Friday, January 18, 2013

Taking the pig for a walk!

Yes, you read that right. Just when I think I've seen it all, boy was I wrong. I'm a gal from Calgary, Canada - home of the Calgary Stampede (worlds largest Rodeo). Farms all around, friends and family live on ranches, my uncle raises pony's and sheep. However, can I just say I have never seen someone walking any of their farm animals as they would a dog. I still find it odd when I see people walking their cats on a leash. Cats roam, don't they?

Well, I guess it was time for me to see a women walking her pig around the block in Cancun no less. Just in case you don't believe me, here's a little video for your viewing pleasure.

I guess the owners have had her for awhile. I also want to add that they do pick up the poop!! I was VERY impressed as dog poop is a big enough problem here. 

Has anyone seen this before? Is it as odd as I seem to think? Or am I the odd one? Either way, I found it so funny and pretty cute!! LOL!! 


KfromMichigan said...

Oh so cute!

ElleCancun said...

Haha - kinda, right?!

Gringation Cancun said...

Video is blocked on my office computer!! Wish I could see it. Haven't seen a pig in Cancun, myself haha

ElleCancun said...

Oh booo you'd like it!! LOL!! Yes, lady walking her pet pig in SMZ 17!! LOL!!