Friday, October 8, 2010

Its' a first!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to La Isla mall with my good friend, and step-mom. The mall was nice and quiet as it's the low season here in Cancun. We were ladies on a bit of a mission so the low occupancy worked in our favour. We were looking for new swimsuits, and not just any kind, but strapless. Do you know how hard it is for me to find a strapless top? Almost impossible. I'd only ever owned one before and it is amazing, Seafolly from Australia. You can't find that brand here in Cancun.

We went to Zingara which is an absolutely fantastic chain here in Mexico for swimwear, and beachwear. Seriously, La Isla alone has 2 locations. I say they are fantastic as they have really pretty suits, and bags, and sandals. OMG I love their sandals. Are they pricey? For the average Mexican, hell yes. For a tourist? I would have said no if I were a tourist. We got lucky and they were having a sale. Or I should say I got lucky - the top I needed/wanted was 50% off!!! This never happens to me, I never get a deal on an item I want. Of course, they didn't have my size, but the clerk called the Plaza Forum location for me and they put it on hold!!!

We ended up having a nice snack and few drinks on the lagoon. I am still fighting a sinus cold, but it was nice to get out. I just love sitting by the water having a nice drink with friends. It's one of the reasons I live here. Right?

Off to Plaza Forum we went where my item was on hold, and guess what?? It fit!!! To be honest I was quite impressed with the service we received. That was almost more of a shocker than finding a strapless top that fit!!!!

This is kinda what my suit looks like.... kinda (google image)

Sooo I'm thinking the sun is shining, and I should give the new top a try!!!

Adios amigos/as!!!

P.S. I needed the strapless for a dress I have to wear in a wedding!! No tan lines in their photos!!!


KfromMichigan said...

Or you could go topless! Need to see you model the new suit.

Kristan said...

OMG! I love Zingara (in Cuba they use Singar which sounds the same and there it means to have sexual relations! Hy hubby's cuban too) ANyhoo how lucky are you to have arrived in time for a sale there ok!?!! I have spent so much money and the suits really hold up well. I have bought some sandals, and I like that they have my size. Oh yes, and the bags, and sundresses. I miss that place! I never buy strapless. am afraid it will fall off! LOL! Sounds like you have been having fun! I totally loved the last post. Unplanned parties are the best!!! I am dying to get down there! I hope your cold clears up soon! Drink lots of fresh squeezed OJ for the vitamin C! amiga!!! Ciao!

On Mexican Time said...

KfromMich - Hahahaha, I've thought about it, but my hubby would kill me (he's very Mexican in that way!!). Hahaha - I'll have to wear it on my next outing w/ the friends for some pics!!!

Kristan - I know, Zingara is amazing!!! Hahaha, about the Singar meaning!! Yes, I was soooo lucky to get a sale!! I think they are preparing for winter, LOL!!! Can you imagine?! I am tempted to go back and get another suit that isn't strapless! They have many more choices!! The sandals are gorgeous, but kinda expensive!! Dont you think??? Yes, strapless is a challenge for the larger busts!! I know. Been having far too much fun, except for this sinus infection!! Finally confirmed it's neither the cold or flu!!! Oh well, hopefully it will be gone soon!!!! Gracias amiga :)

Josie said...

The fact that you went swimsuit shopping in October kind of makes me want to cry. In Utah you can't find a swim suit after July unless you look on the clearance rack at Walmart.

On Mexican Time said...

Josie - It would have been the same for me if I were back home in Canada!! LOL!! This is def a first for me!! LOL!! I looove it :)

Kristan said...

Zingara is expensive but worth it since you don't have to go to US for shopping. I have paid way too much for sandals, YES! I have no idea how the shopping is in Canada, since I have only been to Vancouver, BC and surroundings for fun....Living in Cancun\Merida I became a big Zara fan! If I needed to shop, that was my store. Or some of the other places at La Isla, I am not a big label person and some of the really cool stores are REALLY expensive. The US is good for a couple of things one being good shopping! If you ever need anything let me know!

On Mexican Time said...

OMG - first let me say you are the SWEEEEETEST!!!! Thanks for the offer, in case, do you have a paypal acct? I may take you up on the offer one day!!!!

Shopping in Calgary was GREAT!!! We had pretty much everything the States have, but just WAY more expensive, seriously. Zara is good, I just always forget to go there!!! I find them reasonably priced for Mexico! Yes, anything "nice" in Cancun is always super expensive, and not worth it in my opinion. From face creams, to clothes!! WAY more money than back home!!! Those are the things I try and stock up on and bring back with me. I miss Sephora!!! However, now I can't even imagine spending $30 on mascara!!! When before, I couldn't imagine NOT! Hahaha - how things change!!!!

I can't wait til you move here :)

Anonymous said...

Cute bathing suit! Zingara does indeed have great bathing suits

Kristan said...

I do have Pay Pal Amiga! Ojala que todo este bien!

Anonymous said...

I looooove Zingara!! Once you see their swimsuits, you can never wear a boring suit again. I have 2 of their suits! (would be 3, but "the ladies" grew out of the top)

And the sandals... I have 2 pairs (same shoe, different colors)

I had a beautiful cover up, but Konan chewed up the beaded hem :( It should be an easy fix, though.

All I need now is a bag!

Anonymous said...

sounds like so much fun shopping there!

The Lovely Wife said...

Oh well, that's a beautiful swimsuit, I've been looking for something like that, now I know where to go if I want a cute swimsuit :D Thanks