Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best of the best

Yesterday I had my first visit with my new Ob/Gyn here in Cancun, and the overall experience was so amazing that I had to write about it.

I had been putting off this visit for...errr.... 2 years to be exact. I can't believe how stupid I was, but that is a whole other story. The truth is I tried to go when I was in Canada this past January, as it's free. Yes, I said free 100%. Well that's great and all, but the Dr was late that morning due to a snowstorm and he told me he didnt' have time to do a pap, unless I was experiencing troubles?

Well, I was with one of my closest friends a few weeks ago and I told her I really need to get a pap, and full physical. Truth be told, I was getting colposcopy's back in Canada, and they were always okay, but the last one was 2 years ago. So, for me it's all the more important to go. I know this is very common, so some of you know what I'm talking about.

I showed up at my Dr's office, and it was so nice. The waiting room was nothing like what I was used to back home. It didn't look like your trypical clinic. It was like a scene from a movie it was tranquil - dimmed lighting, soothing music in the background, and the most comfy sofas ever.

When it was my turn, I was buzzed through a door and there was my Doc. He had a friendly smile on his face, and greeted me with an open hand. I quickly said - I need to speak English, and he was okay with this as long as I didn't speak too fast. He asked all the important questions, some embarassing ... only as I realized how bad I had been neglecting my health.

When it was time for my physical - he took me to the space behind a wall, asked me to change into my robe, and meet him back there.

I don't want to give too many details, but he did a full breast exam. All good. He then did a pap, and was so gentle. I couldn't believe it was over when he said he was taking out the "thing". I really didn't feel a thing, and that's never happened before. I thought that was it. NOPE - he then did an internal ultrasound to check out my ovaries, etc....

Now, I'm not sure where you're all from, but back home this does not happen. The ultrasound. Unless you are pregnant, I've never heard of the Dr. providing this service at the time of your physical. Usually you have to complain of some issues, and then they send you to see a radiologist to get these done. I was so impressed.

I go back in a month for my results, and oh geeze I hope everything is okay. I do feel better having finally done this. Thank goodness :) Now maybe we can look at having a baby!

My Doctor for any of you living in Cancun was Dr. Luis J. Medellin, and his website is: . All his contact information is there, and I would recommend him to ANYONE. Altogether the total cost for my visit, and my tests was $850 pesos. Not bad if you ask me? Again, I came from a place where healthcare was absolutely free, and I now realize free doesn't always mean better.

For any of you ladies putting this off - don't be stupid, don't be me!! Book your appointment now!


Mama of 4 said...

Thats great news, a good OBGYN is hard to find! How wonderful you are thinking about starting a family, words cannot express the joy they bring to your life.... Good Luck :)

KfromMichigan said...

Since I vacation in Cancun a couple times a year, I need to switch docotors! Yours sounds wonderful. And you didn't feel the "thing" come out .. holy cow .. my doctor gets pleasure out of hurting me. (I think)

Ritamg said...

Here is my experience last month... Mine was conducted in Spanish which was OK because he spoke nice and slow for me. I changed into the gown and assumed the position on the table. I'm used to having a nurse accompany the doctor but apparently that is not done here. The exam was pretty normal and nothing out of the ordinary. But just imagine if a doc did that kind of exam in the good ol' USA without a female nurse present??? It would be lawsuit city!

On Mexican Time said...

Mama - It is so hard to find, hence me putting it off for so long!!! Yeah, we've been thinking about it for awhile, and I'll be 30 in a couple years so.... I really wanna get it started. Thanks amiga!

KfromMichigan - Hahaha, you definitely should give this one a try...he is amazing, and again I would recommend to anyone. Okay, maybe I felt "it" come out a bit, but didn't feel the swab...swabbing!! LOL!!! Your doc sounds mean! LOL!!!

Ritamg - you are sooo right, that would be a lawsuit anywhere north of the Mexican border!!! I did have a female nurse in the room which I forgot to mention. Good for you being able to conduct that sort of conversation in Spanish. I wouldn't even try!!! Who knows what I'd tell him? LOL!!!

Refried Dreamer said...

That's awesome! Ugh. I wish ours in the States were free... however, due to the fact that I am not technically working in the States, it's a mere donation. But, damn, last time I went in was here in GDL and hubby, of all people, had to accompany and translate. Awwwwwkard!!! Glad to hear that yours went so well!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OH my GOSH that was awesome!!!!!! I've NEVER got an internal ultrasound except for when I was ALREADY having trouble with my ovaries! That's too cool for school yo. AND OMG those ultrasounds? They cost me around $850 DOLLARS, as apposed you the pesos that guy charged.


LOL so what did you think when you saw the "wand" anyways? My first time all I could think was "Dear lord it's a dildo, he's gonna dildo me right here in the Dr.'s office and I'm going to die of embarrasment. :) Buh nah, you get used to it. :)

I'm glad you got checked up and YAAAYYY for you that he was so dang cool!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love my Cancun gynecologist much better than the one in the States. He's so knowledgeable and very easy going!

Only $500 pesos for a visit, with an ultrasound (if you need one).

I got sick of clinics in the States. Twice, different doctors called my house and gave my parents very personal information, even when I had specified various times not to do so. (In one phone call, my parents found out I had lost my virginity... our relationship hasn't been the same since. Awkward!)

On Mexican Time said...

Refried - amiga, hubby had to accompany me as well. LOL. I wasnt' sure if the Doc spoke english or not. I guess we learnt the awkward way!!! LOL!!!

Gringa - are you freaking kidding me?? $850 for that ultrasound?? INSANE!!!

Haha - the wand was hilarious. First he told me what he was going to do, and I said I've never had it before so I didn't even see it til AFTER!!! Hahaha - I was quite suprised to say the least. I've explained to hubby a few times what it was and he still doesn't quite get it!! LOL!!!

Gringation - Wow, youre's is much more reasonable than mine!!! Where is he/she?? Speakie English? LOL!!

Omg, can't you sue for stuff like that? My parents thought I was a virgin til I got married. At least that's what they kept telling themselves!! LOL!!!!

Kristan said...

Medellin is my doctor and delivered my son. He is the best!!!