Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No queiro fumar!!!

In Mexico I can honestly say that the marjority of my friends are smokers. In Canada, I can honestly say that half of my friends are smokers. I used to smoke, years ago. Smoke a lot... Especially when I was working here in Cancun. As for most smokers when you drink you tend to smoke a bit more.... Well, that was the case for me. I was very fortunate that when I decided to quit, I did. I never looked back.... This was almost 7 years ago now. I have had a smoke here and there, but never more than that, and never bought a pack again. Its' actually been a very long time since even enjoying a drag with a drink.

I am happy to report that Hubby has made the decision he is going to try and quit, again. This time I am trying not to even say anything as I want him to do this himself, for himself. Nada mas. You know? He is now on day 11. He is using the patch, and it's his first time trying with this. I can say he is not as grumpy as alll the other times he's tried ditching the habit. God Bless you patch makers!!! LOL!!

This past Saturday was a test of his will power. As I mentioned in my last post we went out for our friends birthday party, which of course included many drinks, and we were surrounded by a large majority of smokers. I hadn't really noticed the smokers until we got to our friends home. I forgot how bad places wreak when you smoke inside. Laws in Cancun and other parts of Mexico do not allow smoking inside anymore, and it's been this way in Canada for years. So again, I am just not used to it.

When hubby and I got home that night he couldn't believe how bad his shirt stunk, and my hair was disgusting. Normally I wouldnt' shower until the AM, but I couldn't wait. I had to shower that night!! Isn't it funny when I was a smoker I was the exact same way? However, hubby wasn't. This is the first time he's really been able to smell the smoke. You know??

Now, now. I am not bashing anyone who still smokes. Obviously you know it's not good for you, and you don't need me to remind you. As an ex-smoker, I vowed never to ridicule smokers, and I pretty much haven't. To each their own.

Well, day 11 is today, and we'll see what tomorrow brings. For now I love that when he comes to bed I don't smell smoke anymore... It really is a breath of fresh air.

Have you tried quitting? What has worked for you?


Anonymous said...

I must confess that I still smoke and I haven't been able to quit. Funnily enough when I am in Vancouver I barely smoke as it is really frowned upon and most of my friends have quit. Here, most of my friends smoke so it has been hard to stop especially when we are having a few drinks.I always say that when I get pregnant that will be it and I will never start again as that has worked for several of my friends;however, it would indeed be better to quit now. The smoke demon is a hard one to conquer!

Leah said...

Athletics kept me away from the cigarettes, gracias a dios. But my husband used to smoke and drink on occasion, and of course would smoke more when drinking. That all came to an end when he came down with a life-threatening heart disease last year. He pulled through after heart surgery, but his mechanical valves and blood thinner meds are for life. He can now only drink a couple beers a month and never smoke. He also has to limit the caffeine. The changes have been for the better, for both of us.

I also don't worry about others health habits, I have my own vices. But it would be great for him to conquer this before something serious would force him to. When you conquer a bad habit you free your body. It's really a great feeling. Good for you for accomplishing that, and suerte a tu esposo!

On Mexican Time said...

Ash - Nothing to be ashamed of! Like I said, I used to be a smoker, but yeah, living in Canada...it's not that easy anymore. Dirty looks from ppl, being banned so many feet from front doors of buildings, etc... Makes it really easy to quit! OH did I mention in AB they were $11 cdn a pack?? You'll quit when you are ready!!! Trust me, that is just how it works!!! It is SO hard, but SO worth it... I sometimes miss the social aspect, but that's all!!

Leah - That is so sad, but such a blessing at the same time. Blessing in that he is okay now as long as he takes care of himself. Good for him that he is taking his health seriously, and not starting up again. I mean it's the obvious thing to do, but some ppl just don't get it.
I was very fortunate in that smoking was very easy for me to give up, but I still realize it is SO much harder for others. I hope he keeps it up - for him!!! Gracias amiga :)

Anonymous said...

I've tried a few cigarettes in my lifetime, but I've never been a smoker.

I'd say about half of my friends here smoke, including a couple we go out with a few times a week. I can't STAND it! I get kinda bad allergies, and being around a smoker indoors really makes my throat itch and my eyes water.

Outdoors it's no problem, so I'm really thankful for Cancun's new smoking laws :)

KfromMichigan said...

AMEN .. I quit several years ago .. cold turkey! Never picked one up again! I totally agree with taking a shower when returning home and clothers in the wash. It really is a terrible smell. Good luck to hubby and you are right not to mention it to him. A person has to stop on their own.

Mary C said...

I quit 35 years ago, and I really believe I would not be here now if I hadn't. My brother, who is ten years younger than me and a smoker, had 3 heart attacks last year and triple bypass surgery. He's alive, but greatly restricted. That would have been me.

When you are young, it seems like you'll just go on living forever, but when you hit 60+ you know that's not true, and your bad habits catch up with you. Now I take care of myself because I just don't want it to be over yet. Giving up smoking was the best thing I ever did for myself.

On Mexican Time said...

Gringation - Amiga, good for you. I wish I could say the same thing... Oh well, I gave it up! Exactly, on the boat I couldnt'tell, but once in our friends home...eeewww!!! I swear that's what brought on this awful flu/cold of mine!!! I'm still sick!

KfomMich - AHHH!!! Good for you giving it up!! Especially cold turkey!!!! Seriously, I know it's not easy, but YEAH!!!!! Oh, and yes, stinky, stinky!! I just have to take a shower ... like i said, did the same thing when I was a smoker!!! LOL!!!

Mary - Wow, 35 years and you never looked back! That is fantastic, congratulations amiga :) I'm sorry to hear about your brother, but I know we all make our own choices. You are right. When I started smoking I think I was 16 and thought I'd just smoke in highschool, well... a few years later and I was still smoking!! That's when I realized NO more!!! I saw on Dr. Oz that if you quit smoking "today" you will add on avg 10-15 more years to your life!!!!

Kimbabe in B.C. said...

I also quit cold turkey 12 yrs ago. The reason i feel i was successful, is that i never, ever kidded myself that i could have just one or one puff and it would be ok. (congrats to you who can) But most of us 'addicts' need to realize that if we use our vice again, we will never kick the habit. Imagine a heroin addict only taking a 1/4 shot of heroin and expecting to maintain sobriety. It doesn't work. Congrats to your hubby! 11 days in is HUGE!!!!!!!

On Mexican Time said...

Kimbabe - You are right, I am VERY lucky I was able to quit the way I did... You were smart enough to know that you couldn't toy with the option of having a drag here, or there! My father in law quit about 5 yrs ago and says he knows that with just one puff he'd be hooked again...So he stays away!!! I hope hubby keeps it up :) Congrats to you for quitting and never looking back!

Refried Dreamer said...

Good for you! I quit for a really long time also... but recently picked up the habit again. :( It's killing me, i know. At the end of this pack... i swear. ;)

Good luck to your hubby!

On Mexican Time said...

Refried - Amiga, I know sooo many ppl that have tried, and tried. It will happen when you reallllly want it to! For now, enjoy, hahahahaha:)Trying to quit here in a society where it's widely accepted... MUCH harder!!!! Thanks amiga, hubbys' still going strong today!!!