Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's happening again!!

We do not have internet. Which means we do not have television. It just so happens to also mean we do not have a telephone line. It has been 3 days of hell.... LOL. Okay, I am over-reacting just a little, but what the heck? Thank goodness I've been busy!!!

Telmex has been horrible to deal with as usual. We have gone in a few times, we have called their customer service department a few times to report our issues. Every person we speak with tells us another story, and gives us another number to call. Also, each person promises to have someone at our house "today". Well it's been 3 days of waiting, and nada. I have nooooooo idea how long this is going to last for.

How can the richest man in the world be proud of a company that SUCKS so bad. Or maybe that is WHY he's the richest man in the world - monopoly.

It may be a few days before my next post. I'm at my Suegro's right now trying to catch up a bit!!! Soooo sorry to those that I do not email back, but I will get to them!!!!

Why am I paying for 3 services that are not working? This problem has been continuous, and so far Telmex just doesn't care. Grrr....... sooooo frustrating.

Until next time amigos!!!!!!


Kristan said...

jajaja been there done that! DUde I used to go through that hell a lot! Arghhh...Good luck getting through it and find someone at Telemex and pay them to come to your house and fix it...Mor-di-da! Kristan

On Mexican Time said...

Jajaja - mordida!!! Believe it or not, but we've tried!!! That guy keeps promising to show up for us too!!! I swear the service in Mexico is either stellar or HORRIBLE. No inbetween!! LOL!!!

Miss Footloose said...

Ah, the joy of living the expat life. It is a golden opportunity to learn to be philosophical, to cultivate a Zen mindset, to acquire bucketloads of patience and become an all-around fabulous human being.

Well, we can try. My efforts are many as you can read here:

Kristan said...

OK , I live outside of town, and although difficult to believe, I swear to you that AT&T make Telmex look good! OK?? I cannot believe that this could be possible but I swear to you!!! Do you use VOIP too? I did and when I could not call home on my VOIP too when Telmex was down I was freaking out!

Leah said...

I have been through this hell, although with Megacable. Telmex has not failed us once since we switched. But we went through the same things - sporadic service, ZERO customer service, empty promises and refusal to accept responsibility or reimburse us for days lost. Makes me angry just remembering those frustrating encounters!

Unfortunately, the bigger the company here in Mexico, the more it's likely to be like this. These are the types of problems that will never allow Mexico to advance beyond a developing nation.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

That is terrible. That would drive me crazy. On the bright side... a perfect time to grab a new book that we never have time to read.

I have Cablemas down here in Tulum and it has been pretty good- but we have basic telcel cell phones.

But ahh-- Frustrating - especailly the run around. I hope to see you back soon.

Anonymous said...

LOL Been there done that too!Very frustrating indeed! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

1. Get Sky satellite (I pay $280 pesos a month)
2. Get a Telcel internet-anywhere card for your laptops($500 pesos a month)
3. Get rid of your Telcel plan and switch to pay-as-you-go (ALWAYS cheaper no matter what they tell you, and you won't have to deal with Telhell employees every month)
4. Ditch the landlines, if you can.

My recipe for a stress-free expat lifestyle :)

Anonymous said...

OH! Or ask your neighbors to share their wireless internet and split the cost ;) Less money, less headaches for you (so long as there's a good signal)

On Mexican Time said...

MissFootloose - I'll check out your blog for sure!! Seems you are a traveller!! Yes, patience is a virtue, and I must learn!!!

Kristan - we use Magicjack, and it runs through the net as well, so no such luck calling home until something happens!! AHHHH!!!!

Leah - I remember you had gone through something similar!! I'm happy you are having better luck with Telmex than we are, but the story seems to get worse! Apparently there is a problem with the line in the house. Well they put the lines in as they own them!! However, they don't know who they have who can fix them!! Are you kidding me??? I couldn't agree with you more. Mexicos' poor business structures, and corruption will forever keep them a developing nation...sad, but true.

Mindy - I know, you'd think it would be the perfect time to read, right? I have a kindle and must download my books!!! Hahaha, I've read every one I have a few times, and we don't come by English books all that often you are aware I'm sure!!! I hope to be back in business soon as I am taking advantage of family right now!!! LOL!

Ashlie - who hasn't? LOL!! Hahahaha

Gringation - You got my response on FB, but for those that think I'm crazy I should respond here.

I can't get the Telcel card as our American satellite dish runs off internet...we need wireless. Sky doesn't offer internet service as far as we know...?? So, cablemass it is!!! We signed up today, and they'll be at our place Wed to hook it up!!! However, we are still keeping our Telmex land line and internet as a back up....whenever they show up to fix it!!! We will not hold our breath! Thanks anyways amiga!!!

Kristan said...

I had Cablemas in Merida and it was pracitically flawless....Was not available at the time in the Hotel ZOne. That should give you some relief....Oh and if you can believe it- I had line issues on my property too! I swear to you that I have been through the same mierda here in Texas recently too! Aguantáte amiga!!!!