Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We made it!

Dad, Mom and Baby are now back "home" in Cancun.... This chica can finally start writing about living in Mexico again.

The flight was amazing. I was really worried that Ms. M was going to be one of "those" babies. You know the ones? The ones everyone on the plane dread!! Happy to report she slept the entire way, only to wake up and eat a few times. Not a single sound was made. Yay for us.

When we arrived at the airport the elevator was broken. Great. The escalators weren't running, and we had 2 carry ons, a purse, baby, car seat, stroller and diaper bag. Some very nice tourists helped hubby carry everything down the stairs. Come on Cancun airport, install a ramp!! The line for immigration was long, but we got to go through the line for Mexicanos, of course we were the only ones in it and we through in a minute. Our bags were already waiting for us, all five of them.... LOL. Now was time for us to "push the rrreed button", and we got red. Hahaha. They had fun searching all of our bags!!

Finally we were outta there and what was waiting for us? Well besides our friend Sergio, a torrential downpour. It was unreal....Never seen anything like it. We couldn't get to the car so we waited for it to tamper down a bit. My suegro and cuñada were waiting for us in the parking lot. It was their first time meeting Ms. M. We decided that we would go straight to my suegros so that my suegra could meet Ms. M as well. She's in a wheelchair and couldn't leave the house due to the storm passing. My suegra was the first in the family to hold Ms. M. We wouldn't have it any other way :)

After that we went back to our house to get settled in for the night, and it's been go-go-go ever since. I'll have lots to write about I am sure. For now I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that we are BACK!

Chat soon amigos!!!


Road to a family said...

YAH!!!! So glad to see an update!! I figured you were busy getting back home to Cancun!!!! Glad the flight went well !

Keep in touch L - good luck!!!

KfromMichigan said...

Can't wait to see Em's first beach pic's!