Monday, September 13, 2010


Just before I left Cancun for Calgary I had an appointment with God. God being my hairstylist Damien, who just happens to love Ricky Martin more than I. Seriously, we argued about it, but I will have to give him this one as he has the upper hand if we were ever to meet the gorgeous hunk! Hahaha...yes, I really used the word hunk.

I was really getting sick of being a blonde. I've been a blonde for basically 29 years. Sure I've tried other colours, but they are always disastrous. Heck, when I was 17 my friend and I went from blonde to black. Literally. I remember my pillow turning purple for a week, and the bottom of my shower looked as though food colouring was being used for 2 weeks. Needless to say black did not suit this chica so back to blonde it was.

The change room

The trouble with blonde in Cancun is the hi-lites I have added turn white from the sun, and my roots look so dark next to them. So I really wanted something a bit more "natural". Who knows what that is anymore, but anything that is less maintenance sounds good to me.


I go to a salon here in Cancun called Adrian Pereyra Salon. Adrian is the owner, from Argentina and has been here for years. He is fantastic. I have many friends who see him. I actually see his nephew Damien who is the sweetest guy ever, and definitely a prankster. More importantly he is phenomenal, and truly loves his job. He does a great job colouring and styling. Not to keen about his cuts as he is a little too scissor happy for me, but I'll put up with it as hair grows back, and his colouring technique is top notch. However, the best part??? He throws in hair treatments for FREE if he likes you. So I usually get a $500 peso shine treatment, or a $800 peso humidity treatment...for FREE!!!! I feel kinda bad for some of my friends who don't get it, and like I said earlier he is not crushing on me so hubby has nada to worry about. Jajajaaja.

My cunada and the salon

Anyways, for a cut, colour, hi-lites and style my tab is usually running around the $1200 peso mark. Th s less than $120 usd, and he doesn't accept tips!!! I try, but he won't take it. He loves his job. Did I mention the free treatments he throws in??!!! Yay for me!! Yay for free!!

So I took a few photos as I thought it would be funny. Everyone be kind...I know I am not the only one who looks like a roll of saran wrap at the salon!!!

Yours truly...that is the heat lamp ON my head!!!

For those interested Adrian Pereyra salon is located on Avenida Labna, and Calle Antilope 998-892-4840.


Mama of 4 said...

We need some after pictures

KfromMichigan said...

And the finished product?

Anonymous said...

How did it turn out???

I let my hair go natural a few years ago and never looked back haha but sometimes I think it would be awesome to be blonde!

On Mexican Time said...

Mama - hehehe, oops :) It's not too much different, just a dirty blonde/brunette!!

KfromMich - Hehehe, take a peak on FB and let me know what you think??!!! Be kind! JK!!

Gringation - Amiga, you've seen the pics on FB... it's pretty natural, but until the sun bleaches it white it's au'natural for moi!!! Jajaja

Anonymous said...

So what colour did you pick?

Sunshine said...

I always wait to go back to NC to get my hair done...i dont trust these girl around here...not one bit.
Yes..please do show and after picture.

On Mexican Time said...

Ashlie - brunette!!! I actually like it a LOT ;)

Sunshine - I will amiga, but I didn´t so much take a before and after, so I´ll need to find a pic where I had a good hair day! LOL!! OH, and I was gonna wait to go home, but my gal charges double in I caved, and am now a VERY happy camper!