Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's hoping for a WIN!!!

Okay, Okay... It may seem as if I'm slightly obsessed with soccer/futbol..... Well, I am and I"m not ashamed to admit it. I come by it honestly, I played in the premier league in Canada, and my grandfather played professionally, and nationally in Europe when he was growing up! If it wasn't for my damn knee problems (3 surgeries), I know I'd still be playing!

Okay, okay... I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I am happy to report that the Gold Cup is just around the corner. The 2009 CONCACEF Gold Cup is a tournament played by champions of North America, Central America and the Caribbean from July 3-26th.

The games will be held in the US this year - 13 cities will host.

Mexico is in Group C and will play matches against: Guadeloupe, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Mexico has a new squad, and only 2 of the players aren't playing for club teams in Mexico (Carlos Vela, and Giovani dos Santos). This may just be what the Dr ordered! Some homeland pride!

Mexico recently defeated Venezuela 4-0, and had a lack lustre draw with El Salvador. With this being said, they still showed more power than I've seen in the last 2 years.

Stay tuned, for when the games begin !!!!


TAB in PA said...

Heeeeeyyyy there. There is a chance that the USA will play Mexico here in Philly. You should come!!!!!!! Doesn't hurt that I work at the Linc too....miss ya. New news as well....will email you when I dig out of the mess I am in at work.

On Mexican Time said...

TORI!!! You have to give me and update amiga!!! I'd be there in a heartbeat if I wasn't going to be in Europe for the month of July!!

Yes, sooo.... please fill me in!! Are you moving to Cancun, or what!!??!!!! Miss you, xox