said...

Thanks Leslie!! I am like you, I love to see the inside of ppls homes as well :)

Thank goodness for Costco as it was the BEST place in town for the $$

Anonymous said...

Cute! The tree is beautiful.

We just did lights this year, but hopefully next year we'll have a tree.

On Mexican Time said...

Laura - Thanks amiga!! We love the tree, but I get why you guys didn't get one!! I read your post about it!!!

See you when we get back I hope! Merry Christmas!!

KfromMichigan said...

Great tree! Enjoy your time NOB and the snow and the cold! Feliz Navidad!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Love seeing the pics of your home. The decorations and tree look great! have a wonderful trip north!LL

luluinmerida said...

I agree with Leslie... always fun to see what others do over the holidays! Have a question for you though... send me an email!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree! Have a great time in Calgary!

On Mexican Time said...

KfromMich - Thanks amiga! It's freeezing here!! Tons of snow, but it is Christmas - like!! Feliz Navidad!!!

Linda Lou & Senor Too- Thank you!!! I love seeing all the pics of your home as well :) Especially all the renos!! Feliz Navidad :)

Luluinmerida - Yes, it is so neat to see other ppls homes, especially around the holidays!! What is your email??? Season greetings!!

Ash - Thanks amiga!!! Merry Christmas, and hopefully we can get together in the early New Year

Kristan said...


Alice said...

Merry Christmas to you! Nothing compares to being with family during the holidays.