Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Casas en Cancun

I'm often asked what homes in Mexico are like - Do they have carpet? Do you have dishwashers? Do you have a basement? Etc.... To answer that I can only say that I know what they are like in Cancun and area. With that being said - again, only homes I've been in. Hubby told me that some homes in Northern and Central Mexico could have carpet.... However, in Cancun - that's just not needed. It would be wierd. However, this is coming from someone who wears socks inside all year round.... Maybe I'm wierd.

I just thought I'd take the time to show a few photos of some homes here in Cancun, and talk about a luxury item that we take for granted in places like Canada and the US. Dishwasher.

Not every one has a dishwasher - okay, I mean the electrical kind, and not the maid or ME. For those of you that don't know hubby and I are building a new home in Cancun and that was a TOP priority of mine. I am going to have to say that my experience has been that the majority of homes I've visited have not had these in them. Yes, call me a Princess, but I want one.

Anyways, heres' an inside peak into Cancun. Enjoy!


Katie said...

Of my (Mexican) friends in Puebla, I know of only one family that has carpeting in any of the house. Tile floors are most common. None of the families I know have dishwashers in the home. Washers (for clothing) have only begun showing up in their homes in the past few years, and still I would say only about half of my friends have them (and some are of almost manual quality).

Leslie Limon said...

What about clothes dryers? I only know of 2 people with dryers in their home. And neither of them have a dishwasher. There are many things that we take for granted when we live in the US or Canada, but once you're in know that they were luxury items.

On Mexican Time said...

Katie - Interesting that they would have homes w/ carpeting in Puebla! Actually, more and more I am beginning to see hard wood being used!!
I do know of a few ppl here in Cancun who have dishwashers, but it's definitely not the majority of homes!!!

Leslie - Wow, only 2 people! I have to admit almost everyone I know has a clothes dryer... Is this wierd? Maybe it's just Cancun and because it has become so Americanized?? I have no idea... I remember I did try hanging our clothes once, and they turned all crusty... Who knew I couldn't even do that?? Oh well... Atleast I can cook up a storm!! LOL!!

Rocio said...

Well, well.. Hi there everyone! Newbie here :D

I was just talking about this with a friend of mine who just recently spent sometime with her in-laws in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are both from Mexico City and she was shocked to find out that most middle class families there don't own a dishwasher, washing machine for clothes or/and dryers. I would say those 3 things are quite common to have in Mexico City, almost everyone I know have them. Carpets, tiles and hard wood floors are all equaly common.

Just my 2 cents!!

PS. Cool blog! Keep up the good work! :)

On Mexican Time said...

Hey Rocio - Welcome and nice to meet you!! Thanks for commenting!!

That's pretty neat - I know my best friend studied in Cordoba,Argentina and they most definitely did not have a dishwasher, but they did have laundry machine and dryer!!

WOW - so most homes (middle class and up) do have dishwashers in Mexico City, that is like music to my ears!! I'm really hoping they become more common over here in Cancun!It sure would make our reunions a lot more fun - no dishes YAAAY!!!

Oh and thanks - I love Mexico, and I want people to see other sides of it!!!

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Congrats on building a new home! Yes, it is fun to explain to people that needs here can be different. I don't need the dryer as I love to hang my clothes and I actually don't need the dishwasher between my kids and the maid. I had to get socks for the tile floor though and our kids missed laying on carpet for the first year. The pleasures of living in a different place.

On Mexican Time said...

Suzanne - Wow you sure are lucky to have that help! LOL!! Kids and the maid!! I used to joke growing up that's why my parents had so many kids ( 5 and I'm the oldest, and only girl)!!!
I too wear the socks! Heck I even have nice insulated slippers!!! Year round I wear them!!!

Thanks for the congrats!! I'll have to post some pics of the project as it goes!!

Ninik said...

First house in in Santa Fe!! :) I drive by it every single day. :)


Ninik said...

Oh and Leslie,
you do need dryers for clothing in Cancun because as soon as rainy season comes around your hanging outside never get dry, even after the rain due to so much humidity!

Altough I agree on the dishwashers, I don't know anyone who owns one...

On Mexican Time said...

Ninik - welcome!!! Yes, it's Santa Fe!! Small little city we live in isn't it! LOL!!!!

mcm said...

I just ran across your blog...
and can't resist adding a comment:
I think the lack of dishwashers has a lot to do with few houses having pressurized water systems. Rooftop tinacos don't supply sufficient pressure to run a dishwasher properly. So, most regular-folks houses don't have them, though they may have other "labor-saving" appliances.