Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!

Lately as Christmas is fast approaching I find myself missing the good old Canadian winter.... Just a weee bit!! Call me crazy, but before you judge - hear me out.

I miss the snow. I mean, I miss the snow for the month of December, and no more. Now as a true Calgarian, I am well aware that one month of snow is impossible. We are situated minutes from the Rocky Mountains. Not gonna happen !!!!

Anything, and I mean anything more than that one month is toooo much for me. Weather and climate were the biggest reason I had for moving to Cancun with hubby. Seriously, if Calgary, or any city in Canada had the climate of Cancun I'd never have left.

I received a photo taken from my brother yesterday that made me miss the Canadian winter just a little bit more than usual. It's taken from his BlackBerry so sorry the picture is not of better quality. What do you think??? I don't think I'm insane for wanting one month of snow, and 11 months of sunshine and sand. Do you??? Well, it's one of the reasons I'm going to spend half the month of December in Canada...

You can't tell me this isn't beautiful!!!


Mama of 4 said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

That's the picture-perfect winter house! Beautiful :)

I do not miss the snow one bit... in Virginia, it would snow just enough to make the roads look ugly :(

I do miss fall weather, though!

KfromMichigan said...

Well I can tell you that I will trade places with you for that one month! My casa is yours amiga. I HATE the winter and snow!

Alice said...

i'd love a little snow myself here in DF. a friend from here told us last week that he's NEVER seen snow. that was shocking!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your love of snow--I miss skiing!!!!

Barb said...

That picture could be the front of a Christmas card! It's gorgeous.

We've been in Progreso for almost 3 weeks. We go home Monday. I so do not want to go back to the snow.

On Mexican Time said...

Mama - Thank you!! I love it there in the summer and winter!!! Just not 5 months of it! Haha

Gringaqtion - It really does look gorgeous, doesn't it? Too bad it's so cold! LOL!!! I don't so much as miss the snow as I do the seasons!! So I hear ya!

KfromMich - Hahahaha, I hear ya! Before I moved down I never thought the words would come out of my mouth, but maybe I'm just a little homesick!

Alice - Can you believe that the first time hubby ever saw snow was when he was 23 and first visited me in Canada??? Shock is right!

Ash - Whistler, Banff.... We come by it honestly, don't we??

Barb - You are right, it could be the front of an Xmas card!! I hope you really enjoyed Progresso, it's a fabulous little getaway :) Come back soooon!

Andy M said...

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