Friday, July 27, 2012

It's hot down here!!!

Okay, so I haven't been posting as my lap top is not cooperating!!

I can't upload any pics, etc.... This is my crappy work lap top, and the MAC is not available as the screen cracked. LOL. Ahhh well, as soon as I figure it out I'll be posting more frequently!!

What have I been up to? What haven't I been up to!!! I've been so busy that I can barely keep up with anything. Hahaha.

Hubby and I finally went to the Dentist the other day for our teeth cleaning. I mean it has been years since we have done this, and finally we went. We have pretty decent benefits from hubbys work, well we pay $600 dollars a year, each, for it. Should be more than decent for a gal from Canada who is used to FREE!!! Anyways, the appointment was only 280 pesos, hahaha, and it was covered. Why didn't we do this before? Well, simply put, we were too cheap. Hahahahaha. Pathetic, I know.

We also recently went to the Aventura Spa Palace for a day.... We went with our best friends, and had a fantastic time. I wish I could post some of those pics, the place is beautiful. I love going there....Kinda a hike from Cancun, but worth it. The men surprised us with a candlelit dinner oceanside. It was amazing, and we were very surprised!!

What else. Oh, nuuuumerous trips to the Dr's office, and lab the past couple of weeks. I was referred to an Endocrinologist as I have now been diagnosed Hypothyroid, and have something called Hashimotos Disease. I am very happy that this was caught, and it explains sooo much to me. Small weight gain, tired, miscarriages, sore joints, etc.... Anyways, I have now been put on Synthroid for life and go back in a couple of weeks to have my TSH levels tested again to make sure my dosage is correct.

Well everyone, I better run - I normally LOVE posting pics so hopefully can do that soon.

Chat soon everyone :)


L-Bo said...

So glad to hear you got a diagnosis, just that can help! My mom and friend are both hypothyroid and manage very well with Synthroid. Best of luck!

Gringation Cancun said...

Glad you got a diagnosis! :)

I can't wait to see more pics of your adventures

KfromMichigan said...

Glad to hear you are taking care of your body. Can't wait to see some beach pics.

Mommy with Commuter Husband said...

While health issues are problematic - of course - I am glad you found out what it is and it can be treated. Good luck getting stabilized :

nicole drewry said...

I was diagnosed with hasimotos disease too about 5 years ago and take a daily hormone. love reading your blog and love mexico! be well