Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another day of golf...

Well, well...I can't believe I haven't made a post about one of my favourite things to do .... GOLF!!!

Husbandito is a member of the Cancun Golf Association - sound exclusive? It's not!! I do believe it cost a whole 300 pesos, or less?? I honestly can't remember!!!! Anyways, I think you get a few deals, here and there... However, you do get to see your handicap online - now in both our cases, it's nothing to brag about.... Sooo... I think he's in it for the discount!!!

Being a "Cancunesa" you are "entitled" to a discount at some Golf Courses, Resorts, etc... From Cancun down thru the Mayan. Usually you just have to show a driver's license :)

Neways, one of my favourite courses to play is the Hilton Golf Course in the HZ. Now, I know it's definitely not the prettiest, nor the best, but I like it because of it's proximity to el centro, and the ease of the course!!! You just have to watch out for the crocodiles!! Estoy no bromeando!!!

This particular golf venture my dad and step mom came along .... My dad passed out from the heat and rrr.... beer?? I really don't know, but we only made it 9 holes, and went to the club house!!! Esposo and Suegro played the back 9.

One of the best things about golfing in Mexico are the choices in beverages you get on the course!!! I am able to order a "Chelada" which is one of my fave drinks...EVER!! In Canada, I'm lucky to get a warm beer - I swear!!!

Okay, so that's all I have to say about that, but for those of you who haven' tried the Hilton - check it out!!! Like I said, it's no PGA course, but it's beautiful, eas.....ier and right in the HZ!


Beth said...

I'll tag along just for the drinks since I don't play!

ps. I have to use my old blogger account since there isn't a choice for anything else when I leave a comment. Hope you've got my new address:

On Mexican Time said...

ANYTIME!!! I can always you a friend :))

I've just added the new blog address!!!

Beth said...

Next time I'm there I'll get the ole' 9 iron out (is that what it's called????) and show ya'll how it's played.


Ok. Maybe not. But I DO know how to swig back a a cold cerveza!

On Mexican Time said...

Hahaha - sometimes that is ALL you need to know!!

With me that is ALL you need to know!!!


When you heading back??!!

Beth said...

No idea. Not soon enough is all I know for sure. I'm heading off to teacher's college this fall, so we'll be down to one income for awhile. So, I doubt we'll get back until after I finish and start teaching.


Now I need to go sob in a corner somewhere.....